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Resolute -> Cysero's Superstore of Savings! (9/21/2007 16:41:57)

[image][/image]Cysero's Superstore of Savings!

Access Point: Falconreach -> Right -> Enter the store beside Cysero
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 21st, 2007

Quests Available

Cysero's Orb

Helm's and Cape's
Cysero's Mask Shop
Cysero's Shop
DC Rings
Time Shop

Cysero's Weapons
Clashening DC shop
Rare Pets


Cysero: Hiya! I'm Cysero! Welcome to Cysero's Superstore of Savings! Feel free to browse all the shops in here!

  • Talk
    Cysero: I spend most of my time wandering around Lore looking for interesting new materials to use in my experiments.
    Cysero: But my first real passion is making weapons! And slapstick! But I'm much better at making weapons!
    Cysero: Here in my superstore you will find TONS of items that may make you a more powerful <Class>, AND make you look awesome!
    Cysero: And quite a few items that will make you look silly but will STILL make you more powerful.
    Cysero: These items are so rare and powerful that I can only accept Dragon Coins for them, but they are quite worth the price!
    Cysero: So have a look around and remember our motto: "Buy something, or make room for someone that will!" Heh!
  • Bag Space
    Cysero: Do you need more room in your backpack? If you do, THAT'S GREAT because I sell EMPTY SPACE!

    Increase Bag Space

    First 10 Bag Slots 100 DragonCoins Each Buy
    Next 5 Bag Slots 300 DragonCoins Each Buy
    Last 75 Bag Slots 500 DragonCoins Each Buy

    You have x out of a maximum of 110 total bag slots.

    If you already have 110 bag slots:
    Cysero: Hmmm. It looks like your backpack is as large as it's going to get. Sorry.

    No Bag Slot Available

    You have already purchased 110 out of a maximum of 110 total bag slots.

  • I Need More Dragon Coins - opens a link to the Upgrade your Account page in a new window.


    Helms & Capes

    Cysero: Hi! I'm still Cysero. No, I'm not a clone, robot or illusion, I'm just Cysero and I'm faster than you are. What can I help you with?

  • Talk
    Cysero: Your brain is your most important and delicious organ, so you really need to protect it.
    Cysero: These helms are guaranteed to fit or your money back. It helps that everyone on Lore has the same exact size head... except me.
    Cysero: My head is HUGE! Also, there are some capes and wings in there somewhere. Have Fun! Or Else!

  • Shop - opens Helm's and Cape's shop.

  • Mask Shop - opens Cysero's Mask Shop.

    Odds N Ends

    Cysero's Orb: Hi, this is Cysero. I'm not here right now but my orb can help you find any rare items that you need. Please leave a message after the chime. *GONG*

  • Talk
    Cysero's Orb: Yeah, Cysero is now running his shops until further notice, but he didn't want to put me in the closet with the other orbs.
    Cysero's Orb: He said I was the "least malfunctioning" orb that he'd ever made, so he let me stay out and run the Odds N Ends shop!
    Cysero's Orb: Want something that isn't a weapon, pet or piece of armor? You can find it here!

  • Shop - opens Cysero's Shop.

  • Ring Shop - opens DC Rings shop.

  • Time Shop - opens Time Shop.



    Cysero: Hiya! I'm still Cysero! You look like you need a new weapon or two or five. What can I get for you?

  • Talk
    Cysero: People have been asking me a lot of questions lately. I think it's funny when they do that! They must not know me very well.
    Cysero: One thing is for sure, these weapons are some of the most powerful that you will be able to find anywhere!
    Cysero: Just the other day I was testing one of my new weapons. I unstheated it, and in ONE SINGLE SWIPE I cut a solid bar of steel in half...
    Cysero: ... and I was using a STAFF!

  • Shop - opens Cysero's Weapons shop.

  • Clashening DC Shop - opens Clashening DC shop.

  • I Need More Dragon Coins - opens a link to the Upgrade your Account page in a new window.


    Cysero: Yup... still Cysero. I have found, from experience, that it is a bad idea to put your head onto the Splashy tank.

  • Talk
    Cysero: I consider myself an animal person. Well, I consider myself both an animal and a person, I guess that counts.
    Cysero: I found these little guys on my travels and had them trained by Grams in Falconreach.They were fed beef jerkey to toughen them up.
    Cysero: They are a little hard to handle. Sometimes they get out and I have to lock down the entire... have you seen baby Splashy?
    Cysero: ... uh... Ok, don't panic. Let me know if something eats either of your feet!

  • Shop - opens Rare Pets shop.

  • I Need More Dragon Coins - opens a link to the Upgrade your Account page in a new window.

    Other information
  • This shop replaced the old Cysero's Shop.
  • Image: Outside of Cysero's Superstore of Savings

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