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Bottom, The

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5/7/2010 19:33:10   

The Bottom

Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> The Bottom
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Descent
Release Date: May 7th, 2010

Objective: Can you break Kathool's spell? Can you resist the call?
Objective completed: Davey lies defeated... as Kathool Achoo rises.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Adept
(1) Corrupted Captain Davey - Boss

Captain Davey

Mutinous Cinch
Hadal Wrap
Coelacanth Skin Belt
Eye of Kathool

Statue of Kathool

Aquella: You want to take me somewhere? Where?
Aquella: Are... are you ok, <Character>? You look like you haven't slept well...

  • Quest!
  • Back

    *Scene shows Aquella and the character standing near an underwater trench*

    Aquella: <Character>?
    Aquella: Where.... where are we going?
    Easter Egg: ( location)

    Crabastian: 'Ey, mon.
    <Character>: ....?
    Aquella: ... <Character>?
    Crabastian: You.. don't look so good mon.
    Aquella: <Character> why won't you answer me?
    <Character>: Help me... I feel... sushi...
    Aquella: <Character> I don't know what you're talking about!
    Crabastian: Yeah, de girl be right. How can ol' crabastian help ya when I'm not even here, mon?
    <Character>: ...What?
    Crabastian: Exactly, mon.
    Aquella: Just tell me! Where are we going?

    <Character>: Into the trench.
    Easter Egg: ( location)

    Crabastian: 'Ey again, mon.
    <Character>: ...
    Crabastian: Check me out! I'm like a magical dancing chandelier! Don't eat me please.
    Crabastian: I jus' be movin' an' a groovin'.
    <Character>: Please get out of my head.
    Aquella: You're so weird, <Character>. Why are we here?
    Crabastian: Hey mon, dis is your brain.
    Crabastian: You're nuts, mon. Certifiable.

    Aquella: Bu...but why into the trench?
    <Character>: We have to.
    <Character>: He calls for us.
    Aquella: What? Who does?
    Aquella: <Character>... please, I'm scared. I don't want to go.
    <Character>: A... Aquella? You're right maybe...
    <Character>: ...Maybe we should go back.

    You cannot resist...

    <Character>: No... I..

    Bring me the child.

    <Character>: I... I have to...
    Aquella: Have to what? What are you saying, <Character>?
    <Character>: Aquella, I know you're scared, but you need to trust me.
    Captain Davey: Hahahaha, why should she trust ye, <Character>?
    Captain Davey: ...Ye be well on your way joinin' our side.
    Aquella: <Character>?
    <Character>: Let's finish this Davey. Come out and fight.
    Captain Davey: He'll be very pleased ye brought blue ears. Did ye even realize that?
    Captain Davey: Hahaha, ye brought the whelp right to him.
    Captain Davey: Ye cannot resist him.
    <Character>: Stop talking and come out here and fight.

    You will become what you one destroyed.

    Captain Davey: Don't ye get it? All yer plans. All yer "heroics". It be nothing.
    <Character>: Stop.
    Captain Davey: Even I held out for me locker.
    Captain Davey: Ye be weak.
    <Character>: No! NO! Fight me, you bag of bones.

    You cannot fight it.

    Captain Davey: Have ye told her yet?
    <Character>: This has to end! Fight me!
    Aquella: What?
    Aquella: Told me what?
    Captain Davey: Hahaha, poor blue ears.
    Captain Davey: Ye still have no idea and ye "friend" there is still keeping ye in the dark.
    Aquella: <Character> is my friend, he/she saved me from you!
    Captain Davey: Did he/she now?
    Captain Davey: Yet here I be, right where he/she brought ye....

    You will all serve.

    Aquella: I... I...
    <Character>: Don't listen to him, Aquella. You have to trust me.
    Captain Davey: Ye think ye can resist?
    Captain Davey: Hahaha, ye became his long ago... and so will the little one.
    Captain Davey: Tell her, <Character>.
    Aquella: Tell me what?
    Captain Davey: Tell her... what happened to the other elves.
    Aquella: ...
    Aquella: You... you know what happened?
    Captain Davey: Aye, he/she does.
    Captain Davey: It be so sweet, he/she tryin' to spare ye feelings....
    Aquella: Tell me what happened!
    <Character>: Aquella....
    Captain Davey: It was ye's fault!
    <Character>: No, no, no! No it wasn't! Aquella, Davey was there, he took the orb.
    <Character>: It wasn't you.
    Captain Davey: Are ye really going to trust them, blue ears? Ye have been lied too...
    <Character>: No, I'm not lying.
    Captain Davey: Ye didn't even tell her all that she did, did ye?
    <Character>: Stop, Davey, just stop. Come out and face me!
    Captain Davey: Hahaha. Poor blue ears. I think a reunion be in order first.
    <Character>: No! Davey, fight me! Leave her alone.
    Captain Davey: Hahahahaaaa, ye be the one that brought her!
    Captain Davey: Blue ears, ye poor soul, look at what ye have done to yer own people.

    *Four adepts rise from the ground and surround the character and Aquella*

    Aquella: Nooo....
    Aquella: *(sniff)* No, please...
    <Character>: No! Aquella this is not your fault. It's not!

    Bring me the girl.

    <Character>: No! I won't let you take her!

    Fight a random number of Adepts.

    <Character>: Come out Davey, now!
    Captain Davey: What do ye think ye can actually do against me, fool?
    Captain Davey: The Old One already talks through yer dreams. Ye be mortal and weak!
    Diawe: Then maybe some immortal help is in order.

    *Diawe and Caran enter the scene*

    Caran: Hey, boss.
    <Character>: Diawe! Caran!
    Captain Davey: What do ye filthy mutineers think ye can do?
    Captain Davey: Ye ran before and abandoned me crew and look where it landed ye, cursed fools.
    Caran: Ahem... and you're doing any better?

    Loads Caran as Guest A and Diawe as Guest B.

    Captain Davey: Ye be cowards.
    Captain Davey: Ye ran before and ye will run again.
    Caran: Heh, as the great yogi said...
    Diawe: It ain't over till it's over.
    <Character>: Now come out and fight.

    *Captain Davey comes out of the shadows and reveals his new, corrupted form*

    Captain Davey: Then I be the one that will end it.

    Fight Corrupted Captain Davey. You can fight him on Normal mode, Extreme mode and Melt face mode.You can also heal yourself or run away (which gets you out of the quest).

    *The character and the two Deathknights win the fight. On the meanwhile Aquella kneels by the adepts' bodies.*

    Diawe: It's over.
    <Character>: No, it's not.
    Caran: Davey's done, you already took care of these other monsters, what else is there left to do?
    <Character>: Deal with Davey's boss.

    Kathool Achoo rises.

    *Aquella's hand shines*

    All that you know will end.

    *Kathool Atchoo raises from the trench*

  • The End...

    Next Up: Risen

    Thanks to
    -- Hogo for a reward link.
    -- latedog for easter eggs location images.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.

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