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Nightbane's Howl

Also see Nightbane's Piercing Howl, Nightbane's Harrowing Howl, and Nightbane's Soulchilling Howl.

Level: 10
Price: 1,000 36 Gold
Sellback: 330 500 18 Gold
Location: The Manifestation ; Devourer Saga Items Shop

Element: Neutral
MP Cost: 63

Hits: 4
Element: Wind, Darkness, Wind, Darkness
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 3-9 plus 73% Stat Bonus each
BTH: +2 plus Stat Bonus each
Effect: If all 4 hits connect, there is a 10% chance the spell will attempt to Paralyze your opponent.

The spirit of Nightbane's monstrous dracopyre form appears to assail your enemy with his dire howl!


Basic stats from Knightstar2001 and jonahchao. Image from ssjgoku5. Stats from Reyn Roadstorm. Update from Kalanyr (via Monu).

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