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Firmament, The

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7/13/2018 21:52:48   

The Firmament

Location: Book of Lore -> To... War?,
Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Sinnocence,
Location: Friday the 13th Sinnocence -> The Firmament
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 13th, 2018

Objective: It's Friday the 13th... but where are the enemies?
Objective completed: Oh, the invasion is in another castle!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*It is broad daylight on yet another Friday the 13th and Ash is spending it preparing Falconreach for the possibility of war that day.*

Ash: I'll need about 10-20 people on the eastern barricades, stat! It can be whoever!
Ash: Archers without assignments, please head over to the western walls! Guardians, please report to Adam.
Ash: Come on people, this is not a drill!

*You approach Ash from behind him with a perky smile on your face, yet he is oblivious to your presence because he is strictly preoccupied with war preparations.*

<Character>: *thinking* Would you look at that!
Ash: <Character>! I need <Character>! Has anyone seen him/her?
<Character>: Right behind you.

*Startled by your voice, Ash jumps and hastily turns around to look at you.*

Ash: Oh! I didn't see you there. Good. Sorry.
Ash: Umm.
Ash: I believe you'd want to take it from here.
<Character>: It's alright! You're doing a great job!!
Ash: Thank you...
Ash: After-
Ash: After last time... I need to be stronger.
<Character>: You are doing great. Don't doubt yourself!
Ash: Understood.
<Character>: I'm awaiting my orders, sir!!!
Ash: Haha... ha...
<Character>: I mean it. Give me an order and I'll-
<Character>: -see it done!

*While you were talking to Ash, you were suddenly summoned to a mysterious location in space before you could finish your sentence.*

<Character>: Huh?

*You look above your head and you see the sun. You then look below you and discover that you are actually on a shiny platform that's hovering above the planet. Shocked by the revelation, you scream.*

<Character>: What the heck!? What's going on?! Am I... in space?!
???: Who's there!? Show yourself, fiend! I hear your cries!

*You get up and turn around to discover an agitated, accusatory older woman standing on the other side of the platform. Both of you are equally shocked by the sudden arrival.*

<Character>: Who are you?!
???: I'm the one asking questions! Why have you brought me here, to this... place?
???: And so suddenly! Do you want to give me a heart attack!? Is this what you want?!
<Character>: I-I could ask you the same thing!!!

*You both glare at each other for a short time before you decide to introduce yourself in hopes of steering clear of conflict.*

<Character>: My name is <Character>. I am a hero and an adventurer. I come... in peace.
???: ...
Uaanta: I'm Uaanta. Also a hero. And an adventurer. And I come in confusion!
Uaanta: Where are we?
<Character>: I don't know! I was in the middle of a conversation and then, WHOOSH, I'm here.
Uaanta: I was on my way to my grandson's.

*You look down below you to glance at the view of Lore again. This time, you take it in without showing visible fear.*

<Character>: This... is unbelievable. I have never seen what the planet actually looks like. Well, I have one time... but I wasn't really sightseeing.
<Character>: I can make out where Falconreach is!

*Uaanta looks down below her as well, but her confusion deepens because the side of the planet you're both gazing at is unrecongizable to her.*

Uaanta: I don't know any of these continents...
<Character>: Are you not from this planet!?
Uaanta: I'm pretty sure I'm from it...
Uaanta: Just... not this side?
???: EHEM!
???: <Character>.
???: Uaanta Fayt.
???: Welcome...

*The eight Elemental Avatars gather around the platform by materializing before you both on each side of it.*

???: ... to the Firmament.
<Character>: Avatars!!!
Uaanta: Makers!!!
<Character>: Makers?
Uaanta: Avatars?
Fiamme: You have been summoned to our council, because Lore is in danger.
Kyanos: And you two are currently the greatest line of defense on this plane.
Celeritas: Given that you both have prevented the world's destruction.
<Character>: You've saved the world?
Uaanta: A priest tried bringing the sun closer to Lore, to bring the planet into an age of illumination and enlightenment.
<Character>: Huh, I didn't notice anything.
Uaanta: Exactly.
Uaanta: On the other hand, I noticed a lack of sun, for a period of time, many winters ago. I assume that was on you?
<Character>: Well, not on me...
<Character>: But yes, I helped bring it back!
Uaanta: I see. Well, at least my world saving was without a hitch.
<Character>: It's not a competition...
Temblor: Are you finished?

*There was a brief moment of silence after the bickering stops.*

Neso: When your dragon shattered Valtrith's mask, <Character>, everything that he consumed was released.
Uaanta: -huff-
Voidstar: Including a much larger threat that we imprisoned epochs ago. How Valtrith managed to find their vessel and absorb it, doesn't matter.
Voidstar: What matters is that they are now free.
Haeos: We called them... the Maleurous. A group of seven-
Khazri: I thought there were fewer?
Temblor: I thought there were more? It was all so long ago.
Celeritas: Nevertheless, a group of beings that are aligned with Disc-
Fiamme: Aligned with Darkness!
Voidstar: Excuse me!? With Shadowscythe!
Haeos: We never confirmed this. Wasn't the consensus that they were simply following the Mysterious Stranger?
Celeritas: NEVERTHELESS... They follow the ideals and philosophies of the types of what the Mysterious Stranger was.
Khazri: And this is bad.
Neso: You two have been selected to deal with this. It is a great honor. You will be our Champions in this matter.
Voidstar: The first of the Maleurous is on the move.
Celeritas: It calls itself Sinnocence.
Temblor: It is headed towards your human settlement in Oaklore.
<Character>: Oaklore? Why?
Fiamme: Does it matter?
<Character>: Well... yes? It's best to understand your enemy before engaging.
Celeritas: What an... archaic way to look at things.
Celeritas: It is evil, you are good. The balance must be kept. Just dispose of it.
<Character>: Why don't you do it... ?
Uaanta: *gasp* The gall! They are our Makers!

*You glare at her without turning her head around before you look at Celeritas again.*

<Character>: You said you dealt with them before. Why can't you do it again?
Uaanta: Blasphemy! Young one, y-you shouldn't speak like that!
Voidstar: We... can't meddle.
<Character>: That didn't stop you in the past. You attacked Falconreach!
Uaanta: I apologize for his/her behaviour, my Makers! This generation has absolutely no-
Haeos: We're not your m-
Celeritas: The geriatric human female is right. We've been watching over this world for far longer than they sleep.
Celeritas: We ARE the gods of this-
Voidstar: CELERITAS!

*Celeritas is briefly silent. She looks up from above her before worriedly looking at you and Uaanta again.*

Celeritas: It happened again. Its influence grows.
Celeritas: I apologize, humans, you weren't supposed to witness this.
Khazri: What happened in your human settlement was unfortunate. Let's get back to things at hand.
Temblor: Sinnocence is an abomination. Multiple beings battle inside it for dominance. Stay vigilant.
Voidstar: Go.
<Character>: WAIT! I have more-

*You are instantly teleported back to Falconreach in the middle of your sentence as if you never disappeared.*

<Character>: -questions!!!
Ash: Whoa, what?
Ash: There's no need to yell! What do you mean by "I'll questions"?

*Uaanta is by your side this time and she takes a look at her surroundings. Ash is quick to notice her and becomes disoriented.*

Ash: Who are you?! Where'd you come from!? What's going on?!?!
Uaanta: Oh, hello, strapping young gentleman!
<Character>: Ash... do your thin, you're doing great; I need to get to Oaklore.

*You run toward the Western gate and exit Falconreach to make your way to Oaklore quickly while Uaanta feels content about her newfound surroundings.*

Uaanta: Cute town. I'm sure you're doing a fine job here.

*She follows you to Oaklore while Ash looks back, still disoriented as he was when you magically returned to where you were standing.*

Ash: What just happened?!

*Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • After first completion, Falconreach access point no longer directs you to this quest, but Friday the 13th Sinnocence instead.
  • From Verlyrus;

    Remember that DragonFable's Lore's lore is not the same as AQ or AQW's. There is a LOT (most, if not all) that is completely different.

    Next Up: Sinnocence

    Thanks to Verlyrus for other information.

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