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Phrygian Ebil Scythe

Also see other Gold Ebil Scythes ( Gold, Auric, Greedy, Covetous).

Level: 90
Price: 120,000 42,016
Sellback: 40,000 60,000 21,008
Location: Zorbak's Ebil Mistake

Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: 8-29
BTH: 10

Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Light
Damage: 300% Base and Random each
Stats: No
BTH: +48 each
Effect: Each hit of the Special costs 33 Gold (99 Gold total)*
Rate: 13%

*The scythe takes 33GP from your pouch for services rendered!

Created by Zorbak, this weapon has its own mind and was too much for him to handle! This one uses a tiny bit of your gold to power its extra-strong special attack!


Thanks to flyingkidjoe, wolverine558, Willkill12, Rasudido, Silvergate741, and ssjgoku5. Image from ssjgoku5. Stats from Lord Barrius (via Rasudido and Yagno2000).

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