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Red Betty's Spell

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12/6/2007 0:34:12   
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Red Betty's Spell

Location: Osprey Cove (Books 1 and 2) -> Rhubarb -> Quests -> Red Betty's Spell
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Captain's Orders
Release Date: December 5th, 2007

Objective: The Wind Pearl has carried Darkath to the Red Betty in Osprey Cove harbor, and won't allow him to leave? What could it all mean?
Objective completed: Brakenberry has been defeated, his plans to transform himself into some kind of undersea god-monster have fallen short, and Rhubarb is now Captain of the Red Betty! You have saved the town and possibly all of Lore from the tentacled terror of Brakenberry.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Drakath
(1) Brakenberry - Boss

Cap. Blackberry

Longshore Blade
Breakwater Rod
Rip Tide

Underwater Breathing Helm


Upon approaching Captain Blackberry:
Cap. Blackberry: Good job, swab. I'm not sure what ya did in that cave but the Wind Pearl dropped Drakath off on the deck of the Red Betty!
Cap. Blackberry: He seems t'be havin' some trouble getting it t'do what he wants. Har har har! He keeps screamin' at it t'do what he says...
Cap. Blackberry: ... but the Wind Pearl won't even let him leave the deck of the ship, it's keeping him on board!
Cap. Blackberry: I told you that I would reward you for bringing the pearl to me, and I will honor my word! As a reward, you may finish Drakath off.
Cap. Blackberry: Have fun, matey!

  • Aye Aye! - continues the quest.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Leave

    *You confront Drakath at the deck of the Red Betty.*

    Drakath: Work, you stupid orb.... WORK! I command it! Take me from this place! Why have you brought me here? Why won't you let me leave?
    <Character>: Having some trouble, Drakath?
    Drakath: Don't... don't come near me <Character>! I... I will use the orb's power again to...
    <Character>: Who are you kidding? It looks like you couldn't use the orb's power to open a jar with a stubborn lid.
    <Character>: I'm not sure what happened before Drakath, why the orb protected you or why it brought you here, but this is the end of the road.
    <Character>: Hand over the orb.
    Drakath: NO! The orb knew that I was the rightful king of the land... that HAS to be why it protected me! It did it once and it will do it again...
    Drakath: It...it must have brought me here so that I could defeat you in front of all your disgusting pirate friends!
    Drakath: Yes, that MUST be it! It will protect me again... Fight me again, <Character>... IF YOU DARE!

    You Dare!
  • Battle! - begins battle with Drakath.

    You Do Not Dare.
  • Leave - returns to Osprey Cove (Books 1 and 2).

    *After defeating Drakath, he falls to his knees.*

    Drakath: NO! Why did the orb not protect me??!
    <Character>: I'm not sure why it ever protected you in the first place. Alteon is king of this land, and that is the way that it should be.
    Drakath: You will pay for this disrespect, <Character>. I unlocked the orb's power once and I'll find a way to do it again!
    Cap. Blackberry: I don't think so, you fool.

    *The Wind Orb floats in possession of Captain Blackberry.*

    Cap. Blackberry: You are BOTH fools! Now the pearl is mine and I have you both to thank for it. I'm sure you're confused, let me explain how I used you both.
    Cap. Blackberry: Even tho Kordana is old and her magic is failing, she is still a dangerous enemy. Far too dangerous for me to risk my own life, for the orb.
    Cap. Blackberry: When I leaked the location of the orb to Sepulchure I didn't dream that he'd send a dim bulb like Drakath to retrieve it.
    Cap. Blackberry: Tracking him down was easy enough, but in order to activate the orb's power I had to have the one who posessed the orb to face "their greatest foe".
    Cap. Blackberry: Once the orb's magic was active, the Wind Orb was summoned here to my ship, and I have to thank you both.
    Cap. Blackberry: Now that the orb is here I can complete the spell that I found twenty years ago, in a strange chest floating in the ocean.
    Cap. Blackberry: I had the spell woven in the very boards and planks that make up the Red Betty... the ship is a living spell, that will make me a god!

    *Using the Wind Orb, runes start to appear in the boards and planks of the Red Betty.*

    Cap. Blackberry: Soon, the spell will transform me into a monster that hasn't been seen in a thousand generations of sailors...
    Cap. Blackberry: I will be the ulitmate power in the seas when I become the KING BRAKEN!

    *Captain Blackberry uses the spell to transform himself of that a hybrid of himself and a squid.*

    Cap. Blackberry: It's working! the spell is working! Soon I will be GOD OF THE SEA, and you two fools have the honor of being my first worshipers...
    Cap. Blackberry: ... as well as my first meal when the transformation is complete. HAR HAR HAR!
    Drakath: HA! Me? Worship YOU? You look like an accident at a sushi restaurant.
    <Character>: So let me get this straight... You used us to get the orb so you could complete a spell that you had written into your ship...
    <Character>: ... and now you're becoming a god-powerful sea monster, but you're halfway between the Braken and Captain Blackberry right now?
    Cap. Blackberry: That's exactly right.
    Drakath: So right now you're... Brakenberry?
    <Character>: That sounds like the name of a breakfast cereal.
    Cap. Blackberry: Don't start with me... I actually know a pirate named Captain Krunch. Now... BOW TO ME!
    <Character>: Bow to yourself, I'm busy. Drakath, this could get serious.
    <Character>: If we join forces, just this one time, we might have the power to defeat this monstrosity. What do you say?
    Drakath: I say... LET'S DO IT! I will fight by your side, <Character>!
    <Character>: Really?
    Drakath: HAHAHA! No! Have fun with squidward, sucker!

    *Drakath teleports away in smoke, leaving only you to contend with Brakenberry.*

    <Character>: That guy is such a jerk.
    Cap. Blackberry: Only you and me now, hero. Are you going to bow to me or am I going to have to destroy you?
    <Character>: You're not a god yet Brakenberry, you freak. Let's see what kind of power you have.
    Cap. Blackberry: That was a mistake <Character>. Prepare to pay the ultimate price.

  • Battle! Brakenberry - begins battle with Brakenberry.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Leave - returns to Osprey Cove (Books 1 and 2).

    *After defeating Brakenberry, you leave the Red Betty and return to the main Osprey Cove town with Rhubarb.*

    Rhubarb: Ye've done well <Character>. Ye make me proud to be a pirate! Ye defeated that madman Brakenberry, and saved our whole way of life.
    Rhubarb: The Red Betty needs a new captain. I suppose the job falls to me. I always loved that ship more than Captain Blackberry ever could.
    Rhubarb: The good captain was even kind enough to leave a spare hat and coat in his quarters on the ship. I'll go get those now.

    A Few Minutes Later...

    *Rhubarb is now dressed to that of his former captain.*

    Rhubarb: What do ye thaink, matey? I guess that I'm Captain Rhubarb now... I like the way that sounds!
    Rhubarb: As for the Wind Pearl... Well, it's just too dangerous to be left in our hands, and we can't have it falling into the ninjas hands either...
    Rhubarb: I think I'll be taking it back to the Ruins of Kordana.
    Rhubarb: If what ye said is true then she could use it to power herself and she could keep it safer than any of us could.
    Rhubarb: Osprey Cove and all the pirates here owe ye a huge debt of gratitude <Character>. You are always welcome here...
    Rhubarb: ... and should ye ever need our help, just send for us. Pirates always help their own.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock Arr' Captain's Orders badge, as well as updating Rhubarb's attire in Osprey Cove.

    Thanks to
  • Enzik, Stephen Nix, Peachii, and DemonicDarkwraith for corrections.
  • Sasuke Uchiha for next and previous links.

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