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Tea For Three

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3/16/2018 23:35:45   

Tea For Three

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Tea for Three,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> New Quests -> Visit Kara -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Tea for Three
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Three Questions
Release Date: March 16th, 2018

Objective: It's time for a farewell tea party! Yay...
Objective completed: Welp... at least the tea was good?

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




Access to WSoD.


*Lynn invites you inside her father's cabin and looks at you with an excited look on her face. You return the smile awkwardly.*

Lynn: Oki doki! I will go make tea now!
Lynn: I will be in the kitchen, don't peek!!!
<Character>: Oh... kay.
Lynn: Please, umm... make yourself in my home!
<Character>: At home. Okay.
Lynn: Don't peytronice me!
<Character>: Apologies...
<Character>: *thinking* What am I even doing here...? Why did I agree to it?

*Lynn closes her eyes while retaining her eager smile, thrilled about having you over for company.*

<Character>: *thinking* Children... my only weakness.
Lynn: Do you want cookies too?!
<Character>: Sure thing, Lynn!
Lynn: Yay!
Lynn: Oh!
Lynn: Umm... sit on the couch, it's very soft! And don't go to my daddy's room, please!
<Character>: *sigh*
<Character>: What did I got myself roped into this time...

*Despite Lynn telling you to wait until the tea is brewed and the cookies are baked, you decide to snoop around the cabin. You explore her bedroom and discover plush toys of individuals you've known before save for one with red hair, a blood-red lava lamp, a replica of a familiar fortress with a dracolich on top of it with strings attached to it from above a bed, a classical piano, and a wooden replica of the Necrotic Blade of Doom that strikes to you as ominous. You enter a dimly lit room and come across a pile of skulls, a worn portrait of a beautiful maiden hung above nine lit candles on an altar, a clipboard of drawings and sticky notes attached to it, and an open book laying on a sleeping mat on the upper-right hand corner. Drawn to the open book, you take a closer look at it and begin to read. The revelations transcribed overwhelms you as you keeping read through the journal.*

  • Open Book



    (Page 1) Let us begin. That Hero always seems to carry a book around. Is that some secret to their power? Ha. Maybe this will help with the pain. I must take my leave. Gravelynn requires my attention.

    (Page 2) The pain is almost unbearable. Betrayed by the Stranger, betrayed by the Darkness, betrayed by Drakath, and abandoned, half a man. The remains of the armor are fused within me. To remove it by force would kill me. I cannot leave Gravelynn in this forsaken world. I must keep my promise.

    (Page 3) Writing this out seems to lessen the pain somewhat, though it flares up when I think of the past. I must consider my next steps.

    (Page 4) I do not have the necessary resources to conduct any research. Besides, such matters are far too dangerous to keep around Gravelynn. At the very least, I still retain a considerable amount of power.

    (Page 5) Enough to keep us hidden from wandering eyes and any who suspect our existence. Word is spreading of some conflict with elementals and an Infernal. None of my business.

    (Page 6) Of course THEY would be involved. Who else could it have been? Saving the world again and again, when I could do NOTHING. The "Hero" and their dragon, ever so heroic. In another time and place, I could have saved her back then. I could have been the hero.

    (Page 7) Then why? Why did they lie - LIE to me? I nearly destroyed this book in a fit of anger. The pain takes me further with each passing day. But seeing Gravelynn smile. That always brings me back. It reins in my rage. I must take my time. Begin my research.

    (Page 8) It seems the Infernal incident was more of a boon than I expected. The "Hero" has been incapacitated - apparently frozen in a block of lice. Gravelynn was worried for me, since I can't stop smiling. Then again, words of an anti-magic revolution have reached me as well. I will need to take extra precautions to stay hidden.

    (Page 9) Made a journey to visit the "hero-sicle". Powerful magic. Will eventually wear off, but I have time now. The freed mage, Jaania, has created an organization called "The Rose". It seems they've gain King Alteon's approval as well as his funding. They're gathering magical artifacts and creatures for study and disposal. Perhaps I can use their resources to my advantage. To help with this pain.

    (Page 10) Met with Jaania. I redoubled my illusions so no one would recognize me. Yet there were magic detectors everywhere. Of course I set them off. I was detained, and sent to meet with Jaania herself. She was perceptive, I'll give her that. Immediately saw through my masterfully crafted illusions, but not all of it.

    (Page 11) Just enough to see my pain, or rather, part of the underlying cause. But I'm certain she can't see who I truly am. Jaania accepted me into her fold with a quick sob story. Too trusting. But I've been given a small laboratory to start with, so I could care less. Now, where to begin.

    (Page 12) Breakthrough! I was able to secure a new position since my last entry: head researcher of sentient artifacts. As such artifacts are quite rare, the lab is rather small. But it's perfect for researching my own dilemma. One of our first projects was a meowing book - the product of some misguided experimentation, perhaps.

    (Page 13) Further inspection revealed that it had once been an actual living cat, as well as a book of magical communications. After significant magical prying, I was eventually able to separate the two - although not quite back to the base components. The cat seems abnormally intelligent, while the book no longer has any magical properties.

    (Page 14) They've kept the cat under study for any adverse effects. Not comfortable with the other researchers, however. They all seem to have other motives. Ironic, coming from me.

    (Page 15) I've been given a larger lab - and by extension, more resources. All thanks to Jaania. The separation of the Nekonomicon impressed her greatly, although she only had eyes for the results. The method didn't interest her in the least. This separation of magical artifacts is frustrating.

    (Page 16) Every artifact, every combination, and every thread connecting two or more parts must be identified and pluck in the proper order. I tried it on myself and failed. And of course, the pain is always there to remind me.

    (Page 17) The cat escaped. While I did not care for it much, I had hoped to secure it as a companion for Gravelynn once my research is complete. It turns out the thing was much more intelligent than anyone has expected - unlatching its container overnight.

    (Page 18) Curiously, it did not trigger any anti-magic wards during its escape. Perhaps its intellect wasn't tied to the book after all? This bodes well for me.

    (Page 19) Another escape, though not from my lab, this time. It seems the "hero-sicle" has finally melted. And of course, they're back to saving the world again. It's only a matter of time before they clash with the Rose. I must be discreet. But just knowing they're out there again, my pain grows further.

    (Page 20) I've received another "promotion." While I still have access to my lab, I have a number of new responsibilities within the Rose. Responsibilities that would be irresponsible of me to write down. Jaania still does not see what lies before her.

    (Page 21) Those that take advantage of her trust. She is naive and foolish, but she does get results. And with this promotion, I could leverage even more resources into my own research.

    (Page 22) I have returned from a brief journey to the cape of Braughlmurk. I had hoped for more tangible knowledge behind the techniques of the paladins of old, but I doubt there is much else I could find without traveling further west of Ostveld. The are a few relics gathered from the ruins at the least. I will need to study them further.

    (Page 23) Gave Jaania my monthly report. She received some sort of missive from the faraway land of Azaveyr. Its contents left her rather perturbed, though she attempted to pry into my affairs once again. This "Magesterium" sounds interesting. Another continent with its own branch of magic? Perhaps I should look into this.

    (Page 24) Ran across something interesting in my research. A form of magic known as "fleshweaving", native to Azaveyr. However, the scant depictions I found were all terribly wicked. I've been betrayed enough times to know that something so sinister must have a great cost. And I've nothing left to give. The subject is a dead end.

    (Page 25) It seems that I was not the last of Doom's playthings. A weapon has risen, leading a wave of darkness across the land. This cannot stand. I will not tolerate my betrayers seizing power. The Rose must become involved. Jaania must act.

    (Page 26) The pain. The pain. The pain. I saved the dragon. But the pain.

    (Page 27) I saw THEM again today. Ready to charge into battle, headstrong and stubborn as ever. I can't stand it. But my cover cannot be broken. I shall have to ask Jaania to retrieve any remaining magical artifacts - I must study them when this is all over. The magic is the same as what affects me. Perhaps this is what I needed after all.

    (Page 28) Jaania has left to pursue the Magesterium. Akanthus is now in charge, but I do not trust his intentions. Especially for the Rose. I must be exceedingly wary from now on. My stunt with the dragon was necessary, wasn't it? I had to.

    (Page 29) But it's become increasingly more difficult to manage the pain. Lynaria help me. Perhaps I shall spend more time with Gravelynn. That always seems to help.

  • Put the journal back.

    * From what you can make out, it is a diary written by an old arch-nemesis from a distant past. After you close the journal, you are shaken with fear when you find out that he is Lynn's father and is passing himself off as a researcher for the Rose for personal gain.*

    <Character>: S-
    <Character>: Sepulchure.
    <Character>: I'm in Sepulchure's house!
    <Character>: With his... daughter...?
    <Character>: And he's in the Rose?!
    <Character>: I need to leave-
    ???: Gravy, I'm home!

    *The recognition of his voice shocks you. You quiver in fear once more.*

    Gravelynn: Yay!
    Gravelynn: Daaad! Get out of your work clothes!!!
    ???: I'm so sorry, princess!

    *Off-screen, he unravels his illusion to reveal his true appearance, much to his daughter's joy.*

    Gravelynn: That's better!!!
    ???: Sweetie, can you tell me why the guards are all beaten up?
    Gravelynn: I'm having a guest!
    ???: Oh...
    ???: Gravy... have you been sneaking out again? We've been over this-
    Gravelynn: I know, I know, but he's/she's so cool!
    Gravelynn: And you don't have to make him/her one of the castle guards!
    Gravelynn: Here, let me introduce him/her to you!

    *You stare at the door with a terrified and worrisome look on your face, believing that you've walked into a mouse trap.*

    Gravelynn: Oh... I forgot his/her name...
    Gravelynn: Oh well! Gueeeeeeeest!!!
    Gravelynn: You will like him/her, he's/she's been telling me all of the cool stories, adventures, and heroic deeds he's/she's done!
    ???: Heroic... deeds?

    *You step outside of Sepulchure's dimly lit room, only to find yourself face-to-face with a weakened, vulnerable version of the DoomKnight's former self. Both of you are bewildered by the sight of each other.*

    Sepulchure: It's...
    <Character>: ... you!
    Gravelynn: You know him/her already, daddy?!
    Sepulchure: Yes...
    Sepulchure: From...

    *Gravelynn's eyes widened and her jaw drops in an equal amount of surprise.*

    Sepulchure: ... work.
    Gravelynn: Ooooh, awesome!
    Gravelynn: You two stay here please, I will make more tea!

    *She dashes back into the kitchen, which unfortunately meant that two enemies on opposite sides with a bitter hatred for one another are alone in the same place for the first time in years. Both bitterly stare at one another with a boiling hatred in their eyes. You ready your weapon for a rematch, but just before this alone time escalates into one, Gravelynn arrives back outside the kitchen with a cheerful smile.*

    Gravelynn: It's ready!!! Come, come!

    *The three of you proceed into the kitchen and sit down at a wooden round table. Contrary to Gravelynn's perky smile, your encounter with your former nemesis suddenly turned into an awkward meeting. Gravelynn's smile drops and she eyes you both while you look away from Sepulchure. You look at him nevertheless and frown.*

    <Character>: Sooooo...
    <Character>: *clears throat*
    <Character>: How's life? You look... well.
    Sepulchure: ...

    *You look at Sepulchure's stab wound on his chest that has now become a hole in his exposed muscles. Even years after Drakath stabbed him his own blade, the wound lingers.*

    <Character>: I think you should get that looked at.
    Sepulchure: ...
    Gravelynn: Why are you not talking, daddy? Are you mad at me?
    Sepulchure: ...
    Sepulchure: I can never be mad at you, princess.
    <Character>: Aww!

    *Sepulchure angrily glares at you for the remark. The stare starts to worry Gravelynn.*

    Gravelynn: Do you want to kill him/her? Please don't kill him/her!
    <Character>: Yeah, do you want to kill me?
    Sepulchure: You're... Gravelynn's guest I... won't.
    Gravelynn: Thank you!!!
    Sepulchure: You're welcome, sweetie!
    <Character>: This is nice!
    <Character>: I never took you for a...
    Sepulchure: A what?
    <Character>: A parent.

    *Gravelynn closes her eyes and her smile returns. You smile awkwardly.*

    <Character>: Well, thank you for the tea, Gravelynn. This was a... special farewell party!
    <Character>: I... should be going now.
    Sepulchure: You should.
    Gravelynn: You're welcome!
    <Character>: Your daughter is very sweet! You should be proud.
    Sepulchure: I am.
    Sepulchure: If you tell anyone about this, I will kill your loved ones, destroy you and obliterate everything you hold dear.

    *Your eyes widen in surprise. You are briefly left speechless while Sepulchure's threat sinks in.*

    <Character>: ...
    Sepulchure: But my daughter... really really likes you, for some Avatars unknown reason...
    Sepulchure: You are permitted to visit her again in the future, but if I am in the vicinity, you will not speak to me nor make an eye contact with me.
    <Character>: Oh, I'm... flattered, but I don't think this will be necess-
    Sepulchure: You will visit her in the future!
    <Character>: Ok, wow, alright!
    Sepulchure: She needs- I-
    Sepulchure: Nevermind.

    *Gravelynn's cheerful smile remains intact at the thought of seeing you again in the future for she has become fond of you.*

    <Character>: Bye, Gravelynn!
    Gravelynn: Bye bye!
    Sepulchure: I will walk you out.

    *Fades to black. Fades back in when you and Sepulchure go outside the cabin where glowing mushrooms still linger in the peaceful night.*

    <Character>: *deep breath*
    <Character>: Well, that wa-

    *Sepulchure's anger arises again and he aggressively grabs the top part of your chest near your throat immediately.*

    Sepulchure: Listen. To. Me.
    Sepulchure: I wasn't joking.
    Sepulchure: I may be a shadow of my former self, but I can still inflict a great amount of pain to you and those around you.
    Sepulchure: No one can know about my daughter. About who and what she is.
    Sepulchure: Especially the Rose.
    Sepulchure: ...
    Sepulchure: I've helped you before...
    Sepulchure: ... now it's time for you to return the favour.
    Sepulchure: Do not tell ANYONE about this!!!

    *You close your eyes and remain collected despite the fact Sepulchure threatened you not to talk about Gravelynn to others.*

    <Character>: Sure, man.
    Sepulchure: Wh-
    Sepulchure: Why are you being like this?!
    <Character>: Look, we had our... "disagreements" in the past-
    Sepulchure: If you can call them that...
    <Character>: -but I can see that you really love your daughter.
    <Character>: I respect and... admire that!
    <Character>: I will keep my mouth shut about this. It's not like it makes us friends or anything, right!
    Sepulchure: Precisely.
    <Character>: Good talk. I'm going now. Sorry for the skeletons.

    *You leave the cabin grounds while Sepulchure stares ahead at you silently. Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Memorabilia - opens WSoD shop.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • It doesn't seem like these boxes have been here long.
  • A pile of boxes. There are books and clothes packed away.
  • As inviting as the couch looks, it's probably not a good time to take a seat.
  • This couch looks so comfortable. Looks hardly used as well.
  • There's a small stack of complicated books on the floor by the couch.
  • I will not peek.
  • I shan't do the peeking.
  • This must be the kitchen.
  • Lynn told me not to peek.
  • Stop it! No peeks!
  • Nothing like a comfy bean bag chair!
  • Moglin: Air-Guitar Hero must be the most popular band this side of Oaklore in recent years.
  • Is that... a Wooden Blade of Doom?
  • "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what am I doing here?"
  • Cardboard clouds!
  • Some sort of a... magical lamp. Mesmerizing!
  • A small doll, of a royal woman you do not recognize.
  • A Safiria plushie, ruling over her mattress kingdom!
  • It's the Flying Fortress, but smaller and not real. It's just a very detailed model. There's even tiny rooms in the fortress!
  • I wonder if this was made by her father.
  • This trophy says "#1 Daughter". Was there any competition?
  • Small baby skulls, the perfect accessory for any kid's room.
  • What a nice reading corner!
  • Very atmospheric.
  • The Valencia plushie is looking for treasure underneath the piano. What an exciting expedition.
  • Is this piano here to be played or just for decoration?
  • You press a few keys on the piano. Musical!
  • How did they get a piano in here?
  • An open flame hanging near the ceiling of a wooden cabin. Seems like a safety hazard.
  • This can't be easy to light or put out.
  • An empty bottle.
  • Why is this here?
  • A pile of... skulls. And bones.
  • A corkboard with many equations. Looks like someone is doing some research.
  • A pile of books. Some look ancient, others, almost new.
  • A plain sleeping mat. Can't be great for your back. A book lies open near the pillow.
  • This quest was modified on January 31st, 2020; more information can be found in the January 31st, 2020 Design Notes.

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith and Zeldax for corrections.

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