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Reens -> =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/7/2008 19:23:31)

This thread is for posting of your Signatures and Avatars!
Remember to follow forum size rules for these - anything oversized will be removed.

Signatures: Maximum 500 pixels wide, 100 pixels tall, including text, and 50 kb filesize.
Avatars: Maximum 95 pixels wide and tall and 10 kb filesize.

Please use the Discussion thread to talk about them - this thread is just to post.

Use link tags, not image tags for your submissions please. - cdfbrown


jake pkz -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/7/2008 21:41:41)

Theses sigs are all 100 pixels tall by 500 pixels wide, so there is no room for any text along with the pictures. I'm only warning you so your sigs don't get eaten by a mod =D

RuneHawk 1, RuneHawk 2, RuneHawk 3, RuneHawk 4




edit: lol I like how Reens edited Scaak's name out...

Mojojaju -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/7/2008 22:04:55)

Here's the code for my sig



StoneDragonLord -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/8/2008 10:31:56)

My contribution to the propag... war effort.


Eva_01 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/8/2008 20:29:15)

Hi i'm a WOlfblade but i made this sig for ur house >:3

yowhaddupmromez -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/9/2008 0:00:44)


RuneHwk sig

Maverik -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/9/2008 2:24:25)



I apologize in advance for the sheer suckage of these images. x.x;

Blackshock -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/9/2008 6:08:53)

heres 4 all u pacifist out there:

P.S. this is just a url


Spidercliff -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/10/2008 3:12:46)

Well here's my sig... I'll make one for you guys to use but this one's mine for now...

Z -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/10/2008 3:14:48)

Your signature is too large, Spidercliff (filesize).

Spidercliff -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/10/2008 3:18:08)

What's filesize again? ^_^ Nevermind, I think it's this Quality switch on Photshop? Alright it this better?

Z -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/10/2008 5:09:39)

Max. filesize is 50 kb. The sig is fine now.

Ienzo -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/10/2008 19:35:47)

Here's a sig I made myself. I'm not too great with photoshop, but I still like it.


dxb105 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/10/2008 19:37:17)

http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh207/itachi1045/runehawk-1.jpg it cool i think im aculay a wolfblade but someonein my shop asked for it and i made it

pikid31415926535 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/10/2008 22:36:41)

Hey Jake, could you possibly make an avatar that matches your sig (#2)? I can't find anything the same greenish-blue color, but I really like it...

P.S., Make your RH sig a link to the RuneHawk forum homepage! (like mine)

Ebil Knight -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/11/2008 0:43:58)

Runehawk (my current sig)

Runehawk 2

Runehawk 3

Runehawk Avatar

pipp33 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/11/2008 14:30:27)

Just screwing around I made these, pity you can only use 50KB, would be nice to do some more animations in them.

Static Image:


Animated Gif:

Removed. Too big in filesize. ~Z

Animated Avatar:

This thing is really lame and took like 35 seconds to make, just showing some basics in animation:


Just FYI, the animated version is well above 50Kb(as will be almost any animation for a signature of this size), so its merely up for concept. If anyone wants a signature made PM me and Id be happy to try a few things out/listen to what you want(don't ask for things that will take me days to make...be realistic).

4jj11 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/11/2008 22:40:05)

made that in like 10mins
hope u guys like it[:)]

shi -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/12/2008 2:33:12)

these are all really neat o.O

pipp33 -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/12/2008 8:25:45)

Hmm, I like the border you got there 4jj11, I may have to borrow that for future sigs. I didn't even think to add one when creating these.

Linguini -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/12/2008 8:36:30)

Free for anyone's use.

Silverhead -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/12/2008 12:51:44)

just add the ] after [/image and there you go!

1 minute. i'm gooooooood! preveiw below:
oops. ok ok got everthing working again!

Sir Plus -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/12/2008 15:41:10)



Kainos Tai -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/12/2008 17:46:52)

Greetings, Runehawks.

Though I'm not of this house, I do bring a token of goodwill. It took me a couple of hours, but I've managed to design a banner I think you'll like.


Comments (especially positive ones [;)]) are gratefully appreciated.

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =MQ= Runehawk Art (2/13/2008 18:26:57)


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