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DragonFire Blade

Also see DragonFire Sword, DragonFire Edge.

Level: 45
Price: 750 410
Sellback: 350 562 205
Location: Dracomnacer Saga: Part 1 / Dracomancer Saga: Part 2 Rescue Mission / Dracomancer Saga: Part 3

Element: Fire
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 6-18 8-24
BTH: 5%

TRIGGER: On monsters whose name contains "dragon", "drakel, "drakle", and/or "drag"
Effect: For all your normal Player attacks, the element becomes ElementX, the attack gets +3 Base and +5 Random damge, and the attack gains +10 BTH.


A hyper-sharp Fire element blade. When you encounter a dragon or drakel enemy it changes and does plus 3 base and plus 5 random Element X damage!


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