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Three Questions

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Three Questions

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Three Questions,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> New Quests -> Visit Kara -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Three Questions
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Jungle's Fury
Release Date: January 19th, 2018

Objective: While Akanthus is plotting, you follow Lynn to her cabin in the woods for a farewell party! Meanwhile, Jaania is on her way to discover what the Fissure really is.
Objective completed: Questions leading to even more questions.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Bone Fire
(4) Shake Spear
(4) Shoulder Blades
(1) Bone Fire, (1) Shoulder Blades, (1) Shake Spear - Boss

Magus Agrimonia

Blue Glowing Mushroom
Green Glowing Mushroom
Pink Glowing Mushroom
Purple Glowing Mushroom


*Akanthus stands outside a wooden cabin on a foggy night when a silhouette of a member of the Magesterium approaches him from behind. He is quick to notice the visitor he was somehow expecting.*

???: I take it you are the one I am supposed to be meeting here?
Akanthus: ...

*The silhouetted Magesterium member is one in white robes. Akanthus turns around behind him to look at this individual to begin their secret meeting.*

Akanthus: You could have at least worn more inconspicuous clothing.

*The Magester removes her mask to reveal her stern face.*

Bolemira: Look who's talking... Besides, I don't care, no one knows of my people here.
Akanthus: They are about to, given the incident involving your people at the royal gala, in the capital of this kingdom.
Bolemira: Why send the letter to me, specifically? Any of my... "colleagues"... would have done the trick.
Akanthus: Don't think so highly of yourself, magester.
Akanthus: The Proclamation channeling has begun, I presume?

*Bolemira's eyes widen in complete and utter shock upon hearing the news from Akanthus.*

Akanthus: And the Magesterium still needs to place the focus points. You have one of them on you, isn't that right?
Akanthus: One... that has to be placed in Swordhaven?
Bolemira: How do you know of this? How did you know that I was designated to bring it? Is this why you wanted to meet here?
Bolemira: Who are you?

*Akanthus removes his helmet to reveal his face, placing Bolemira in great shock once more.*

Bolemira: Ah.

*He puts the helmet back on after the magester has gotten a clear look at his face.*

Bolemira: This makes things much clearer.
Bolemira: I was there, at your trial, "Smooth Talker".
Bolemira: So this is where you have vanished.
Akanthus: You won't be able to smuggle it into Swordhaven, as of now. But I will.
Bolemira: Why do you want to help the Magesterium?
Akanthus: I want to help you.
Akanthus: I feel like we... have a connection. I know that you don't particularly agree with the rest of them.
Bolemira: True.
Bolemira: I want to believe that one day I will be the downfall of the Shapeless Empire for what it stands, but...
Bolemira: Small steps.
Bolemira: You do know what the Proclamation does, don't you?
Bolemira: You realize to what fate you will be dooming this country?
Bolemira: Helping me, sadly, will help the Magesterium in the long run as well.
Bolemira: Isn't this your home now?
Akanthus: I have plans.
Akanthus: Which reminds me... I have a question about the Fissure.

*Fades to black. Meanwhile, you follow Lynn deep into the forest past the cliffside, leaving to wonder if the little girl truly resides there.*

<Character>: You really live here? In the woods?
Lynn: Yup!
<Character>: Why?
Lynn: Because my dad likes it!
<Character>: Isn't it... dangerous? Can't you move into a village, or a town?
<Character>: I can help you with that, if you want.
<Character>: There soon will be looooots of new houses in Falconreach!
Lynn: I'd have to ask my dad...
<Character>: Alright! Now, lead the way!
Lynn: There!

*Two Bone Fires, a Shake Spear, and a Shoulder Blades have suddenly appeared in yours and Lynn's path, yet the latter gleefully keeps her chin up.*

<Character>: Umm... what are these skeletons doing there?
Lynn: They are the guards of my dad and I's castle!
<Character>: Oh... kay? That's not weird at all.
Lynn: They won't let you through, so you have to beat them up!
<Character>: Right.

*Slightly fazed by the revelation that Lynn and her father keep skeletons as guards, you attack them at once while you walk through the forest to reach the castle. When you meet the little girl at the building's exterior, it turns out to be a cabin with a red roof on it with a sign that states, "Kep Out," and a clear white rag with the words, "You enter, you die," draped over the front door.*

Lynn: This is my castle! My dad build it! He let me write the welcoming messages!
<Character>: It's, uuuh...

*Although the dwelling wasn't quite what you were expecting, you take a look at the house and the rag before you compliment Lynn to be polite.*

<Character>: ... lovely.
<Character>: Just a quick question...
<Character>: Why are so many skeletons guarding your...castle?
Lynn: Because my daddy doesn't like intruders and makes them into guards!
<Character>: Oh...

*Fades to black. Meanwhile, Jaania arrives in a seemingly otherworldly land filled with cyan and light violet grass that are about twice as big as an average person as well as mushrooms big and small. The newfound surroundings shock her.*

Jaania: This...
???: Lady Jaania!

*An enthusiastic purple-eyed female mage with short, brown hair donning shoulder plates colored in black that resemble an Elite Manahunter's greets Jaania upon her arrival.*

Magus Agrimonia: Magus Agrimonia, at your service!
Magus Agrimonia: I trust you had a pleasant flight?
Jaania: This is... beautiful, isn't it?
Magus Agrimonia: Oh yes, so much! The raw mana radiation coming from the Fissure influences the fauna and flora of this place in such brilliant ways!
Magus Agrimonia: Just a piece of this overgrown grass could act as a nexus for a day, two at most!
Magus Agrimonia: Isn't this magnificent?!

*Jaania's facial expression turns stern.*

Jaania: It's... certainly troubling to hear.
Jaania: I saw the Fissure, from the sky. It's much, MUCH bigger than I anticipated it to be.
Magus Agrimonia: Yes yes, it's enormous!
Jaania: How close can we get to it?
Magus Agrimonia: I'd strongly advise against it. We haven't thoroughly tested the proximity yet, although...
Jaania: Yes?
Magus Agrimonia: One of my aids was observing what I assume was a new, yet uncatalogued species of a lepus influenced my mana, when...
Magus Agrimonia: It ran away. In the direction of the crater.
Magus Agrimonia: He followed it, and when he came back, he said that the closer he got to the crater, the more "his entire being was starting to hurt".
Jaania: Intriguing.
Magus Agrimonia: Would you like a runthrough of what more we have discovered, Lady Jaania?
Jaania: Certainly, although I have one question that is of utmost importance.
Jaania: It has recently come to my attention that the Fissure is not just a geyser of raw mana. Is this true?
Magus Agrimonia: Oh oh, yes, very true! Oh, gosh, I can barely contain myself! I was dying to tell you this in person, Lady Jaania!
Magus Agrimonia: The Fissure is not just a geyser of mana!
Magus Agrimonia: It's a crater leading directly to the Mana Core!

*Abruptly cuts to black.*

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