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Reyn Roadstorm -> Eggsessive Guardian Force (3/17/2008 3:58:22)

Eggsessive Guardian Force

«Fire Ranged weapon with an accurate but less powerful 100%-rate special. Deals additional damage for not having an actual Special attack.»

Also see Egginator, Eggstreme Force, Eggsessive Force, Eggsellent Eggsessive Force, Eggstreme Eggsessive Force

Level: 65
Power Level: 68
Price: 3,117 Gold
Sellback: 1,558 Gold
Location: Eggstra-Secret Shop (Grenwog Festival 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010)

Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 20-20
BTH: 9

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 152% Base and 152% Random each
Stats: 274.4% each
BTH: 8 plus Stats each
Rate: 100%
Note: This is treated as a normal Player attack.

  • The weapon deals *1.02 damage for lack of a special (not factored in).
  • The weapon gets +6 BtH and deals *85/91 damage (not factored in).

    This big gun shoots soft-boiled eggs at your enemy. Make your day?


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Image courtesy of Dragoon23.

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