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Rebel Fighter

Locations: The Sandsea, Meeting Zhoom

Quests given

Shops owned

Rebel Fighter: Pssst. Hey you.

Rebel Fighter: Keep your voice down! You are <Character>, yes?
Rebel Fighter: No, I have freinds in Falconreach who said that you might head this way, and might be able to help us.
Rebel Fighter: Yes... I am risking more than you could know by telling you this. I am a member of the resistance, fighting against the tyrant...
Rebel Fighter: ... Sek-Duat XV! I don't have much time, he's set his hound on me. We need your help or we are all doomed.
Rebel Fighter: We have no money to offer you... Sek-Duat has taken it all... but we can pay you in information.
Rebel Fighter: We know the location of the Orb of Light, and we know that you need to collect the orbs before your foe, Sepulchure does.
Rebel Fighter: Yes, I can take you. This is wonderful news! I must tell the others before I am captured.
Rebel Fighter: Please... If I am cpatured before we reach the resistance... YOU MUST NOT LET ANYONE know that you are working with us!
Rebel Fighter: Not from Zhoom! If he finds out that you are working with us, he will NEVER stop until he has you.
Rebel Fighter: We will leave as soon as I have secured my snapping camel's saddle.

Rebel Fighter: Yes, he's a rebel too.
Rebel Fighter: ... and we were just standing in the middle of town, in an open market making places to defeat you and overthrow the tyrant who hired you.
Rebel Fighter: Come on, Zhoom! How stupid do you think we are?


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