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Dev -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (5/23/2011 19:22:06)

Yeah, awhile ago Captain said that he would implement that as time allowed. It hasn't happened yet, but I expect at some point in the future he will fulfill his "click and drag" idea. When? Well...


Questions about "When will _____ happen?" "When is _____ coming out?" "What is going to happen next !?" "Is _____ going to ________?" "Why isn't _____ in the game?" and the like - don't ask. Most of the time, we do NOT know. The ONLY time that we would know is if there is an announcement by the staff.

Jamiie -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (5/24/2011 6:40:59)

Oh cool, i just wanted to know if it was definitely said and should happen. Doesn't matter when aslong as the idea was put down. :)

Void Dragonlord -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/10/2011 6:59:01)

No more rares? I like it. Anyway more slots would be a good way to get people spending Z-Tokens, 25 is a good number. With all the new mastercraft sets we might need em. ^_^

continue1997 -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/15/2011 12:21:19)

Why won't the staff make us choose what armour appears in our Char Pages or at least let us change our No Drop Armour(For Adventurers)?
I think Cloth Robes looks ugly

The Forgotten -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/15/2011 19:55:14)

I believe it was a coding issue, but ...

chuntingpro -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (10/16/2011 8:02:16)

how do i get my ultraguardian shield show up in my char page besides another?

Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (10/18/2011 18:45:30)


FrootLoopOrangeJuice -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (1/2/2012 8:27:13)

i think this goes here?:

is there any way for my pets to not show up on my character page? ex: if i have robodeer it shows up with my character, is there a way to deactivate that?

afterlifex -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (1/2/2012 8:30:54)

no all you can do is switch it for different pet by switching their order in your inventory

JevL -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (2/16/2012 1:59:10)

I thought there is a invincible pet, you can pick that.

Dragoon23 -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (2/16/2012 2:49:59)

@JevL: I don't understand your comment. In AQ, all pets are 'invincible' as the enemies(other than two monsters who eat your pets/guests) will never target your pets/guests. They will only ever target you.

afterlifex -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (2/16/2012 2:54:02)

He's referring to a temp/no-drop pet slot in your inventory.

edit: and no you can't access it, just check in any shop

edit: unless he means an actual invisible pet[&:] which reading it again seems more likely...not that I can think of such a pet

JevL -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (2/16/2012 7:51:22)

Oops, my english isn't good. I meant invisible (transparent). You only see the feet.

mythicswords -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (2/16/2012 9:49:04)

other way... you sell all your pets but then you lose all their benefits (rare,more raw dmg or else)

Rillian -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/27/2012 9:04:24)

I think that invisible pet actually exists. At least, I remember seeing it rather often on character pages the last time I played(5 years ago). You could only see the footprints of the pet, iirc.

Golden Emperor -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/31/2012 17:22:09)

I'm an x-Guardian and I noticed no changes to the character pages other than wars and the fact that my login in slot weapon and shield aren't shown on the character page(only my top wep + shield does)?

afterlifex -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/31/2012 18:15:22)

Not sure what your question is, that's how it should work.

Archmage Alfy -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/31/2012 18:20:18)

Golden Emperor, if you want your log in slot weapon and shield shown on your char page, just put those items at the top of your weapon and shield inventories.

Golden Emperor -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/31/2012 18:31:20)

@Archmage Alfy Ok thanks, so that implies there's no other way then...oh well. I have always listed my weapons in order of overall score and my shields in elemental order(I regard this as more important), but I would like SoA on my character page since it fits with my armor, but I cam't get it to, even after changing it to my login slot.

afterlifex -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (7/31/2012 19:19:40)

No-drops other then armor will not show on your page. It's complete separate from your log in gear any ways.

Golden Emperor -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (8/1/2012 10:11:23)


It's complete separate from your log in gear any ways.

That must be part of the update, as it wasn't before. I see then, all sorted.

ctype -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (8/13/2012 23:23:24)

From what I've heard, that will be the new method.

afterlifex -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (8/13/2012 23:57:07)

Golden Emperor since the inception of setting log in items they have never been the same as the character page items.

ctype -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (8/14/2012 22:50:50)


No-drops other then armor will not show on your page. It's complete separate from your log in gear any ways.

I've noticed that if there is no other equipment in the same category as the no-drop in question, the no-drop will show up. You know that, I guess, and it's pretty limiting, but that's always an option...

Golden Emperor -> RE: =Q&A= Storage (Inventory Slots) (8/17/2012 2:54:11)


Golden Emperor since the inception of setting log in items they have never been the same as the character page items.

Oh right...I always thought they were the same as that has always been the case for me [&:] It's because I always coincidently had the equipment that I wanted to show up on my character page in the top slot.

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