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Sinnocence (Boss Fight)

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7/20/2018 23:44:14   


Location: Friday the 13th Sinnocence -> Boss Fight!
Requirements: Completion of The Firmament, 100% War Meter
Release Date: July 20th, 2018

Objective: Sinnocence must be stopped.
Objective completed: Sinnocence has been destroyed. But what of the other Maleurous?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Sinnocence - Boss


Uaanta's Blaster (I-IV) (Uncharged)

Access to Timmy Portrait Shop.

  • Uaanta Fayt joins you as Guest A.

    *In Oaklore Keep, you and Uaanta finally face Sinnocence after defeating the invading elementals and figments.*

    Uaanta: This is Sinnocence!?
    <Character>: Stop!
    Sinnocence: Stop...
    Sinnocence: Continue...
    Sinnocence: You are new voices.
    Uaanta: You will perish, foul be—
    <Character>: Why are you doing this? Why are you attacking Oaklore!?
    Uaanta: It doesn't matter! This... abomination must be destroyed! The Makers have decreed it so!
    Sinnocence: Oaklore. Must protect.
    Sinnocence: Must destroy.
    Sinnocence: Going home.
    <Character>: You're attacking Oaklore to... protect it? That doesn't make any sense!
    Uaanta: It's out of its mind! It's crazy! Don't try to reason with it.
    <Character>: It's not attacking us right now...
    Sinnocence: The invaders are at the gates!
    <Character>: We're not invaders! We're protecting Oaklore!
    Sinnocence: Destroy Oaklore! The knights must fall!
    <Character>: Please, call off your army!
    Sinnocence: Army... Attack.
    Uaanta: Told you to stop wasting time!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Sinnocence.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *You and Uaanta battle Sinnocence; after the battle, Sinnocence kneels, defeated.*

    Uaanta: It's down! Die, fiend!
    <Character>: Wait!
    Uaanta: Oh, what now? Going to try talking to it again?
    <Character>: Something's not right. We've fought both Darkness and Light elementals the whole time.
    Uaanta: And?
    <Character>: On this continent, they don't usually work together.
    Uaanta: Hmm. You're right. What are Darkness elementals doing attacking a peaceful settlement? Alongside the Light?
    <Character>: I— wait, Darkness is good where you're from?
    Uaanta: Is it not, here? Don't tell me you just let crazy Light warriors rampage around where they please? And call them Heroes—
    Sinnocence: Hero...

    *You and Uaanta both appear shocked at Sinnocence's attempt to speak once again.*

    Sinnocence: I... am... a Hero...
    Uaanta: Silence, fiend! Your trickery may work on heroes of this side of Lore, but not on me!
    Sinnocence: What have I... become?
    <Character>: You attacked Oaklore with an army of Light and Darkness elementals! We've just fought an entire war against you!
    <Character>: Why would we pity you now?

    *Uaanta nods her head in agreement, believing that you are on the same page as her.*

    <Character>: I want an explanation!

    *Uaanta facepalms angrily.*

    Sinnocence: No... Too many voices...
    Sinnocence: Home...
    Sinnocence: Destroy...
    Sinnocence: Freedom...
    Sinnocence: Doom...
    Sinnocence: Destiny...
    Sinnocence: I don't understand.
    <Character>: See, Uaanta? It's confused! There must be something—
    Uaanta: Are you insane, too?
    Uaanta: I've been deferring to your judgement since this is your "jurisdiction", but this is the kind of thing that leads to the Sun going dark!
    <Character>: There has to be a reason!
    Uaanta: No more. I will not listen to the ramblings of this thing any longer, while evil still marches onward!
    Sinnocence: Stop.

    *Uaanta draws her blade and hits Sinnocence on the head, leaving a crack in its skull; her rage persists even as it begins to bleed black blood.*

    Sinnocence: I was once a Hero.
    Sinnocence: A zero!
    Sinnocence: Nothing!
    Sinnocence: I had... a great weapon of Light. A weapon of Destiny.
    Sinnocence: Take it away! Lock it up!
    Sinnocence: Protect it!
    Sinnocence: Destroy it!
    Sinnocence: But I fell in battle against the forces of Darkness.
    Uaanta: I'd hope so!
    <Character>: Uaanta!
    Sinnocence: Evil!
    Sinnocence: Good!
    Sinnocence: Light.
    Sinnocence: Darkness.
    Sinnocence: Fear.
    Sinnocence: They left me for dead. Their weapons of Darkness stuck in my body. But I was not ready to go.
    Sinnocence: Must live on!
    Sinnocence: Reincarnated!
    Sinnocence: I survived... But I was an abomination. And the voices started.
    Sinnocence: What voices? I don't hear anything.
    Sinnocence: Listen to me!
    Sinnocence: To me!
    Sinnocence: No, me!

    *Your eyes widen with horror and perhaps empathy for the monstrosity as it struggles to explain itself.*

    Sinnocence: I was felled many times. By warriors of Light, and warriors of Darkness.
    Sinnocence: But I could... not... die...
    Sinnocence: I am losing control.

    Sinnocence: Lost control.
    Sinnocence: Kill them!
    Sinnocence: Protect Oaklore!
    Sinnocence: I'm home!
    Sinnocence: Have mercy. End my torment.

    Sinnocence: Please.
    Uaanta: Satisfied, <Character>?
    <Character>: ... Yes.

    <Character>: But Light and Darkness—
    Uaanta: One adventure at a time, Hero. This Hero's adventure is coming to its close. Do your duty.
    <Character>: Y-you're right. One last question, if you can still hear us.
    <Character>: Who are the Maleurous?
    Sinnocence: Names!
    Sinnocence: I remember many names.
    Sinnocence: We are Sinnocence!
    Sinnocence: Maleurous? I don't—

    *Suddenly, a beam of black and white energy strikes Sinnocence from above, seemingly disintegrating him; this surprise attack leaves you shocked.*

    <Character>: Where did that come from?!
    Uaanta: Show yourself!

    *The attack on Sinnocence has left a crater in the ground where it once knelt; natural sunlight returns to Oaklore Keep, and all appears to be normal once again; Sinnocence's destroyer does not reveal themself.*

    Uaanta: What's done is done. The Makers have decided for us, it seems.
    <Character>: Uaanta, I don't think that was the Avatars...
    Uaanta: Well, we certainly haven't been kidnapped again yet.
    <Character>: Aren't you worried? How are you going to get home?
    Uaanta: Ha! I haven't had this much fun in years! Home? Home can wait. My children can take care of my grandkids well enough without me.
    <Character>: Do you have a place to stay?
    <Character>: The Avatars mentioned that there are more of the Maleurous. I'm sure we can set you up with a room at the inn in Falconreach.
    Uaanta: So be it! I shall stay, and I shall pray to the Makers. I suppose you heathens don't even have a proper shrine to them. I will have to get on that.
    Uaanta: And that handsome young man hangs out near the inn, doesn't he?

    *Your eyes widen as you realise Uaanta is referring to Ash...*

    <Character>: *sigh*
    <Character>: Anyway... I need to check if everyone is alright here. You...

    <Character>: You go on ahead.

    *Scene fades to black; elsewhere, a cloaked individual in a nearby forest has evidently taken notice of the events that have transpired; the individual resembles the Mysterious Stranger, save for a mask resembling a sorrowful face.*

    ???: Doubts.

    ???: Whispers.

    ???: Yes, this will do nicely.

    *The remaining Maleurous members that the Avatars previously mentioned are teased in undisclosed locations, watching the crater with an undying fascination; they, too, have been ominously watching these events closely, wearing a similar cloak and mask.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Portrait of Timmy - opens Timmy Portrait Shop.

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