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Princess Mask Adventurer: No one will ever know who I am with this cool mask on. I have tried on 4 of the masks so far! Be careful knocking on doors, you never know what will happen! Uh oh... my horse is eating my candy!
Skull Mask Adventurer: Once every year for one week onlt is the Mogloween festival! This is a very special one because it is the first time it has been celebrated here in Battleon.
Skull Mask Adventurer: I hope next year, when players can buy their own houses, that we can go Trick or Treating at houses like... well yours!
Skull Mask Adventurer: The best part about Mogloween is the prizes! A lot of people are making special characters just to hold rare items like the Pumpkin armor you will be able to buy in the shop.
Skull Mask Adventurer: Beware of the Moglins! Those cute little fellas can become a handful during the Festival. It is the one time of year that transforms them into giant Moglinsters!
Skull Mask Adventurer: I hope you brought your best weapons, armor, spells, and lots of room for candy! I am going to try to wear each mask at least once before the festival ends! Happy Adventuring... lets go get some CANDDDDAAAAYYYY!
Cat Mask Adventurer: The masks and prizes you trade your candy for are temporary. That means that your normal gear will come back when you log out. You will be abel to buy a set of Pumpkin Armor the last few days of Mogloween though!

300-999 Candy gained

At Artix's, Xyphos's, Falerin's, MoonCalled's, Beleqwaya's, TenKan's, Nimrod's, Deagan's, Sullear's, Lilliana's, Goten Maxwell's, Ijuan's, Phoenix's, Susshoumaru's, Coin-Coin's, Talwraith's, ChaosBug's, Morkath's, Lady Tomo's, Clay's, Qbsuperstar's, Hida Kisada's, Rhubarb's, Warlic's, Chessrook's, YoungTiger's, Eos's, Demento's, Wun-Eye's, ScrollMaker's, Vlad Wraitmire's, Seyrenia's, Nyathearai's, LookOutForTheWam's, Ralcore's, Tyrael's, Ribs', SirDejavu's, TraderVix's, Glow Worm's, Pzycho's, Lord Nova's, Deadly Ace's, Simpson's, Tomas', Warlic's, Billit's, KickKat's, Shadowbat's, OneWingAngel's, Kieral Sokh's, Arklen's, Yulgar's, Aria's, Twilly's, Ian's, Aquella's, Aria's, Halenro's, Sage Uldor's, Dewlock's, Morgul's, Thalia's, Etana Shalandra's, Boog's, Captain Frolgar's, Sailor Boon's, Kysapoo's, Rilithia's, Cudgel's, Pilagroth's, Nilia's or Frogzard Hunter's House

Level 15 and Below
Undead Knight
Vampire Bat
Young Minotaur

Level 16 and Above
Death Witch
Forest Demon
Kresh (30)
Night Terror
The Reaper
Undead Knight
Vampire Bat
Weather Witch
Young Minotaur

If not wearing a mask
Moglins: Oh no oh no oh no... you are not wearing a mask!!! (Why are we suddenlies so hungwy!)

Green Moglinster
Blue Moglinster
Red Moglinster

If wearing a mask
Moglins: Hiyas! Okays lets play the Mogloween game! Choose a hand... if you choose correctly, you get a treat! Choose wrong and its tricky tricky time!
Correct hand gets you the treat
Wrong hand gets you the trick

Princess Mask for 560 candy
Bee Mask for 314 candy
Jason Mask for 1000 candy
King Mask for 1399 candy
Frank Mask for 830 candy
Mummy Mask for 1560 candy
Pirate Mask for 1200 candy
Skull Mask for 3500 candy
Slime Mask for 1800 candy
WereWolf Mask for 999 candy
Witch Mask for 560 candy
ZardHunter Mask for 8086 candy
Zombie Mask for 256 candy
Zoro Mask for 760 candy

Pumpkin Armor for 3000 Candy.
Pumpkin Carver for 5000 Candy.
Pumpkin Shield for 500 Candy.

Mask links from Stephen Nix.

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