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Oliver Bell -> Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 Minor update 04/28/13 (4/21/2008 11:24:14)

Latest Update

Geoto Members have tried long and hard to find a cure for Gaia, but alas we have had no luck in curing her, though are attempts seem to cheer her up at least, though she seems to be getting weaker and now refuses to even enter the sunlight. The time had come when even us Geotians must admit this is beyond our ability to cure alone, we need help from someone more capable, someone with strong magic who could help us uncover what has happened here. Warlic in Battleon came to mind immediately though getting Gaia to the mainland seemed difficult at best and Warlic's schedule would not allow him time to come to Paxia, so we were back to where we started.

Until that is the idea of consulting two old friends came to mind, Paxus and Negatus, both had balanced Paxia since time immemorial, they knew more about the different powers on the island than any other. Paxus could offer us no explaination and hopes began to fade. But it was Negatus who was able to offer us our solution though it would not be easy. It seems Gaia has managed to acquire the darkness element in addition to her Earth element from Geotal, how this came to be is still unknown though we plan on contacting Nocturu post-haste. Whatever the cause the two powers were not blending well and instead of magnifying Gaia's strength and resistance it has instead sapped them, only her most powerful stats had managed to endure. As for her mind we are unsure if it has been affected greatly yet but we know from experience we must act fast. Negatus said he could remove these new weaknesses but with tensions so high on Paxia he is unwilling to set foot on any clan's territory. So if the mountain won't come to us we will have to go to the mountain but in order to get Gaia to Negatus we need to have clear access across Paxia, we cannot risk her getting caught up in the fighting. If we can secure a route in the Paxia Ultimate conquest to the otherside of Paxia; meaning we need to take a clear route to the east coast preferably C6, we may succeed in getting her to Negatus before the sun rises.

Edit 1 hour after the update: Messangers from Nocturu just arrived, their clan claim they are not responsible for these changes. This is disturbing news.


Strength: 150 Gaia was always strong and is now cured of that aweful rage, strangely this is unaffected by her recent change.
Dexterity: 100 Gaia was very agile but hiding in the dark has its side effects
Intellegence: 65 Gaia's mind appears to be affected badly by her recent change, just how badly? We are not sure.
Endurance: 130 Gaia has been through alot till now and after her rage was cured she got all her endurance back, but this new threat has left it slightly drained
Charisma : 140 Gaia is still rather charismatic, that is partly out of pity for her now though and one too many scratches takes its toll on that.
Luck: 0 Gaia's luck has been worst effected.

The story so far, in reverse chronological order.

Everyone recently has been asking about Gaia. Where is she? When will she change? Has she reached her final form? Well to answer those Gaia is still at the Geoto base and she has changed. But not in a good way, her once proud white fur has turned as black as night and she cowers inside her chamber. In addition Gaia's stats have suffered as a result of this change.Geotal has been very worried and has kept her change secret for some time. But he has decided he cannot cure Gaia and the task has fallen to us. Below is the only photo we have of Gaia in her new form taken by Lifeman9 when he last visited.

Gaia is back from Aerodu, and glad to be back though seems to have enjoyed drakel hunting there almost as much as here. Aerodu has obviously taken care of her as her stats are greater than when she left us by 10 points each. Also Gaia's rage is 100% gone so her defence and charisma is coming back into balance.
It is offical Gaia is not here but she has arrived safely at the Aerodu base. She is currantly busy, but I am sure she will have time for visitors.

It is offical with the help of the technology received from Aerodu Gaia is cured and soon will be going to help Aerodu for a week.
6:30 The messangers from Lucian and Noctoru have returned nothing has been salvedged by them that can help Gaia
10:05 The messangers from Igneus and Dynami have returned, neither clan has anything that may help Gaia.
15:28 The messangers from Glacius and Nautica have returned, other than a mall group of wondering Drakel have been seen on Aerodu's island nothing to report.
17:05 The messanager from Aerodu has returned with the news that Aerodu has a piece of Drakel technology which appears to create anger which they go from the forest when attacking the cannon. However the messanger also said Aerodu are not willing to give this technology to us for nothing and will only give it to us if Gaia goes to Aerodu for about a week after she is cured to help them hunt down the remaining Drakel. Geotal has called for the members of Geoto to decide if Gaia should go or not. Voting goes in this thread. We only have 1 week to decide so better get voting.

For Aerodu's proposal:3 Against Aerodu's proposal:2
Well we fought well but alot of other clans came to the forest to help and I am afraid they may have salveged what we need to cure Gaia as we got very little drakel technology in the end. Geotal has responded by sending messages to all of the other clans asking if they have found what we need while others are searching all around the forest. Tomorrow the messangers will return then we will learn what clan, if any has what Gaia needs.
Today after extensive research, don't ask what, I discovered what is wrong with Gaia. She is suffering from some king of rage inducing illness which not even Geotal has the power to defeat. However, Geotal did say that he had seen the symptoms before when a drakel used some magi-science on another Geoto member years ago. That however was nothing compared to this. We have decided it must be down to the technology the drakel have unearthed on Paxia or other technology they have brought with them so now we march to war against them to find a cure. The better we do in this war the more effective the antidote we will be able to make for Gaia. The Drakel who did this must be in the forest fight the drakel there first before the other clans come in and salvage what we need for themselves This war will effect Gaia's entire future
'GASP'. Gaia was just caught by me and Lifeman9 in the records office ripping up files about her own history! This is just one of many atrocities Gaia has made against Geoto in a phase of rage. Luckely Geotal kept a copy of the photo with Lifeman9 still something is VERY wrong with Gaia.

Gaia's remaining past.

Her previous form

Her in female gorilla form(aka Queen Gaia)

The cat that was left behind when Gaia was kidnapped.

Gaia when she was less advanced.

Unfortunately Gaia's remaining pictures are completely lost.

Gaia signatures.

We could use some more signatures if any one wants to create one post it here.

Special thanks to:
sacchi for providing help with the links.
Lifeman9 for his work on Gaia.
Hotdogmarchy for a picture.
Zebac64 for story ideas and pictures
All members of Geoto fo donating.

Ricobabie -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (12/7/2007 15:34:03)

I'm going to FAQ this so it wont' disappear again.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (12/7/2007 15:42:35)

Thanks Ricobabie looks like you beat Sir Gnome to this one. Also first post done!

akoru -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (12/7/2007 19:47:52)

wow thats cool [:D]

lifeman9 -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (12/7/2007 21:00:21)

I'll add a little to it in a Pm of course no need to crowd the forums.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (12/8/2007 6:16:25)

Really Lifeman9, I could use any additions you have also I might need help with the next update so I will let you know if I do.

Seedling -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (12/11/2007 19:11:10)

Gaia the Lioness is pretty cool, I wouldn't want to fight her in battle >_<

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (1/3/2008 19:05:12)

What do you think of the explaination for the loss of the other threads.

RiceBump :D ~Rico

lifeman9 -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (1/21/2008 16:45:00)


akoru -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (1/21/2008 19:41:20)

where was this? o.0

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (1/22/2008 11:26:51)

Sorry I haven't updated I will do so ASAP.

SIGMUND -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/20/2008 9:12:47)

I think you had better update this again [;)] or you will lose it.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/20/2008 12:06:17)

I haven't been able to update as I said on the cross clan communication I need help first.

hotdogmarchy -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/21/2008 12:00:21)

What about this for the next pic
New pic

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/21/2008 13:19:32)

Doesn't really fit with what has happened so far.

Nightly -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/21/2008 14:17:35)

Um, wouldn't Gaia need a girl pic of that... or not really?

hotdogmarchy -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/21/2008 15:04:41)

Oh ok fair enough
Many pets have changed genders before btw

Nightly -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/21/2008 15:06:19)

Yes, but they didn't change names unless they were merged with another pet.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/22/2008 5:20:05)

If you are willing to help me get a picture pm me and I will send you any requirements of the picture.

SIGMUND -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/31/2008 12:12:22)


ORIGINAL: hotdogmarchy

What about this for the next pic
New pic

It might be good as a soldier for your clan? Guard for your pet?

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/31/2008 14:53:45)

I might be able to use that picture sometime so leave the link for now. Good idea SIGMUND I may use it after the next update.

spellmaster -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/31/2008 14:56:23)

Could someone explain to me what is the point of this thread.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/31/2008 14:59:28)

Well the point is to promote the donation of Z tokens as when the number of Z- tokens the clan has reaches a certain amount the clan get to see the pet's new form and some more storyline.

spellmaster -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (3/31/2008 15:26:55)

Ok thanks. So how much do we have and how much do we need left.

Oliver Bell -> RE: Gaia the Geoto Lioness Thread 4 (4/1/2008 11:24:56)

To see how much we have check in the clan base to see how much we have left, well donate,wait and find out.

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