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White Castle

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> 5 Right -> Click on ' Let's Ride!' button, upon completing the minigame, you'll arrived and click Enter

Missions Available:
  • Crystal Asteroid
  • Doom Harvest
  • Doom Harvester

    Shops Available:
  • Trophy Head
  • Trophy Lv 28

  • Slugwrath
  • Odessa

    Before Slugwrath is defeated

    Slugwrath: Greetings, <Character>. You are GEARS finest student. As you know, we have defeated the Shadowsythe forces!
    Character: Um, sir... Dean Warlic and I have evidence to the contrary... The war seems to be going quite badly!
    Slugwrath: Nonsense! There is no evidence to support that claim! We have indeed won the war.
    Character: ...but sir, our military forcces were mostly destroyed at Tibattleonia and now Captain Sys-Zero is controlled by the Shadowsythe!
    Character: I really think we need to look for some new allies before the next invasion begins.
    Slugwrath: Those are just rumors! Do not take them too seriously! We have a REAL problem on our hands.
    Slugwrath: There is a group of Rebels on the moon. They are extremely dangerous and must be defeated.
    Character: Shouldn't we try to negotiate peace with them? We could use some new allies right now...
    Slugwrath: I assure you. Diplomacy is useless with these savages. You now have flight clearance to the moon.
    Slugwrath: Go there immediately and defeat the rebels! The fate of Soluna depends on you!

    After obtaining flight clearance from Kingadent Slugwrath

    Slugwrath: <Character>, you've got your orders! Now go!

    After Slugwrath is defeated

    Odessa: I need experienced mecha pilots for the following missions!

  • Crystal Asteroid
    Odessa: I'd like you to join the crew of the Reliant, for a critical mission. Sys-Zero will brief you upon arrival.

    Prior to defeating the Level 25 Doom Harvester:

    Odessa: «You»! I need an experienced Star Captain for a matter of the utmost importance!
  • Okay!
    Odessa: An extremely powerful Shadowscythe unit is on route to the White Castle right now as we speak
    Odessa: We saw this unit once before... in Tibattleonia. It single-handedly destroyed an entire squadron of our soldiers.
    Odessa: That battle is currently dramatized in the movie DFA, now playing at Cinemech...
    Odessa: Please take up arms for me once again and defend the castle! Note: This is a level 25 Challenge! Good luck!.

    After defeating the Doom Harvester:
  • Doom Harvester
    Odessa: The castle is safe! Excellent work, Captain! You deserve a reward!

    Other Information:
    1: It is necessary to travel here in order to obtain flight clearance to the moon and therefore do the missions located there.
    2: You need to complete the Starship Parts mission in order to enter the White Castle.
    3: The White Castle is accessible via the ' Let's Ride!' minigame (requires a car).
    4: After completing the Rebel Leader mission you cannot enter the White Castle - Access Denied!
    5: After defeating Slugwrath, you will have access to the castle again.

    Thanks to sunchang and Doomsand for info, golden1231 for links, ArchMagus Orodalf for new section.

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