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12/16/2006 1:10:05   


Location: Frostvale (All Versions), Icemaster Yeti's cave, Chilly's Secret, Prologue, You Never Asked, We're Gonna Need More Fire..., Frostval Fallout, The Factory, STRIKE!, Fight The Power! Strike!, Frostvale Defense, Snowy Forest, The Nec-snow-mancer, Trouble in the Woods, Jack and Lumberjack, Hide and Snowseek, Frostval in Falconreach, Snow and Reign, ReignDragon's Lair, The Knight's Star

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval (Chapter 1)

Frostvale (Act 1)

Blizzy: Ice Master Yeti is a huge and terrible snow monster! He arrived with an army of snow monsters and took all of the moglins!

Blizzy: Frostvale is empty! But now that you are here I just know we can get everyone back.

Icemaster Yeti's cave

Blizzy: The moglins! Chilly is in there! What are we waiting...
Blizzy: CHILLY!......<Character>, we have to help them!
Blizzy: Come on everyone! <Character> needs our help now! Use all your healing magic!
Blizzy: Here, Hero...Your Items! Show this overgrown carpet what happens to cheaters!

Frostvale (Act 2)

Blizzy: Thanks <Character>!

Blizzy: Frostvale wants to thank you too <Character>. We've decided to have a celebration today.
Blizzy: We're calling the celebration FROSTVAL after our town that would be empty if not for you and your friends.
Blizzy: Talk to some of the moglins. They might have some special presents for you! ALL of them want to thank you.

Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

Frostval (Chapter 2)

Frostvale (Act 3)

Blizzy: Chilly, the other moglins and I were decorating town for Frostval where all of the sudden...
Blizzy: It's probably Icemaster Yeti again, trying to eat us or ruin our fun, but he doesn't stand a chance now that you're here, <Character>!
Blizzy: That may be true son, but the ice monsters are all coming from the direction of the yeti's cave.

Chilly's Secret

Blizzy: Chilly, this... this MONSTER cannot stay in the village!
Blizzy: NO! He captured the entire village! He's too dangerous to stay here. The village agrees.

Frostvale (Act 4)

Blizzy: Thanks <Character>! We got your message and the frost moglins started the celebration right away! I've never seen them so happy!
Blizzy: I have to admit that I was wrong. He's a true friend to Chilly, and now he's one of the saviors of Frostval!
Blizzy: Speaking of Icemaster Yeti, we're going to be late!
Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

Blizzy: *whispers* We were just in time!
Blizzy: Don't ruin the moment. Three cheers for Icemaster Yeti, Defender of Frostvale!
Blizzy: Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Frostval (Chapter 3)


Blizzy: We have been working on something VERY special for Frostval this year.

You Never Asked

Blizzy: ...Chilly? What...

Frostval (Chapter 4)

We're Gonna Need More Fire...

Blizzy: Thank you for coming to save us! It was so scary. It's terrible how he used our magics.
Blizzy: Let's get back home, then, so we can all have some cocoaberry juice and de-pressurise.

Frostvale (Act 9)

Blizzy: <Character>, thank you so much for saving the moglins of Lore from Zadd!
Blizzy: We got squeezed! Bad hugs, bad hugs!
Blizzy: Well, you saw what happened! But you saved the day, as usual!
Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

Frostval (Chapter 5)

Frostval Fallout

Blizzy: It's been a long night. It's time to settle in.

The Factory

Blizzy: Poor Icemaster Yeti...
Blizzy: You must be getting very tired...


Blizzy: I--
Blizzy: You mean Zadd?

Fight The Power! Strike!

Blizzy: We don't want to work for Zadd!

Frostvale (Act 13)

Blizzy: <Character>, thank you so much for saving the moglins of Lore from Zadd!
Blizzy: Those plushies were bad news!
Blizzy: Poor Twig. He's feeling much happier now that we're all back in town though and celebrating!
Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

Frostval (Chapter 6)

Frostvale Defense

Blizzy: Hello, <Character>! It's good to see you!

Blizzy: Sir Rolith has been kind enough to help us with defenses this year.
Blizzy: He wants to make sure we have a safe and secure Frostval!

Frostval (Chapter 7)

Frostvale (Act 23)

Blizzy: <Character>, thank you so much for saving the moglins of Lore from Pallor!
Blizzy: I'm scared of heights... that was not fun to have wings!

Blizzy: Well, you saw what happened! But you saved the day, as usual!

Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

Frostval (Chapter 9)

Snowy Forest

Blizzy: Oh, <Character>, I'm so warm! This is wonderful!

Blizzy: Yes, it's me! With all this merging... our fur has grown out!
Blizzy: I can't believe we never thought to do this in our timeline!

Blizzy: Not only is it protection from the cold, but we're so silky smooth it helps with unwanted hug protection!

Frostvale (Act 31)

Blizzy: <Character>, thank you so much for saving everyone on Lore from being merged!
Blizzy: Though, a few positives did come out of it...

Blizzy: Now we can spend Frostval together!

Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

Frostval (Chapter 10)

Frostvale (Act 33)

Blizzy: <Character>, thank you so much for taking care of those dangerous desserts!
Blizzy: I'll take a while for the smell of fish and melted ice cream to fade but it's not too bad once you get used to it.

Blizzy: ... Chilly, no more ice cream for you! You're not going to sleep after all that sugar....

Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

Frostval (Chapter 11)

The Nec-snow-mancer

Blizzy: That's perfect! Thank you, <Character>!

Blizzy: Coooming!

Blizzy: Let's sit, drink some hot cocoaberry juice and enjoy Frostval!

Frostval (Chapter 12)

Trouble in the Woods

Blizzy: ...<Character>?

Blizzy: We didn't actually cut down any of these trees... They were all gone when we got here!

Blizzy: And we spent the year since the last Frostval looking for the best ones to decorate too...
Blizzy: But now they're all gone and all that's left are these strange tracks...

Blizzy: They sort of look like the tracks our Mogsleds back in the village leave... but they're much bigger...

Blizzy: You will? Thanks!

Blizzy: <Character> is right, Tinsel. Holly...
Blizzy: We don't know what happened to the trees and it could lead pretty far away from the village!
Blizzy: It simply isn't a good idea for you two to go out. It isn't safe!

Blizzy: Would that be alright with you, <Character>?

Jack and Lumberjack

Blizzy: What?!

Blizzy: I am terribly sorry, but we don't have the money to pay for them!

Frostval (Chapter 13)

Hide and Snowseek

Blizzy: No, it can't be...

Frostval (Chapter 15)

Frostval in Falconreach

Blizzy: This was all the kids' idea!

Frostval (Chapter 17)

Snow and Reign

Blizzy: Sorry we didn't throw out the fuzzy welcome mat, so to speak! A few things have come up...

Blizzy: About that! Can you—

Blizzy: Icemaster Yeti wanted to give the kids a nice surprise this year.

Blizzy: It's all in good fun. The kids will understand, I'm sure.
Blizzy: And the presents we made for them should help distract from any doubts!

Blizzy: <Character>! This is a serious problem!

Blizzy: It's impossible to miss! I can't imagine what could have happened to them.

Blizzy: We er, weren't making fun of you...

Blizzy: What a jerk.

Blizzy: Right! It headed... that way!

Blizzy: After that ReignDragon!

Blizzy: Looks like this is the place. I remember these caves being traditionally forbidden from exploration...
Blizzy: And I think we know why now.

Blizzy: All I know is the stories say that any moglin that wanders in is never seen again.
Blizzy: We'll need to be careful.
Blizzy: Our main focus should be to get the presents back. Don't tangle with the ReignDragon unless you have no choice, okay?

Blizzy: I'll keep watch out here. Good luck, <Character>!

Blizzy (thinking): The ReignDragon...
Blizzy (thinking): It was always just a story, wasn't it?

ReignDragon's Lair

Blizzy: There you are, <Character>!
Blizzy: I was about to go find Icemaster Yeti and head in after you!

Blizzy: Hmm. It was... three, I think. Or was it more...?
Blizzy: It's... it's a bit hazy...

Blizzy: That would probably be for the best. Thanks, <Character>.
Blizzy: I'll see if we can scrounge something up to thank you!
Blizzy: And if you come across any extra gifts, we'll... we'll figure something out!

Frostvale (Chapter 17)

When approaching Blizzy before turning in 3 Retrieved Frostval Gift to Blizzy:
Blizzy: Good to see you back, <Character>!
Blizzy: Did you manage to find some presents?
  • Turn In 3 Presents - unlocks additional dialogue and ReignDragon Gear shop.

    When approaching Blizzy after turning in 3 Retrieved Frostval Gift to Blizzy:
    Blizzy: Thank you so much, <Character>. Thank you!

    Blizzy: There is one more thing I'd like your help with, if that's okay.

    Blizzy: Just the opinion of a hero and adventurer.
    Blizzy: While you were out, Papa Moglin and I went through some old records.
    Blizzy: Even some of the artifacts we found from Frallmar's lair!
    Blizzy: ...And there has never been an occurrence of the ReignDragon appearing before frost moglins.

    Blizzy: Never.
    Blizzy: Which means that this manifestation of legend is... rather suspicious, don't you think?

    Blizzy: That's what I wanted to ask you about.
    Blizzy: You've run into all sorts of threats and magical weirdness, I'm sure.

    Blizzy: Thank you, <Character>. I'll speak to Icemaster Yeti and Papa Moglin.
    Blizzy: We'll get to the bottom of this, for sure!

    Blizzy: Thanks again, <Character>. For recovering the missing gifts, and your thoughts.
    Blizzy: Happy Frostval! Oh, and if you find any extra presents, give them to Icemaster Yeti!

    Frostval (Chapter 18)

    The Knight's Star

    Blizzy: I'm so glad you were able to visit us again this year, <Character>, <Dragon>!

    Blizzy: This year has been a lot quieter, thankfully. Won't even have to set down my Cocoaberry Juice at this rate!

    Blizzy: Oh no, don't you start! A quiet Frostval's all we need, thank you very much!

    Blizzy: Oh, you know, they're... around...

    Blizzy: Well, Jacek wanted to spend some time with his... father. Moroz.
    Blizzy: The others are accompanying him. I think.

    Blizzy: We've been doing our own research into that. It's odd.
    Blizzy: There's always been legends surrounding Frallmar's hoard. Papa Moglin looked into some of the rumors.
    Blizzy: But the crown, sword, and scepter of legend we found didn't help.

    Blizzy: The legendary treasures kept by Frallmar! But even with all of our wishes, and those ancient relics, we couldn't help.
    Blizzy: Frostval magic is some powerful stuff!
    Blizzy: The power to grant wishes and make imagination come true...
    Blizzy: But... that also means it's hard to break.

    Blizzy: It explains a lot about the last few years. The appearance of Frallmar's horde, the Reigndragon, the snow fight that got out of hand...
    Blizzy: There's only one problem.

    Blizzy: Yep. Someone must be wishing for Moroz to stay frozen.

    Blizzy: Whoa, whoa, slow down, Tinsel. What happened? Where's Jacek?

    Blizzy: What?! Why would he do that? No, it doesn't matter.
    Blizzy: I'm sorry to ask this of you, <Character> and <Dragon>, but this is an emergency!
    Blizzy: Can you help us find Jacek?

    Blizzy: Chilly, Tinsel, Holly, stay here with Icemaster Yeti, okay?

    Blizzy: Are you okay?! I'd like to know the answer to that myself!

    Blizzy: And... you don't remember anything else?

    Blizzy: Hmm...
    Blizzy: When you first arrived, your father mentioned you were born under the "Snow Prince Star".
    Blizzy: Jacek, I need you to be honest with me. And I promise, I won't be mad.
    Blizzy: Are you making things become real?

    Blizzy: There, there, child. It's going to be okay.
    Blizzy: All that matters for now is that you're safe.
    Blizzy: Let's get you back to Frostvale and bundle you up with a nice mug of Cocoaberry Juice, okay?

    Blizzy: There we go. Everyone's safe and warm!

    Blizzy: Jacek, I want you to know something.
    Blizzy: No matter what, you'll always have friends, family, and a home here with us in Frostval, okay?

    Book 3 Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images and corrections.
  • Peachii for initial entry rewrite and additional location links.
  • SalvationXI for additional location link.
  • Lord Darkovia for additional dialogue information.
  • Pink_Star and westward_ho! for information.

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