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Dracomancer Saga: Part 3

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4/8/2010 13:54:45   

Dracomancer Saga: Part 3

Location: Travel Map Ľ Dragonspine Mountains Ľ An Uneasy Peace

Note: Must be level 10 15 or higher.
Note: Guardians can take Dragonslayer Twilly along with them as a guest.

It began not long ago... An army of fearsome Dragons laid siege on Battleon for days. In the end, it seemed we drove them off. In their last moments, a squadron of Dragons swooped in and carried the head of the Order of Dragonslayers, Galanoth, away. His faithful apprentice, Zero-Hex, tried to save him but failed. While we mounted a search and rescue mission, Galanoth came face to face with Cyrus, leader of the Dracomancers, a group who had befriended Dragonkind and in turn learned many powerful secrets from them. Cyrus wants the Dracomancers and Dragonkind to be welcomed back into civilization... The Dragonslayers were once successful in driving the Dracomancers to near-extinction. But Cyrus and his followers have only been waiting, growing in knowledge and power, for their time to come again. Cyrus warns that his loyal Dragons are already in Battleon, even if we canít see them!

You find yourself standing in Battleon...

You: Well, we are all as ready as we could hope to be for the assault on the dragon stronghold. It is still worrisome that even Warlic was unable to find the exact location at first...

You: It is almost as though his magic was counteracted by some other powerful arcane force. Perhaps it is not simply dragons we are dealing with.

You: I only hope I am wrong.

Dragons start appearing from behind the houses....

You: Ghosts of my ancestors!!! Sound the alarm! The Dragons are baaaack !!!

ęHeals after the first, fourth, sixth, and eighth battlesĽ

Level 25 and Below
Baby Fire Dragon
Young Energy Dragon
Young Water Dragon

Level 26-49
Baby Fire Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Drakelon Prototype
Giind (Megdragon)
Great Frost Wyrm (Dragon)
Plasma Dragon Worker
Red Dragon
Young Darkness Dragon (18)
Young Darkness Dragon (10)
Young Energy Dragon
Young Fire Dragon
Young Water Dragon

Level 50+
Baby Fire Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Darkness Dragon
Drakath the Undead Dragon (70)
Drakelon Prototype
Energy Dragon
Giind (Megdragon)
Great Frost Wyrm (Dragon)
Ice Dragon (Dragon)
Pirrelvag the Blizzard Dragon
Plasma Dragon Soldier
Plasma Dragon Worker
Red Dragon
Serlissa the Water Dragon
War Dragon
Water Dragon
Young Darkness Dragon (18)
Young Energy Dragon
Young Fire Dragon
Young Water Dragon

Here you are given 2 choices:

Fight more dragons, will repeat the battles above.

Continue the Story...

You: Halt there! Who are you?
Cyrus: I am High Khan Cyrus, leader of the Dracomancers.
You: Dracomancers...so the tales are true. There is a hidden cult of dragon worshipers! Where is Galanoth?!
Cyrus: Let us put an end to this fighting now! There is no need for it to continue.
You: Then why would you attack town in the first place? Then ambush us as we try to rescue Galanoth?? And now this!!
Cyrus: How else could we get anyoneís attention? The time for talk had passed long ago. If I had done anything short of taking the initiative --
You: -- you could have at least tried to approach us peacefully with your side of the story.
Cyrus: Do you think I did not already attempt that route? The Dracomancers have done that many times, and each time we were met with fierce, never-ending hatred and resistance.
You: You still havenít answered me. Where is Galanoth?!

Zero-Hex comes and stands beside you...

Zero-Hex: YES, Cyrus, just where is Galanoth?
Cyrus: Why, Zero Hex, I thought you would know. After all, it was you helped us find him...
Zero-Hex: I only wanted peace between the Dragonslayers and Dracomancers after all these years...

Zero-Hex: But you took it too far, Cyrus. Too many have died. Again. It is no wonder peace can never come between us!
You: Wait a second Ė so this is all YOUR fault, Hex?? We should have known there was someone working on the inside this whole time! This is your last chance, Hex.
You: Help me take down Cyrus, or your traitorous name will never be respected again.
Zero-Hex: ......
Zero-Hex moves to stand beside Cyrus...
Zero-Hex: Iím sorry, but I canít let you fight Cyrus. He saved my life once, when we were younger. I was lost in the Dragonspine Mountains.
Zero-Hex: I had been training with Galanoth, but we were separated. Cyrus saved me from certain death when I was cornered by a trio of evil dragons.
You: Okay. So thatís how itís going to be. Whoís first??!

Battle Zero Hex

Cyrus changes into a half-dragon....

Cyrus: Nooooowww... Where were we?

Battle Dracomancer(Half Dragon)

Cyrus: You fight so valiantly to protect your home, and to save your friends... I respect that. Release Galanoth!

Galanoth comes and stands beside you.

Cyrus: I have come to realize something, old nemesis, and I hope that you have too.
Galanoth: You go first, and Iíll tell you if youíre right.
Cyrus: The Dracomancers are back, and as powerful as ever. We are no longer the weaker force. There is now only one wise choice to be made ... Dragonslayer.
Galanoth: As much as I hate to say this... You -- are -- right.
Galanoth: From here on, I, Galanoth, head of the Order of Dragonslayers, declare a TRUCE between us and the peaceful dragons of Lore!

Galanoth: But the Dragonslayers shall not -- now or ever -- stop hunting your kind who are evil, who prey upon the innocent, or destroy that which is not theirs.
Cyrus: I applaud your bravery, Galanoth. Overcoming the grudge you have held so long must be rather difficult.
Galanoth: Donít get me wrong, Cyrus. All weíve done is draw a line in the sand. Donít cross it.
Cyrus: Then it is settled. We part ways for now. And please, remember your own rule... You must not cross the line either, friend.

Cyrus and Galanoth leave...

You: Well, one good thing to come of this... If an evil dragon of unmatched power ever appears, the Dracomancers and Dragonslayers might now join forces against it.
You: We have come to an uneasy peace with the Dracomancers and the peaceful Dragons of Lore. No matter how uneasy it may be, peace is always a good thing.

The war chest contains ( All rare and no longer available here )
Dragonfang Scimitars (10)
Dragonfang Scimitars (45)
Dragonfang Scimitars (68)
Dragonfang Scimitars (82)
Draco Axes (10)
Draco Axes (50)
Dragonfire Blade
Dragonfire Edge
Dragonfire Sword

Scale Rot (50)

Sleestak (10)
Sleestak (40)
Sleestak (65)

You are given two options, start over or return to town.

Thanks to Doworrnobb. Updates from Stephen Nix, Rambo55 and Nova Gryphon.

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