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Frallmar's Lair

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12/29/2018 2:16:01   

Frallmar's Lair

Location: The Snowpeak War! -> Frallmar's Lair!
Requirements: Completion of Into the Snowpeak Woods, 100% War Meter
Release Date: December 28th, 2018

Objective: The time has come to put an end to Frallmar! It's time to save Frostval once more!
Objective completed: Frallmar falls, but not without a price. Frostval manages to stay cheery, but somber this year. What wondrous stories will come in the future?

Experience rewarded: Scaled (Boss) / 120 (Titan Boss) / 0 (Neither)
Gold rewarded: Scaled (Boss) / 10 (Titan Boss) / 0 (Neither)

(1) Frallmar, the Bane of Warmth - Boss


(1) Frallmar, the Titan of Frost - Titan Boss (DA ONLY)


None (if you select "Let a DragonLord Handle this" option)

Icemaster Yeti
Papa Moglin

Frallmar's Fang


*You, your dragon, Moroz, Icemaster Yeti and Krampy appear to have made it to Frallmar's lair.*

<Character>: The wyrmlings seem to have come from here. But it's so quiet... Be careful, everyone, this may be a trap.

*Your eyes widen, alarmed by what you realise.*

Icemaster Yeti: <Character>, look! Up there!!

*You and Moroz raise your eye level to see a giant frost wyrm, Frallmar, winding around the mountain cave; three Frost Wyrmlings appear and surround you.*

<Character>: I knew it! They've got us surrounded!
Icemaster Yeti: This was never going to be a peaceful stomp through the tundra.
Moroz: Hero... do you truly believe you have the strength to fell the mighty tree, this ancient Frallmar?
<Character>: It looks really tough...
<Character>: But if <Dragon>'s by my side, I know I can do it!
<Dragon>: Yeah! We can totally grill that frosty son of a snow tog! | *sassy roar*
Moroz: Moroz trusts you. Take care of Frallmar. We will hold off the kindling branches, the wyrmlings.
<Character>: Sounds like a plan!

*You look around, noticing someone is missing.*

<Character>: Uhm, where did Krampy go?
Krampy: I'm... I'm just behind this tree over here!
Krampy: If you don't mind... I'll stay right here and come and back you guys up if som... if someone needs healing!
<Character>: Hmm... Good thinking, Krampy, stay safe!
<Character>: Let's do this!!
<Character>: For FROSTVALE!!
Icemaster Yeti: For the Moglins, Holly and Tinsel!
Moroz: For my son!

*You and your dragon head towards Frallmar, who begins to lean in closer to you both.*

<Character>: Come on, <Dragon>! Everyone is doing their part! Let's do ours, and take down this overgrown frozen snake-sicle!
<Dragon>: *determined chirp*

*Frallmar raises his head and moves his line of vision to focus on something further ahead; Moroz.*

<Character>: ... Huh? Why's it looking over there all of a sudden?
<Character>: Hey big guy! Stop daydreaming and pay attention! I've got a score to settle with ya!
<Character>: HEY! LISTEN TO ME!
<Dragon>: ROAAAR!

*Frallmar leans in closer to Moroz.*

Frallmar: Youuuuuuuu...

*Moroz's eyes widen, and he nervously peers behind himself.*

Frallmar: That smell...
Frallmar: The scent that awoke me...
Frallmar: The odor that refuses to leave me!
Moroz: The scent that awoke the wyrm?
Moroz: Ja... Jacek?

*At the thought of his son, Moroz feels he must do whatever it takes to ensure Jacek's safety.*

Moroz: <Character>... accept Moroz's apology.

*Moroz diverges from the plan, and instead of handling the Frost Wyrmlings, runs towards Frallmar, who freezes him solid with one blast of his icy breath.*

<Character>: MOOROOOOZ!!!

  • Titan Frallmar To Battle! - begins battle with Frallmar, the Titan of Frost. (DA ONLY)
  • Battle on foot! (Are you crazy?) - begins battle with Frallmar, the Bane of Warmth.
  • Let a DragonLord Handle this - continues to following dialogue.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Leave Quest - returns to The Snowpeak War!.

    *A slain Frallmar lies defeated in the snow, and you attack him once further for good measure.*

    <Character>: And that's for Moroz!

    Icemaster Yeti: Well done, but the children are still missing. Let's search the cave, and Krampy can go and fetch the rest of the moglins.
    Icemaster Yeti: Maybe something can still be done for Moroz.
    Krampy: Yessir! I'll be back in a jiffy!

    *Deep in Frallmar's lair, Tinsel, Holly and Jacek can be seen sitting amongst piles of treasure.*

    Holly: Do you think the mean beast is going to come back and eat us?
    Tinsel: It won't! I told you I could scare it off!
    Jacek: You never! You hid with us in the treasure!
    Tinsel: Well, I thought scary things at it! That probably helped!
    Holly: The loud noises stopped though. Do you think Icemaster Yeti tied that giant snake into knots, and threw it over the moon and-
    Jacek: Jacek bets Moroz chopped it into tiny pieces with his axe!
    Tinsel: I'm telling you, it was all me! I scared it off just by looking at it!
    Holly: Shh! I think I hear it coming back!

    *The children hide beneath the treasure once more as you approach.*

    <Character>: I'm telling you, I heard something this way!
    Icemaster Yeti: Yeah yeah. Let's take a look. This place is massive, and those wyrmlings give me the shivers.
    <Character>: Whoa! Look at all of this treasure! Look at those weapons! Is this where Frallmar kept all of its loot? You don't suppose I could borrow-
    Icemaster Yeti: I think this must be the ancient treasure of the Frost Moglins. I'd ask Papa Moglin before taking any.
    Icemaster Yeti: No sign of the kids though. Let's keep-

    *The children all reveal themselves from beneath the treasure.*

    Holly: Icemaster Yeti!
    Tinsel: <Character>!
    Jacek: ...
    <Character>: Oh, thank the Avatars! Are you all safe?
    Tinsel: Yep! I scared away that big ice snake!
    Holly: No, Icemaster Yeti is here! I told you he tied it in knots-
    Jacek: Where is Jacek's father?

    *You look at Jacek worrisomely, unsure how to break the news to him that Moroz is frozen.*

    <Character>: I took down Frallmar, but Moroz-
    Icemaster Yeti: Uh. I, uh...
    Icemaster Yeti: Children, let's all go outside and get some fresh air. <Character>, you too. Might be best to let Papa Moglin sort this out.

    *You all head back outside Frallmar's lair to find the other Frost Moglins standing, running and jumping upon the fallen Frallmar.*

    Papa Moglin: Thank goodness and everything that's cold you all are safe!
    Papa Moglin: I was about to send in a group after you! Imagine if Frallmar had a mate and you ran into it unprepared! What a popsicle that would have been!

    *Moroz still appears to be frozen solid, and Jacek notices.*

    Jacek: Pa-

    Jacek: Papa!
    Jacek: What happened? Why is papa like this?
    Papa Moglin: I believe... Frallmar has turned him to solid ice.

    *Jacek's lip trembles as tears run down his face at the news.*

    Papa Moglin: There, there, young one. We may be able to do something for him...
    Papa Moglin: ... but we don't have the knowledge of how to break the magic that keeps him in such a state.
    Papa Moglin: It could take a long time to figure out. Months, or even years.

    Papa Moglin: I'm sorry, Jacek.
    Jacek: No! Moroz cannot be gone! He can't leave Jacek all alone! First Ma... and now Pa is gone too...
    Holly: You're not alone!
    Tinsel: We're here for you! I'm sorry about your pa, Jacek...

    *Holly and Tinsel hug Jacek as he weeps before his frozen father.*

    Papa Moglin: We'll immediately head an expedition into the caves to retrieve whatever we can find.
    Papa Moglin: The ancient frost moglins had some powerful magic, and according to legend, Frallmar stole a lot of treasure!
    Papa Moglin: Maybe we'll be able to locate something that can help Moroz.
    <Character>: I'm sorry I couldn't do more for Moroz. I was frozen for a long time, maybe I can get my dragon to help-
    Papa Moglin: Nonsense! This is a different kind of magic than what happened to you, for one, and two!
    Papa Moglin: You've saved Frostvale, and the Snowpeak Woods!
    Papa Moglin: You've taken down an ancient and powerful foe of the frost moglins, and for that, you have our gratitude once again!
    Papa Moglin: I'll make sure you get extra marshmallows in your Cocoaberry Juice this year!
    <Character>: Oh! That reminds me, some of the treasure in the cave looked interesting. Do you think I could-
    Papa Moglin: It did? Alright then, moglins! You heard the hero! There's interesting treasure to liberate! Let's gooooo!

    *You look at Papa Moglin begrudgingly.*

    <Character>: Extra marshmallows will have to do, I guess...

    *Everyone is sitting around the bonfire to celebrate Frostval being saved once again. You smile, before laying eyes on Jacek, and feeling sorrow for him momentarily, before Chilly appears to make you smile once again.*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for non-DA dialogue and Next Up.

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