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Resolute -> Damien's Draft (2/8/2008 20:47:50)

Damien's Draft

Other name: Highway

Location: Falconreach Town Hall (All Versions) -> Left -> Approach large bookshelf -> Hit it! -> Damien's Draft!, Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2) -> Tomix -> Quests -> Highway
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 8th, 2008

Objective: After investigating the draft under the bookcase in the Town Hall, you discover the Chaos Weavers attempting to build under Falconreach again.
Objective completed: You've recovered a set of construction plans from the Chaos Weavers, delaying the project that much longer.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Chaos Weaver
(2) Giant Spider
(6) Undertog
(1) Nice Kitty - Boss

Chaos Weaver

Construction Helm (All Versions)
Foreman's Helm (All Versions)


*After defeating a few monsters, you find a Chaos Weaver.*

<Character>: You! I thought we defeated you Chaos Weavers ages ago. Have you decided to come back for another beating?
Chaos Weaver: We've been delayed long enough. You will not stop the construction of the underground highway any longer. Falconreach must be destroyed.
<Character>: Underground highway? What are you talking about?
Chaos Weaver: The plans have been on display for months now.
<Character>: For months? Down here?
Chaos Weaver: Yes.
<Character>: Behind legions of spider men and undertogs...?
Chaos Weaver: ...and guarded by a ferocious unicougar. What's your point? They've been on display.
<Character>: Nevermind. I'm taking them, you're not going to destroy Falconreach on my watch.

  • To Battle!

    *You continue battling spiders and other monsters until you reach a chest, completing the quest.*

    Other information
  • This quest's dialogue is a reference to H2G2.

    Next Up: Dusk Alley

    Thanks to
  • Stephen Nix for link and correction.
  • Naurchir for monster link.
  • Foligo and Kionatus for reward information.
  • EgyptianSpartan and jones_bomber for dialogue.
  • GuesssWho for other information.
  • bigboy66, Peachii, and Slayer Zach for corrections.

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