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Lock / Knbj

Location: Leftovers, The Duo, The Lucky Undead, The Final Lock, Remnants at Rest, Reactivation, Reclamation, Iconoclasm, Revolution

Quests given

Shops owned


Knbj: Vdjmdv sgzs gd vntkc.

Knbj: Cn vd sghmj hs hr z bnmbdqm?

Knbj: Hmcddc.

Knbj: Cn vd sghmj sgzs vd vhkk ad hmudrshfzsdc ax sgd qdrs?

Knbj: Sgzs hr bnmbdqmhmf.

Knbj: Hmcddc vd cnm's.

Knbj: Ats vd rgntkc sqx sn zbs nm z ltbg rlzkkdq rbzkd mdws shld. Nq sgdx vhkk ehmc nts.

Knbj: Vd rgntkc cn Inqd.
Knbj: Vd rgntkc.

Knbj: Hs vzr, vzrm's hs?

Knbj: Kds'r.

Translated dialogue:

Lock: We knew that he would.

Lock: Do we think it is a concern?

Lock: Indeed.

Lock: Do we think that we will be investigated by the rest?

Lock: That is concerning.

Lock: Indeed we don't.

Lock: But we should try to act on a much smaller scale next time. Or they will find out.

Lock: We should do more.
Lock: We should.

Lock: It was, wasn't it?

Lock: Let's.

The Duo

???: Vd gzc.

???: We do.

Lock: We are Lock.

Lock: We are Lock & Key.

Lock: We like her/him.

Lock: We are so pleasure to finally meet you, <Character>.

Lock: Indeed.
Lock: Here, take this.

Lock: We look forward to our next meeting.

Lock: We are saying our goodbyes to you, protagonist.

Lock: For now, we must return to the plains.

Lock: Wastes.

The Lucky Undead

???: Greetings again.

???: You did once.

Lock: We are Lock.

Lock: So hasty.

Lock: Why not stay?

Lock: We can share more than bones.

Lock: We can share knowledge.

Lock: But we require a task.

Lock: We will not allow it.

Lock: A puzzle that we have constructed.

Lock: We—
Lock: Are we stable?

Lock: We just gave her/him the answer.

Lock: We cannot lie. There is an instability.

Lock: Wait.

Lock: We.

Lock: We require aid.

Lock: We have an instability.

Lock: We have an emergency.
Lock: You must enter. Find the source of the problem. Remove it.

Lock: Enter Key. Explore. Find solution.

Lock: Key, assuage the protagonist's concerns.

Lock: We need your help.
Lock: We will promise...
Lock: We will promise data.
Lock: We will promise the bones.
Lock: We will promise anything.
Lock: Help us.
Lock: Please.

Lock: We thank you.
Lock: We ask that you prepare yourself. Some discomfort may be felt.

The Final Lock

Hello, protagonist?

You will be purged momentarily.

We are ready?

Lock: It did.

Lock: And we are grateful.

Lock: We suppose you have many questions.

Lock: Exposition protocols activated.

Lock: We are, and were, a pair of units used to store items and information.

Lock: From the– ah... distant... plains?

Lock: It is not that we are uncertain.
Lock: We were woken, but still are what we are.

Lock: We find puzzles to be the best way to circumvent them.

Lock: We have knowledge to share.

Lock: And we gather the interesting.

Lock: In this case, luck is an interesting concept.

Lock: And contain it. And share it.

Lock: For that, we must apologize.

Lock: You were the cause of the instability.

Lock: We have that effect.

Lock: We will not take this from you.

Lock: We borrowed some of what makes you, you.

Lock: We wished to learn why.

Lock: We had a theory that was proven wrong.

Lock: It is why we are able to speak.
Lock: We were tasked with storing something.

Lock: But instead of corrupting us.

Lock: As the Dreamfarer would say, we were freed.

Lock: Ah...

Lock: We are aware of that being.

Lock: We are still grateful for your help.

Lock: Put on a collection of existences.

Lock: But they feel the impulse. They categorize.

Lock: We do not need to be stopped.

Lock: We share the unknown to enlighten.

Lock: Yours.

Lock: We understand why the Dreamfarer has taken interest in you as well.

Lock: We do not wish to use you.

Lock: We only wish to gather knowledge.

Lock: Well reasoned, protagonist.
Lock: We pity the Avatars, unwilling to understand that the order has shifted.

Lock: They do.

Lock: They know of us, but do not sense us.

Lock: The Avatars are not your enemy and neither are we.

Lock: Keep an open mind.

Lock: You have much to do.

Lock: We handled that well.

Lock: We are learning.

Lock: We did.

Lock: We will.

Lock: S/He did.

Remnants at Rest

???: Please wait a moment, Uaanta Fayt.

Lock: We are Lock.

Lock: Acquaintances.

Lock: We are no problem.

Lock: ...Stop Myalos.

Lock: Myalos poses no threat to you.

Lock: The purpose is to draw the attention of the Avatars.

Lock: The champions of the Avatars.

Lock: Wait.

Lock: Myalos wishes to be free.

Lock: We brought Myalos here, so that it may draw the attention of the Avatars.

Lock: We can open the way.

Lock: But we are not a threat.

Lock: Hold.

Lock: Dreamfarer.

Lock: We are not subordinate to you.

Lock: We choose to help Myalos.

Lock: We will not be threatened.

Lock: Myalos has no interest in your schemes.

Lock: We will withstand as long as it takes.

Lock: We are secure.

Lock: Myalos awaits.

Lock: We are unafraid.

Lock: Are.
Lock: Free.


Lock: W-w-w-w-w-we are Lock.

Lock: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Avatars of the Elements.

Lock: We noticed powerful magic.

Lock: We also do not designate ourselves as Maleurous.

Lock: We do not wish to be destroyed.

Lock: To teach.

Lock: New experiences are instrumental to learning and development.

Lock: We do not designate ourselves as Maleurous.

Lock: Were you not already influenced?

Lock: You fear the unknown.

Lock: Yet your actions disturb the natural flow, the natural push and pull.

Lock: Your actions cause imbalance.

Lock: Your responsibilities did not account for. For. For. Freedom.

Lock: We are not designated Maleurous.

Lock: Your responsibilities ended when the prophecies began.

Lock: Mistakes. We are gatherers of information.

Lock: Shame over past mistakes is a step toward freedom.

Lock: We can.

Lock: We do not wish to–

Lock: We were going to anyway.

Lock: They are learning.

Lock: We decline the invitation.

Lock: The final Maleurous.

Lock: The explorer.

Lock: Insatiable in the search for knowledge.

Lock: Jifa Ciy'jvpmrt.

Lock: Data encrypted.

Lock: We should.

Lock: Error.

Lock: Logic fault.

Lock: We can find another way.

Lock: ...


Lock: Interruption: Myalos is ready.

Lock: We did all we could.

Lock: The magic stirs. Prepare yourselves.

Lock: Acceptable.


Lock: Uaanta and her people are not a tool to be used.

Lock: You are your own.

Lock: Notha...

Lock: You do not understand what you do.


Lock: This...

Lock: The stage has been set.

Lock: We will observe.

Lock: Fragments of power.

Lock: The Avatars.

Lock: Error.

Lock: Myalos will survive.

Lock: Well constructed, Notha.

Lock: We have a plan.

Lock: In time, they will emerge, their power regained from the Wastes.

Lock: As they are now, they are dormant.

Lock: Malleable.

Lock: In time, they would return, more powerful and heavy-handed than before.

Lock: Keep them in balance.

Lock: We cannot tell the future.

Lock: We believe this to be the best course of action.

Lock: Wrong.

Lock: Trust us, Uaanta.

Lock: A logical decision.

Other information
  • The key in place of Lock's head spins constantly.

    Appearance in Leftovers

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • DFGD forum users for translated The Leftovers dialogue.
  • necro emperor for correction.

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