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Reyn Roadstorm -> Duelist's Pugil Stick (4/2/2008 22:24:00)

Duelist's Pugil Stick

Also see other Pugil Sticks ( Contender's, Gladiator's, Myrmidon's, Champion's Z), Nerfage Staff.

Level: 30
Price: 3000 107
Sellback: 600 1500 53
Location: April Fools' 2008

Element: Ice
Attack Type: magic
Damage: 4-17
BTH: 4%

Hits: 4
Element: Ice
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 37.5% Base and Random per hit
BTH: +20
Stats BtH: No.
Effect: If all 4 hits of the special connect, then it reduces opponent's attributes (stats) by 4 each. This can happen to an opponent up to 3 times. (Nerfs from Nerf Boffer and Nerf Gun weapons count towards this limit.)
Rate: 22%

Description: This weapon is a real HIT among safety-minded enemies.


Thanks to ssjgoku5 and Chii. Rarity from ssjgoku5. New Prices thanks to In Media Res and BlackAces.

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