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Resolute -> Gold Fever (2/29/2008 18:12:45)

Gold Fever

Other Name: Gold Fever!

Location: Falconreach -> To War!, Lucky Day Storybook -> Chapter 1
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 29th, 2008

War Meter

Objective: The sneevils have stolen all the town's gold! It's up to you to take down these super-powered sneevils!
Objective completed: You taken down another wave of those thieving sneevils and recovered more of the town's treasury. Is this thing really over now?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

Wave 1: (3) Sneevilchaun, (1) Sneevil Ninja, (1) Sneevil Gladiator, (1) Sneevil
Wave 2: (1) Sneevilchaun, (1) Sneevil Ninja, (1) Sneevil Gladiator, (1) Sneevil
Wave 3: (3) Sneevilchaun, (1) Sneevil, (1) Sneevil Gladiator
Wave 4: (2) Sneevilchaun, (1) Sneevil Ninja, (2) Sneevil
Joke Wave: (1) Sneevil Stack Attack - "I want my 2 gold!"

Mayor Rayf

Defender's Medal
Puzzling Locked Chest -> Claddagh Ring
Mysterious Locked Chest -> Patrick's Emerald Green Hat
Curious Locked Chest -> Boondock's Saintly Cloak

Side Quests
Gold Fever! The Expert
Into The Woods

Mayor Rayf: We have a... slight situation <Character>. The town treasury has mysteriously disappeared. I need you to get that gold back!

"To battle" will take you to the Gold Fever wave intro

Mayor Rayf: Something has caused the sneevils to start stealing all the gold they come across.
Mayor Rayf: The entire town treasury has been stolen by those little green men! I have plans for that gold! Real plans!
Mayor Rayf: I never should have put 3.14 billion gold in one box.
Mayor Rayf: Go out there and get that gold back, citizen! Be careful, otherwise those little thieves will steal your gold too.
Mayor Rayf: And now go!

Mayor Rayf: This is no time for breaks! I... the town needs you to get that gold back!

  • You lose 2-5 gold if you run away. Currently bugged: you have a chance of losing 1-10 or gaining 1-2 gold.

    Thanks to
    -- Safiron, abedin, Almighty Mage, Shiitake Warrior and Bearfish17.
    -- Stephen Nix for Introduction and Wave images, corrections.
    -- Peachii for corrections and War Meter image.
    -- Slayer Zach and Ash for gold mechanics.

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