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3/9/2007 15:48:45   


Location: The Black Dragon Box, Opening the Black Box, Bassault's Assault, Sepulchure's Flying Fortress, The Hatching, Captain's Orders, Red Betty's Spell, Walk Through Fire, The Jewel of the Four Winds, Popguns, Sitcom, Ex Machina, Undead vs. Cyklons!, Arrrgh(us)!, The Final 13th, The Flying Fortress, Beast of War, Dying Light, The Ultimate Orb, The Dragon Drakath

Quests given

Shops owned

The Black Dragon Box

???: Give the box Priestess, and we'll kill you quickly.

Drakath: My name is DRAKATH! I am the leader of the Darkwolf bandits and the rightful ruler of this land.
Drakath: That box is the key to my throne, and there's no way that I'm letting a peasant like you keep it from me.
Drakath: Stand down or, like the trash that you are, you will be blown away by the winds of my great destiny!
Drakath: Get her/him!

Drakath: Impossible! You got lucky this time <Class>!
Drakath: Oh, I will... You can count on that.

Opening the Black Box


Drakath: Ah Robina, thank you for keeping the Black Dragon Box safe for me. I see you've met my new friend, that's wonderful.

Drakath: Yes, I learned that you are a fool for letting me live, this time I'm prepared for you... BOTH of you...
Drakath: Now... I WILL have my BLACK DRAGON BOX!

Drakath: NO!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!

Drakath: Fine, I'll finish you fools later, but the BOX IS MINE!

Drakath: EMPTY??! BUT HOW?

Bassault's Assault

Drakath: I am calling in the favor you owed my father.
Drakath: <Character> has humiliated me and must pay the price for his defiance.
Drakath: Excellent. How many of my men will you need?
Drakath: What? Are you mad?
Drakath: .....
Drakath: O_O

Sepulchure's Flying Fortress

Drakath: My lord Sepulchure, I have returned with the White Dragon Box as you demanded.
Drakath: The priests at the Temple of the Four Winds were no match for your undead soldiers under my command.
Drakath: Please, grant me the power of the Necrotic Blade of Doom as you promised.
Drakath: My... my lord?
Drakath: There were...complications...with the Black Dragon Box. If you would simply grant me to power I'm certain that I could...
Drakath: My throne! The royal seat is mine by birthright...
Drakath: Yes... my lord.

The Hatching

Drakath: Lord Sepulchure, the egg is moving! The hatching time is upon us, at last!

Drakath: But... But the hatchling will only be a baby, how..

Drakath: My Lord, a crack in the shell!

Drakath: Hmmm. That's not exactly what I was expecting.

Drakath: M..Master? What have you done?!

Captain's Orders

Drakath: <Character>. I heard that you were on Sho Nuff Island. Why do you have to be everywhere that I am?

Drakath: You dare speak that way to me!? YOU SHOULD BE BOWING TO ME!

Drakath: There is nothing that you could do to me that is worse then the price for failing Sepulchure.
Drakath: Besides, I would never give it to Captain Blackberry's stooge. If you want the orb, dog...
Drakath: ... then come and fetch it.

Drakath: I... I did nothing... the Wind Orb... Such power...

Drakath: HAHAHA! The orb must know that I am the rightful king of this land! It responds to it's master's desires!
Drakath: With this power, you're no match for me! No one is! HAHAHA! I FINALLY BEAT YOU!
Drakath: MAN! That felt so good! Look! Look! My hands are even shaking a little!
Drakath: Now... to FINISH you with the orb's power!

Drakath: What? No. NO! Orb, obey your master! Stop this! Finish <Character>!
Drakath: NOOOOOOOOooooo...

Red Betty's Spell

Drakath: Work, you stupid orb....WORK! I command it! Take me from this place! Why have you brought me here? Why won't you let me leave?
Drakath: Don't... don't come near me <Character>! I... I will use the orb's power again to..
Drakath: NO! The orb knew that I was the rightful king of the land... that HAS to be why it protected me! It did it once and it will do it again...
Drakath: It..it must have brought me here so that I could defeat you in front of all your disgusting pirate friends!
Drakath: Yes, that MUST be it! It will protect me again... Fight me again, <Character>... IF YOU DARE!

Drakath: NO! Why did the orb not protect me??!
Drakath: You will pay for this disrespect, <Character>. I unlocked the orb's power once and I'll find a way to do it again!
Drakath: HA! Me? Worship YOU? You look like an accident at a sushi restaurant.
Drakath: So right now you're... Brakenberry?
Drakath: I say... LET'S DO IT! I will fight by your side, <Character>!
Drakath: HAHAHA! No! Have fun with squidward, sucker!

Walk Through Fire

Drakath: You again?
Drakath: I know more than you think <Character>. Anyways, Sepulchure gives the orders... for now. I can not fail him.

Drakath: There is nothing you can do to me that is worse than the price for failing Sepulchure.
Drakath: I have a feeling that you will be the one crawling, peasant! If you think you can take the Wind orb from me...
Drakath: Then come and get it!

Drakath: I...I did nothing... the Wind Orb... Such power...
Drakath: ...And all that power is MINE! It responded to my wishes, I FELT it! And it totally OWNED you! HA!
Drakath: With this power, you're no match for me! No one is.. not even Sepulchure! HAHAHAH! I FINALLY BEAT YOU!
Drakath: Man! that felt so good! Look! Look! Even my hands are shaking a little!
Drakath: Now to FINISH you with the orb's power!
Drakath: What? No. NO! Orb, obey your master! Stop this! Finish <Character>!
Drakath: NOOOOOOOOooooo...

The Jewel of the Four Winds

Drakath: Work, you stupid orb... WORK! I command it! Take me from this place! Why have you brought me here? Why won't you let me leave?
Drakath: You again!!? Well, no matter. This time I WILL destroy you. You've seen the orb's power... and that power is mine now!
Drakath: NO! The orb knew that I was the rightful king of the land... that HAS to be why it protected me! It did it once and it will do it again...
Drakath: It cannot be chance that after years of fighting on this island, it was I who finally came to possess the orb's power.
Drakath: I AM the rightful king of this land, and the orb will grant me the throne... you may have defeated me in the past but this time, I finish you.

Drakath: NO! Defeated again! This CANNOT be happening!
Drakath: You will pay for this disrespect, <Character>. I unlocked the orb's power once and I'll find a way to do it again!

Drakath: I cannot believe that you have paid me such disrespect Okuchi No Okami. This will not be forgotten.
Drakath: Actually, I have other plans. Sepulchure will hear of your betrayal, dogface.
Drakath: You know me so well...


Drakath: My lord Sepulchure, the Popsprocket experimental tool storage facility has been captured.
Drakath: The tools are being catalogued. Some of those inventions are amazing.
Drakath: These tools will give us a huge advantage in our battles... but there is bad news...
Drakath: Our spy in Falconreach reports that <Character>...


Drakath: My lord, we have combed the fortress' upper levels but have found no sign of the intruder.
Drakath: Who would dare invade our fortress?
Drakath: What do you think <Character> was doing? An assassination attempt?
Drakath: The hero left too quickly to have learned anything about our plans to invade Popsprocket with your undead army, destroy the cyklon army...
Drakath: ... and seize the Energy Orb by force.
Drakath: Some sort of.... device?
Drakath: Like a machine of some sort that the hero could attack to one of the minions.
Drakath: Um... Something that the hero might have attached to say... a flying eyeball?
Drakath: My Lord. I believe I have found the spy. BEHIND YOU!
Drakath: Yes, my lord!
Drakath: I will catch the spy! Just... don't kill me!
Drakath: I got him! Don't worry!
Drakath: I got it! I got it!
Drakath: .... I don't got it.
Drakath: *huff puff* Well done, my lord. Those things are *ZORCH* AHHHHHHHH!

Ex Machina

Drakath: But- but- I thought you wanted to crush the Cyklon army, too.
Drakath: But you're going to destroy a lot of them, right? They're too creepy to keep around.
Drakath: ...Hey boss?
Drakath: ...Ever get the feeling like someone is watching you?
Drakath: With one of the Cyklons?!
Drakath: Foolish?
Drakath: But... doesn't <Character> want to-
Drakath: I could swear <Character> wanted to defeat the cyk-
Drakath: My Lord? Weren't you told NOT to-
Drakath: ... Yes, My Lord.

Undead vs. Cyklons!

Drakath: Alright, Minion. You may only be a skeleton, but you're the... um... most bone- headed skeleton we've got!
Drakath: What? Of course that's a compliment. Trust me. Now, here's the plan. You're the smartest, so you're in charge.
Drakath: You will direct the other skeletons to work together to corner the Cyklon you're hunting.
Drakath: Your Master wants them destroyed, so once you've cornered them, I'll take care of the actual battle.
Drakath: Why me? Because he doesn't want anything left to chance in the actual fighting.
Drakath: These Cyklons are after replacement gears to help repair broken ones. You can catch them in the act. Now get to it!


Drakath: *sneer* You puny peasant! You know NOTHING.
Drakath: Certainly not what passes between me and-

Drakath (thinking): <Character> must not die. Nor can he/she know the plans.
Drakath (thinking): Pity, because he/she has NO idea what is in store for him/her.
Drakath: I do not have time to soil my blade with your blood.
Drakath: We will meet again. For now, take those pitiful flying brats back to their parents.
Drakath: They are not necessary, but the distraction they provided has been MOST useful.
Drakath: Almost as useful as all the time we gained by the distraction with that metallic morass of a war.
Drakath: Pity that pig-headed treasurer didn't prove more useful in the long run. Ah well!
Drakath: See you soon, "Uglyone"! Hahahah, I will have to share that name.
Drakath: It is MOST appropriate!

The Final 13th

Drakath: Sire.. We will soon be there.

Drakath: Final preparations are being made.. it will not be long.

Drakath: !!!
Drakath: *gulp* Y-Yes sire.

Drakath: Yes, Sepulchure.

Drakath: Sire, it has begun.

The Flying Fortress

Drakath: SIRE! What is happening?!

Drakath: But sire, I--

Drakath: Sire! Your fortress... It's going to crash!

Drakath: S- Sire?

Drakath: What?!

Beast of War

Drakath: The tower... excellent work, my liege.

Dying Light

Drakath: I have it...
Drakath: Uh- I mean... I have it, my lord! I caught the Orb!

The Ultimate Orb

Drakath: I will not be denied my kingdom again.

Drakath: Perhaps it won't stop you, but it gives me a head start.

Drakath: It--
Drakath: It's magnificent!

Drakath: Fluffy! To me!

The Dragon Drakath

Drakath: I have been denied my kingdom for too long.
Drakath: I am done bowing and scraping. I am done waiting. I will no longer be denied!



Other information
  • Also known as Drakath Slugwrath.
  • Drakath's first in-game appearance was on March 9th 2007 in The Black Dragon Box quest.
  • It was hinted at, by many sources, that Drakath will obtain the Necrotic Blade of Doom (the same sword that corrupted Sepulchure);
    Christmas Card, in which he is depicted with the weapon
    Design Notes Post, where a sketch of a bandit, likely Drakath, is wielding a doom weapon (the Necrotic Blade). Here is the accompanying post:

    Going back five years earlier, when our story in DragonFable begins, Drakath is the leader of a small group of bandits. He finds the Necrotic Blade, the 5th Doom Weapon ( What happened to #4?) and is instructed by his cursed weapon to find a very important item. He does not know where the Necrotic Blade comes from or what it is... other than it grants him the power he needs to get revenge.

  • Drakath was indeed a darkness dragon in AQ, who is killed and later resurrected by the Mysterious Necromancer. Here is the direct quote:

    Many of you noticed a screenshot a while back featuring Drakath as a human bandit but remembered that in AdventureQuest, Drakath was the Elemental Dragon of Darkness. You might also remember that after being slain the Mysterious Necromancer reanimated Drakath's Dragon Skeleton creating the Dracolich that still haunts the skies of Lore. This was no mistake.

    Front View Appearance
    Dragon Appearance

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for images, other information, and corrections.
  • Krazy_Kakadu and sandorasbox for information.
  • Senomi, Tolkienfanatic, GhostBear5, latedog, ILmaster13, and ArchMagus Orodalf for additional dialogue.
  • Stephen Nix for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • Pink_Star, Syrena, and Andy8 for location links.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogue and location links.
  • dragonman66 for correction.

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