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Resolute -> Thankstaking War! (11/21/2007 18:46:48)

Thankstaking War!

Location: Falconreach -> click on "Thankstaking WAR!" button, Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 2 -> X-303 -> War!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 21st, 2007

Objective: Dr. Voltabolt has challanged you to defeat his remote controlled robot army, headed up by Major Tom Turkey. Defeat all the waves of robots to fight the doc's new creation... the X-304 Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot!
Objective completed: Well done hero! That's one wave of Dr. Voltabolt's robots down! Defeat the rest along with the other heroes of Falconreach to make it tothe X-304 Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

Introduction/War Meter

Wave 1: (1) Bee-Bot, (2) Beetle-Bot, (2) Tog-Bot
Wave 2: (3) Bee-Bot, (2) Sneevil-Bot, (1) Tog-Bot
Wave 3: (1) Bee-Bot, (1) Sneevil-Bot, (1) Tog-Bot, (1) Beetle-Bot
Wave 4: (1) Bee-Bot, (2) Sneevil-Bot, (1) Tog-Bot, (1) Beetle-Bot
Rare Wave: (1) Techno-Turkey "That is one big turkey!"

Dr. Voltabolt

Defender's Medal
Corn Kernel
Turkey Tail Feather

Side Quests

Dr. Voltabolt: *Ahem* Dr. Voltabolt, Zupreme High Technomancer... and Dentizt, at your zervice.

  • Talk
    <Character>: Eh, whats up doc?
    Dr. Voltabolt: AH I zee that you haf come to vitness the power of my latest brillinat invention!
    <Character>: What is it this time? The worlds most deadly toaster?
    Dr. Voltabolt (thinking): HE HAZ BEEN LOOKINK AT MY PLANS AND SCHEMATICS! I vill haf to hide zem better.
    Dr. Voltabolt: OF COURSE NOT! I haf decided to show ze world zat science can build a better pumpkin pie zan any normal human can, even vith magic!
    <Character>: Oh... well doesn't sound to bad. Actually that sounds pretty tasty. Can I try it?
    Dr. Voltabolt: Yes. Well, if you can defeat the Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot (A.K.A The X-304), zen you may haf as much pie as you like!
    Dr. Voltabolt: Ze X-304 is a miracle of modern science! It will show ze world once and for all that science is far superior to magic!
    Dr. Voltabolt: Then ze world will thank me for freeing it from ze chain of magic. Ze world vill thank me... or I will take its thanks by FORCE! HAHAHAH!
    Dr. Voltabolt: (Zat is why I am callink this day "Thankstaking Day")
    <Character>: That's crazy... YOU'RE crazy! Where do you insane villains come from? Is there something in the water around here?
    <Character>: So, I have to defeat a pumpkin pie dispenser to eat pie?.... hmmmm... I LIKE IT!
    Dr. Voltabolt: Vonderful! Now, I need my assistant... Major Tom Butterbomb (He iz a clone of ze original). Ground control to Major Tom...
    Dr. Voltabolt: Ground control to Major Tom. Your circuit's dead. Zere is something wrong. Can you hear me Major Tom?

    *Major Tom falls from above and lands next to Dr. Voltabolt.*

    Dr. Voltabolt: Ah, good. Zere you are. This is Major Tom ButterBomb, my battle turkey.
    Dr. Voltabolt: I haf trained him to control my Techno-Turkey, the Pumpkin Pie Dispensing Dracobot, and my entire robot army by remote control from here.
    Dr. Voltabolt: If you can defeat my little pet and his metal friends, you may haf him. Bring me Corn Kernels and a Turkey Tail Feather as proof of your victories.
    Dr. Voltabolt: ... Oh, and have a Happy Thankstaking <Character>!
    <Character>: You too, looney!

  • War To Battle! - displays Introduction/War Meter.

  • Get Pet Turkey
    Dr. Voltabolt: Haf you come to show me ze proof of your victories or are you willing to admit that zcience is superior to magic?
  • DC Shop Corn & Feathers
    Dr. Voltabolt: If you would like to zave time, you may buy Corn and Feathers from me for Dragon Coins.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Open and say "Ahhhhh...."

    Dr. Voltabolt: Zhere vee go! Now, on vith zee fighting!

    Battle Turkey Upgrade
    Mmm... Turkey reward chest
    Thankstaking Weapons
    Ze Reagentz Zhop!

    Thanks to Peachii for entry rewrite.

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