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Zorbak's Ebil Mistake!

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6/7/2008 1:14:27   
 formerly In Media Res

Zorbak's Ebil Mistake!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » Zorbak's Ebil Mistake!

«Scene: a dark forest»

«Full Heal after each fight»Zorbak: «You»! It took you long enough to get here! Do you even know what is happening?!
«You»: No, Zorbak. I do not know why I am here. In fact, it would be nice to be somewhere else. But since I AM here, please, go ahead and brighten my day with your sunny voice.
«You»: / end sarcasm
Zorbak: Why, thank you for the compliment!! Anyway, I seem to have NOT made a mistake.
«You»: Really?
Zorbak: Yeah!! I put a few dashes of EBIL and some sprinkles of INTELLIGENCE into a few weapons and they just happened to come to life!
Zorbak: I was quite pleased with the results at first... ehem.. I mean I am still very pleased. Even after they started TALKING BACK to me.
Zorbak: They became a little more troublesome-- er, I mean, companionable-- when they began refusing to go to bed at the appointed hour.
Zorbak: But all of that I could live with, until they started causing more problems for the locals than even I could--- Um, what I mean is, that was my plan all along.
«You»: I see. So what happened? Where are they now?
Zorbak: I kicked their butts out of the Hideout, that's what happ-- *gulp*. They needed their independence, and so I sent them on their merry way--
Zorbak: -- reminding them to call home often. I absolutely LUB those little fellas.
«You»: So what should I do?
Zorbak: SEARCH AND DEST-- erm, find them and let them know how much I care.

  • Accept the quest!
  • Run away now!

    «Regardless of choice»

    Zorbak: Don't even think about not accepting this quest!
    «You»: Oh, I would never not accept a quest from YOU, of all people!

    «Scene: Doomwood»

    «You»: Creepy trees... but no Ebil Intelligent Misbehaving Weapons yet.

    «4 scythes fly past you, slashing away practically all your health»

    «You»: Ow.

    «The scythes return»

    Ebil Scythe: Wahhahahah... Our foe has been cleaved thoroughly!
    Ebil Scythe: Meh-- not thoroughly enough it seems.
    «You»: No, you got me pretty good.
    Ebil Scythe: Chachachaaa! Den why's don't yah die alweddy!
    «You»: Well, simple-- I cannot die outside of battle.
    Ebil Scythe: Wow mans, that's kuh-razy! If we kill you again, will you die??
    «You»: No-- We're not officially in a battle... yet.
    Ebil Scythe: Wahhah. Sounds good to me! Let's have some fun and let you chase us for a while then!!
    «You»: That's just-- so ebil-- ebil beyond even Zorbak--
    Ebil Scythe: Do not speak that name! It makes me wish I was an orphan! Mehehehe....
    Ebil Scythe: Come and get us, mans!! Whoopily-hoooo!!!!

    «The scythes fly away»

    «You»: Such PURE ebil... makes my blood run cold and thick, like Gell-O....
    «You»: I need to find a way to heal up... If I run into ANY monster now I could easily die.

    «Scene: Another part of Doomwood»

    «You»: No way to heal yet.... Then again, why was I expecting to find a way to heal in the middle of Darkovia of all places??

    «A Soul Banisher comes out of nowhere»

    «You»: Oh-------- This is waaaaaay bad.
  • Battle?

    1 BATTLE
    Soul Banisher (130) (Unnecessarily Weak Version)

    «You»: What were the odds of me running into a level 130 Soul Banisher who just HAPPENED to have 1 HP and terrible, terrible luck??
    «You»: Oh good-- Looks like a NORMAL forest up ahead...

    «Scene: a perfectly normal forest. Zorbak enters»

    «You»: NOOOOO!! This ISN'T a normal forest after all!!
    Zorbak: Mehehehehe...
    «You»: Just what is so funny, Zorbak?! I'm here trying to help you!
    Zorbak: I enjoy getting those kinds of reactions.
    «You»: Do you have any idea what I have just been through?
    Zorbak: Yes, my friend Billy the Eye was watching you the whole time, spying for me. It was quite entertaining.

    «Billy the Eye flies in»

    Billy: psshhh psh phhh sshhhh
    Zorbak: Indeed! Well, well-- this is going to be interesting!
    «You»: Did you actually understand what he said?
    Zorbak: I did!! They call me-- THE EYEBALL WHISPERER. Billy is Jimmy the Eye's brother. Together, they are Double Vision, tag-team wrestling champions and martial arts vigilantes!
    Billy: pshhhh hhaaaaaa!
    «You»: Well, what did he say?
    Zorbak: My ebil little mistakes are HERE! But that's okay-- With YOU here, we will be able to stop them!!
    «You»: I thought you saw what happened to me. Those scythes kicked my butt!!

  • Let Zorbak help you!
  • Let Billy help you!
  • Continue with no help!

    Billy: hh shhhhppppp paaahhh!!
    Zorbak: HERE THEY COME!!
    «You»: Wait!! Zorbak, I know you don't usually do this, but can you heal me??
    Zorbak: Meh!!! HECK NO.

    «Twilly enters»

    Twilly: I can heal you now if you need help!
  • Heal Me
  • Battle On!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thanks Twilly!

    «Twilly exits»

    Zorbak: That little red goofball is EVERYWHERE!!
  • Battle!

    1 BATTLE«Optional Full Heal»

    1 BATTLE«Optional Full Heal»

    1 BATTLE«Optional Full Heal»

    1 BATTLEZorbak: You did it!! I mean, meh, WE did it!
    Billy: ppshhhpppp!

    «The scythes appear»

    «You»: I really hope you didn't bring them back to life.
    Zorbak: Well, not really....
    «You»: Are they-- UNDEAD?
    Zorbak: No. I would describe them as being Living Undead. Mehehehe....
    Zorbak: So, I need to get rid of these things. Want one? Or two, or three, or four???

    REWARD SHOP: Ebil Scythes
  • Red Ebil Scythe
  • Blue Ebil Scythe
  • Dark Ebil Scythe
  • Gold Ebil Scythe
  • Crimson Ebil Scythe
  • Pallid Ebil Scythe
  • Obsidian Ebil Scythe
  • Auric Ebil Scythe
  • Bloody Ebil Scythe
  • Ghastly Ebil Scythe
  • Necrotic Ebil Scythe
  • Greedy Ebil Scythe
  • Demonic Ebil Scythe
  • Ghoulish Ebil Scythe
  • Abyssal Ebil Scythe
  • Covetous Ebil Scythe
  • Infernal Ebil Scythe
  • Calvarian Ebil Scythe
  • Stygian Ebil Scythe
  • Phrygian Ebil Scythe

    Zorbak: Nice choice!! Is that all?? Zorbie needs a new pair of shoes!!

    «You return to town»

    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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