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Ex Machina

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5/30/2009 15:14:34   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Ex Machina

Location: Popsprocket -> Yix -> Quests -> More -> Ex Machina
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Rolith's Solution
Release Date: May 29th, 2009

Objective: All life on Lore will eventually be terminated?! That must not happen!
Objective completed: New email from Rokubot_07: Dave? Hey Dave? Why haven't you been answering my emailz? Daaaaaave!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Bone Fire
(3) Shadowhound
(1) Shake Spear
(3) Shoulder Blades

Dave v384.16
Doom Blade

Gangrene Gladeus
Knecrotic Knife

Golden Staph
Mutated Staph

Bubonic Blade
Bilious Blade

Yix: We'll need to start planning the details of the war, <Character>!
Yix: I'm sure Sepulchure has a plan already.
Yix: We need to go off and talk without interruptions, and really get things moving!

Yix: ... Ok, so we've got the sneevils.
<Character>: Right. And the herd of togs.
Yix: Mhmm, mhmm. You'll come up with a use for them, I'm sure.
<Character>: Right, right. Just... give me a few more days to brainstorm.
<Character>: And there are the... er...
Yix: The other gnomes and I will help, of course.
<Character>: If only that tool storage facility were still here, I could -
???: I am Dave v384.16. You are <Character>, the <<Class>>, and Yix, acting leader of Popsprocket.
<Character>: Yix! Get back! I'll take him!
Dave v384.16: HALT. I am not the enemy you think I am.
<Character>: So... you're and enemy I don't know about yet?
Dave v384.16: Negative. *clank* Affirmative. *whirrrr* Results inconclusive at this time.
<Character>: Then who ARE you?
Dave v384.16: You are about to engage cyklons created by Balthar, a gnome who is producing machines beyond his level of skill.
<Character>: Thanks, we ARE aware of that much already.
Dave v384.16: I am an agent of those with interests similar to yours.
Dave v384.16: The coming war will impact the future of your race on this planet.
<Character>: Wait. What??
Dave v384.16: Please watch this.

Sepulchure: AHAHAHA! And <Character> will be fighting my minions AND these machines!
Sepulchure: It won't be MY fault if he fails to survive. AND I'll have the Energy Orb.
Drakath: But- but- I thought you wanted to crush the Cyklon army, too.
Sepulchure: *sigh*
Sepulchure: I don't CARE if there are cyklons left over. They can attack the rest of the towns on Lore, for all I care.
Sepulchure: Any havoc they wreak only plays into my plans.
Drakath: But you're going to destroy a lot of them, right? They're too creepy to keep around.
Sepulchure: ...
Sepulchure: Yes.

Dave v384.16: When Sepulchure attacks the Cyklon army, he initiates a sequence of events which result in the cyklons replicating in extreme numbers.
Dave v384.16: They do this in order to resist him, but become so many that all life and unlife on Lore are threatened.
<Character>: So your race decided to EXTERMINA-
Yix: Stop that.
<Character>: Now, don't take this the wrong way, but you're a Cyklon, right?
Dave v384.16: Affirmative, but of a different generation.
<Character>: And you don't WANT the Cyklons to mass-produce?
Dave v384.16: Affirmative. I am from the future, re-programmed and sent back by a man named Drakath.
Dave v384.16: He was told by a talking sword to prevent this future from happening.
Dave v384.16: I am to ensure that it doesn't. You will assist me.
<Character>: Drakath?! How did HE manage to teleport you?
Dave v384.16: My records indicate that I was contained within a unit with more volume on the inside than it's outer appearance indicated.
<Character>: !!!!!
Dave v384.16: The most efficient way to do this is to convince Sepulchure to exterminate the Cyklons entirely.
Dave v384.16: You will assist me in reaching my target.
Yix: Well, we DO have a way to do that, if you'd prefer to avoid using the cannon.
<Character>: Trust me, we do.
Yix: There's always the sky-net.
<Character>: A sky net? That sounds only slightly less dangerous than the cannon.
Yix: Only if it becomes self-aware and decides it doesn't like you.
Dave v384.16: What is the probability of that event occurring?
<Character>: Well, it sounds like Yix made it, so ... about 50/50.
Dave v384.16: Your levity is good, human, it relieves tension.
<Character>: And the fear of death.

<Character>: Oh...
<Character>: ..It really IS a net.
Yix: ..What did you expect?
<Character>: I'm... not really sure.

<Character>: So, what's your plan for convincing Sepulchure to destroy the cyklons?
Dave v384.16: It is simple.
Dave v384.16: I am going to provoke him into losing his temper. Then he will lash out at Balthar's machines.
<Character>: We aren't ready for the coming war yet, so...
<Character>: I'm sorry, I can't let you do that, Dave.
Dave v384.16: The most efficient way to initiate an emotional reaction is to postulate that he is unable to destroy the existing cyklons.
Dave v384.16: Chance of predicted reaction resulting in immediate attacks on the cyklon army: 100%.
<Character>: You can't do that!
Dave v384.16: Wrong.

Drakath: ...Hey boss?
Drakath: ...Ever get the feeling like someone is watching you?

Sepulchure: <Character>!
Drakath: With one of the Cyklons?!
Sepulchure: So, a pre-emptive attack of my well-defended fortress? How brave of you. No... not brave. What's that other word?
Drakath: Foolish?
Sepulchure: That's it!
<Character>: Oh no. This time I'm not running things. It's all Dave's show right now. He wanted to meet you.
Dave v384.16: Affirmative. I was sent to speak to the human who intends to steal the Energy Orb and attack the Cyklon army.
Sepulchure: Might makes right, and I am VERY mighty. If that gnome who has it now can stop me from taking it, he can keep it.
Dave v384.16: You are the very foolish human, to think that you could exterminate enough of the Cyklons to reach the Energy Orb.
Sepulchure: *sneer* you underestimate me, machine. My powers far outstrip those of some buckets of bolts.
Drakath: But... doesn't <Character> want to-
Sepulchure: Be quiet, Drakath. I'm boasting.
Dave v384.16: We have computed your chances of success. They approach zero.
Drakath: I could swear <Character> wanted to defeat the cyk-
Sepulchure: You will see, machine...
Sepulchure: You and <Character> both! You doubt me?! I will obliterate ALL the Cyklons!
Sepulchure: This is how the DARKNESS takes care of problems! And we're...
Sepulchure: ...STARTING WITH YOU!

Dave v384.16: Will I... dream? *whirrrr* My mind... *clank*.... it's going.
Dave v384.16: Daisy... Daisy.... give me your ....... answer....... do.......
Sepulchure: And as for you, <Character>...
Sepulchure: Since you kindly obliged me by entering my fortress voluntarily, why don't I just take care of you now?
Drakath: My Lord? Weren't you told NOT to-
Sepulchure: Drakath, go do something useful. NOW.
Drakath: ... Yes, My Lord.
Sepulchure: <Character>, get out. Go gather your precious allies. I will crush them all. War is coming!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock Shocking! badge.

    Thanks to Dfrox and Peachii for corrections.

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