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Snowfang the Dragon

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12/23/2016 21:54:21   

Snowfang the Dragon

Other name: Interlude 2: Snowfang the Dragon

Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> Interlude 2
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Nec-Snow-mancer
Release Date: December 23rd, 2016

Objective: Listen to Holly's side of the story.
Objective completed: Knight Chilly... right. At least the song was cool!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Frost Drake
(4) Frost Golem
(7) Ice Elemental
(4) Snowball
(6) Snowy Tog
(1) Snowfang - Boss

Icemaster Yeti
Princess Flake

Chilly's Glorious Visage (All Versions)

Access to Snowfang DC Loot! and The Second Present!


*You, Icemaster Yeti, and the Frostvale moglins sit eagerly around the bonfire to listen to Holly's story next.*

Holly: You boys and your violence! That's not what happened.
Tinsel: Did too!
Holly: Nuh-uh!
Icemaster Yeti: Why don't you tell me what happened then, Holly?
Holly: I will!
Holly: It's the story about Snowfang the Dragon.
Tinsel: Who-
Icemaster Yeti: Let Holly tell her story, Tinsel.
Tinsel: Fine...

*Flashes white to depict a recap of Holly dressed in a type of shirt with a yellow flower on her head. She is sitting in the snow facing a beautifully-dressed princess*

Holly: Long ago, in a village far, faaaaar, like REALLY far away...
Tinsel: It was a short while ago, right here in the village!
Holly: Faaaaaaaaaaaar away!
Tinsel: *Sigh*
Holly: Two beautiful princesses were playing in the snow.
Princess Flake: Oh Holly, you are such a fun and beautiful princess! I wish I never had to leave here!
Princess Holly: Oh, silly princess Flake! You know that can't happen, but you are my bestest friend and I'm so glad to hear you say that!
Holly: They were having a lot of fun... when suddenly, mean old Snowfang attacked!

*Snowfang suddenly landed on the ground from out of the blue and roared so loudly it made their hearts skip a beat.*

Tinsel: Who even IS Snowfang?!
Holly: You don't know?! There even is a song about him!
Tinsel: Uhm wha-
Holly: Snowfang the dragon...
Tinsel: Oh, you're actually singing? Ok then...

Was an evil, grumpy beast

Snowfang: ROAR!
Princess Flake: Did you hear that?
Princess Holly: Whatever could it be?

With a snarl he kidnapped the princess,

Snowfang: SNARL!
Princess Flake: Let me go, you evil beast!
Princess Holly: Princess Flake! What are you going to do with her?!

To turn her into a feast!

Princess Holly: A feast?!
Princess Holly: Is there nobody who can stop him?!

Snowfang the dragon
Did not have a fear, you see.

Snowfang: Nobody will be able to stop me! I fear no man! I only EAT them!

If he only knew,
He was in the view

Of the dashing knight, Chilly!

*In Holly's imagination, Chilly is a humanoid moglin in shining paladin armor, which raises Chilly's spirits greatly, much to Tinsel's annoyance.*

Tinsel: What?! Chilly? He doesn't look like that! AND he's the bad guy!
Holly: No, he's not! He's the hero of this story!
Icemaster Yeti: Tinsel...
Tinsel: Ok...
Icemaster Yeti: But Tinsel is right about one thing, Holly. Chilly isn't tall and handsome.
Chilly: Rude!
Icemaster Yeti: You know what I mean.
Holly: Ok fine...

*A puff of smoke morphed Chilly back into his usual moglin self, but he still had his paladin armor equipped proudly.*

Chilly took up his weapon
And with a squire by his side-

Knight Chilly: To me, my trusty squire!

*You make your way to Chilly's side quickly.*

Squire <Character>: It's time for Snowfang to chill out a bit!

The human he had trained himself-

<Character>: *Snort*
Icemaster Yeti: Something's wrong, <Character>?
<Character>: Nope, nothing.
Knight Chilly: Worry not, fair maiden! We shall follow Snowfang and bring back Princess Flake!
Princess Holly: My Hero!
Squire <Character>: Seeing Master Chilly in action will be so cool!!!

They followed in Snowfang's stride.

*As you pace through the snowy lands and into the caverns, Knight Chilly climbs onto your back to accompany you on the journey to save Princess Flake from being Snowfang's dinner. When you and Knight Chilly have gotten deeper into the cave, both of you have managed to reach Snowfang.*

Snowfang the dragon,

With our heroes on his tail,

Snowfang: So you have come to die, have you?
Knight Chilly: No! We've come to end your reign of terror, fiend!
Squire <Character>: We're going to de-ice you!
Snowfang: You? A lone Moglin? What army did you bring?
Knight Chilly: I don't need an army, just me, my blade, and my trusty squire will be enough!
Snowfang: *Snort* I'll show you true terror!
Squire <Character>: No need to be so cold about it!
Snowfang: I'll start with you...

Knew he could not run.
The battle begun,

Knight Chilly: Bring it on, Snowfang!

Brave Knight Chilly
shall not fail!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You and Knight Chilly fight Snowfang in combat and emerge victorious against him.*

    Snowfang the dragon,
    Who brave Chilly went to slay,

    Snowfang: Impossible! How could I lose to a mere Moglin?!
    Knight Chilly: Because justice will always prevail!
    Squire <Character>: Yeah! In contrary to just ice, that just melts!
    Icemaster Yeti: *Groan*
    Knight Chilly: And as long as I'm here, your evil plans won't ever come to fruition!

    Said with a sneer
    "You're not always here.

    Snowfang: But you're just a mortal...

    *He flies away from sight until he is off-screen. This leaves you frantic.*

    Squire <Character>: Master Chilly! He's getting away!
    Knight Chilly: Let him go, there's nothing he can do right now.

    I'll be back again someday..."

    *Cuts right back to the bonfire as Holly gets ready to wrap up her story.*

    Holly: And so, the handsome and dashing knight returned Princess Flake to the beautiful Princess Holly!
    Holly: And they played happily ever after! The End!

    *You smile at her, indicating that found enjoyment in listening to her joyful tale.*

    Icemaster Yeti: I liked the song.
    Tinsel: I guess it was ok...
    Holly: See, Mr. IceMaster Yeti? That's what happened!
    Icemaster Yeti: I'm not... too sure about that, Holly. Anybody else mind to share?

    *Chilly raises his hand excitedly as everything quickly fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Gift Shop - Opens The Second Present!
  • DC Loot Shop - Opens Snowfang DC Loot!

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