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The Manifestation

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4/1/2010 10:05:55   

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > The Manifestation
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > The Manifestation
Prerequisite: Level 68

The Manifestation

«You can skip ahead to the war camp at anytime»

«You»: What have you DONE! What have you DONE to Galrick?!?
Ryuusei: I would love to spend this time chatting. However I do have more pressing engagements on Deren. I will however offer you this final offer.
Ryuusei: Serve him. Join my master. Be on the winning side. You know this will not end well.

Alignment Choice!
  • I will fight The`Galin with every breath left in my body!
    **(Increases Unity Alignment)
    **« +1 to Chaos/Unity alignment»
  • You are no true servant of The`Galin nor anyone but yourself Cartwright. Even if I were to accept him I could never accept you.
    **(Increases Unity Alignment)
    **« +1 to Chaos/Unity Alignment»
  • I would serve The`Galin by joining you, master.
    **(Increases Chaos Alignment)
    **« -1 to Chaos/Unity Alignment»
  • I would avoid The`Galin by seeking shelter.
    **(Increases Chaos Alignment)
    **« -1 to Chaos/Unity Alignment»
  • Skip Choice
    **(No change to Alignment)

    Ryuusei: Well, you have chosen. Now, you have battles to fight and so have I!
  • War!

    «Ryuusei Cartwright fades away»
    The Devourer The`Galin has returned to Lore after a thousand years feasting on the elemental forces of hundreds of other worlds. The Devourer's plans to divide the beings of Lore has been failing, and even many of his followers in his Network have been changing sides. And so Ryuusei Cartwright, one of the Devourer's loyal believers in his mission of destruction, will do whatever it takes to complete the plan as it was intended...
    After racing to stop Ryuusei's forces from reaching The Temple of Hope, Galrick confronted him. But Ryuusei's power was too great, and Galrick has died at his hand!

  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Oh no's!! There are so scary monsters out here today!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Vince the Drakel is the mechanical engineer for Isle d'Oriens. His special weaponry will help a lot!
  • Artix Krieger is a Paladin. He fights for the side of good and unity!
  • The Huntress has been tracking the Devourer's movements for centuries.
  • Diviara, a brave Brilhado warrior, once general of the Devourer's forces, has changed sides!
  • Robina Hood is lending us her ranger skills in the battle against the Devourer!
  • You must become a Guardian to test the Shiny Boy power armor!

    Guardians can get the Shiny Boy armour from the chest, and refill their potions to 5 of each.
    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Artix Krieger
  • The Huntress
  • Diviara
  • Robina
    **«Wind Version»
  • Vince
  • Twilly
    **«Old Version»
  • By yourself

  • Battle for Unity!
  • Battle for Division!
  • Return to Camp

    «Optional full heal after the second battle»
    «After 200,000 monsters were defeated»

    «Scene: Cor Dem Gate. Ryuusei's horde of monsters pass through the Cor Dem Gate to the Temple of Hope. Ryuusei enters.»

    Ryuusei: Hahaha! See if you can stop the rest of my armies from entering the Cor Dem Gate and reaching the Temple of Hope!

    «Ryuusei enters the Cor Dem Gate»

    «Optional full heal after the second battle»
    «After 540,000 Monsters defeated»

    «Scene: You, standing in front of the Cor Dem Gate»

    Diviara flies in

    «You»: Diviara, we seem to have defeated all of Ryuusei's forces on this side of the gate!!!
    Diviara: Friend, your enthusiasm is welcome but unfortunately-- unfounded. Some of the Network escaped through the gate, as well as Ryuusei himself.
    Diviara: This battle is not nearly won...
    «You»: Then let's not waste a second of time-- THROUGH THE GATE!!

    «You and Diviara enter the gate. You are teleported to outside the Temple of Hope.»

    «Optional full heal after the second and fourth battle»

    «Full heal»
    Alignment Path!
    Depending on your Chaos or Unity alignment, you will experience a different reply from Ryuusei!

    «If your Chaos/Unity Alignment is less than 0»
      Ryuusei: Pathetic. Worthless. You have failed me already. They still come to stop me.
      «You»: --- Master?
      Ryuusei: You must PAY for your failure. Agent Smith.......... DEAL WITH THIS PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR A SERVANT.
      Agent Smith: Yeah, baby.
    «If your Chaos/Unity Alignment is greater than -1 »
      Ryuusei: He is a failure and so are you. So are your people. Fighting always. Warring. You shall be obliterated by the Master too. Like him you will fail.
      «You»: Not before I make you pay for what you did to Galrick-- to everyone!!
      Ryuusei: Your posturing is amusing. Let us see you get through to me first! Agent Smith......... DEAL WITH THIS PITIFUL EXCUSE FOR A 'HERO'.
      Agent Smith: Yeah, baby.
    1 BATTLE
    Agent Smith

    «Full Heal»
    Agent Smith: I think I'll need to send my suit to the dry-cleaners.....
    Agent Smith: If I was unrestricted, I'm sure I could deal with this one, Ryuusei-baby--
    Ryuusei: No-- I think not. You HAD your chance!

  • Battle Ryuusei
  • Attempt to reason with Ryuusei

    Ryuusei: An interesting display to be sure. You of course cannot stand against my true power. I am tired of you.

    «Ryuusei casts the Cold on you»

    «You»: What is this cold... this cold is so much worse then before... I am a failure.... I stand no...chance.
    Diviara: You are assaulting them with the full cold in front of me? Have you gone mad?!??

    «Amilara flies in»

    Amilara: You! You are the one who ordered my mother killed! To unseat my father and claim his position.
    Diviara: Amilara-- son--
    Ryuusei: Save your tears, Celegra! Your mother like all of your family was a traitor.
    Amilara: My uncle's death you only mourned as a military mistake. You planned to use me against my father. You let me hate him for years!
    Ryuusei: Boo hoo... a tiny violin plays soft music for the wounded Brilhado's pride.
    Amilara: And you threatened and chased my friends and hunted them down killing them in large numbers.
    Diviara: This is foolishness, Amilara. Leave this to me--
    Ryuusei: Undead are fit only for enslavement or destruction Brilhado. You sought to free them? To befriend them? Please....
    Amilara: You... You....Now you turn the Cold on others against the orders of The`Galin and you call me a traitor.
    Diviara: Amilara, please go. WE will deal with Cartwright.
    Amilara: No, I think not, Father. I will not be shuffled off this time.
    Ryuusei: This is tiresome.
    Amilara: I HATE YOU!!
    Ryuusei: My heart bleeds for you!
    Amilara: Maybe it should...

    «Amilara punches Ryuusei's face. Ryuusei attacks with his cane, but Amilara's wing blocks and he lands another punch. Ryuusei then attempts to cast the Cold on Amilara.»

    Amilara: Oh no you don't. You cannot manipulate me with the Cold, Cartwright. I am my father's son.

    «Amilara flings an energy bolt at Ryuusei. Ryuusei reels from the blow and falls to his knees.»

    Ryuusei: Who would have thought it would have been you?
    «You»: Wait, what? What happened I feel so odd, so worthless.
    Amilara: Here--

    «Amilara uses the Cold on you»

    «You»: So cold again but...You're right! The fight must continue. You got Cartwright!
    Ryuusei: Injured and downtrodden, I make my offer, master....
    «You»: Is he talking to-- oh no!

    «Scene zooms in to Ryuusei, who looks up into the sky»

    Ryuusei: Freely I am yours. Freely.

    «The red moon opens his eyes. In a flash of red light, Ryuusei is now obscured in shadows, with the same red eyes as the moon.»

    Ryuusei: You fools. I am--
    «You»: Oh no-- Omega!!
    The'Galin: The name is actually-- The'Galin.

    «Scene zooms in to Amilara»

    Amilara: Oh no-- What have I done?!?

    «Amilara flies away»

    Diviara: Amilara!!

    «Diviara flies away»

    «You»: No!!
    The'Galin: The Fall and the End are at hand.

    «Nightbane lands on the ground»

    Nightbane: You die here!!!
    The'Galin: How unfortunate. It comes to this already.

    «Nightbane and The'Galin lunge at each other. The'Galin smacks Nightbane, only to be slashed and then impaled on Nightbane's wing. A beam of yellow light fires from The'Galin's hand and hits Nightbane, which transforms him back into Balius»

    Nightbane: No! This cannot... What is happening to me--?!
    The'Galin: You are dying Nightbane. At long last you are passing. You have lived your life as a parasite and served your unlife even more so.You were worthy of .nothing save uncreation.
    The'Galin: You even attempted to kill your own son to advance your power. I however have seen all things and known you for what you are. So now instead of being uncreated you die.
    Nightbane: This-- cannot be. Cenara---......I...

    «Balius collapses»

    The'Galin: Ah. I made the right choice. She will know what you did. You will be remembered, in the end you reclaimed your honor. Sleep Nightbane. For you the end has come.

    Alignment Path!
    Depending on your Chaos or Unity alignment, you will experience a different scene!

    «If your Chaos/Untiy alignment is below -5 »
      «You»: What shall I do, master? Why do your people attack me? I am your servant!
      The'Galin: You are a treacherous dog. You will earn the fruits of your treachery. You are the epitome of deceit and evil, a pathetic being. Your loss makes the world a better place.
      The'Galin: I shall happily provide the instrument of that destruction.
    «If your Chaos/Unity alignment is above -6 »
      «You»: The`Galin! Why? Why do this! You are hurting the goddess you love!
      The'Galin: A mother will never turn on her children. Even as her children try to kill her and rob her blind. A mother will never do what's right, because it is not in a mother's nature.
      The'Galin: This hateful world of division needs to be cleansed. I shall be its cleanser. Now stand aside as I destroy this Temple.

      «Falerin appears»

      The'Galin: Caelestian! You dare not interfere directly with me!
      Falerin: Directly-- No, indeed not.
      «You»: But Falerin--
      Falerin: Delay Omega. We need more time.
      «You»: DELAY HIM?!? He just killed NIGHTBANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Falerin: To be sure, The`Galin, a father comes not to reprove but to reform.
      The'Galin: Indeed....
      The'Galin: We .have kept our promise to yourself and to Galrick, Falerin.
      Falerin: I am already aware of that.
    WAR CHEST: The Manifestation

  • Nightbane's Howl
  • Nightbane's Piercing Howl
  • Nightbane's Harrowing Howl
  • Nightbane's Soulchilling Howl
  • Nightbane's Redemption
  • Nightbane's Salvation
  • Nightbane's Purification
  • Nightbane's Apotheosis
  • Ring of the Twilight Copse
  • Ring of the Shaded Grove
  • Ring of the Dark Wood
    House Items
  • Nightbane's Last Stand
  • Nightraider (8/35/65)
  • Nightraider Z

  • Replay
  • Return to Town
    Next: The Final Battle!

    Thanks to weapon of choice, ArchMagus Orodalf, and whackybeanz. Correction from whackybeanz.

    Agent Smith
    Ryuusei Cartwright

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