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GEARS University

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City > Admina > GEARS University

Locations available:
  • Energy Blades 101
  • Mecha Combat 101
  • Mecha Piloting 101
  • Advanced Combat Theory 101
  • Dean Warlic’s Office
  • House Wolfblade
  • House Runehawk
  • House Mystraven

    Missions Available:
  • Bug Squash!
  • Swordfight
  • Super Twang
  • M.A.T.H.

    Shops Available:

  • Denara
  • Aleysia
  • Casca


    Denara: Applications for GEARS Games PvP approval are happening now! Talk to Nigel in the Stadium to sign up!

    Denara: Your score on the entrance exam was impressive. But it will take more than a lucky shot to pass MY class

    Denara: Bugs? Oh yes. Giant spiders have been reported around campus. Please be careful

    Denara: You like my uniform? Why thank y…*clears throat* Flattery will not improve your grade in my class! Now, return to your studies


    Aleysia: You new recruits are rough around the edges this year! Very few of you have what it takes to be a real mech pilot

    Other Information:
  • To access the university, you must complete GEARS University Exam

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for Swordfight Mission!

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