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Crimson Ebil Scythe

See also: Red Ebil Scythe, Bloody Ebil Scythe, Demonic Ebil Scythe, Infernal Ebil Scythe

Location: Zorbak's Ebil Mistake
Level: 25
Price: 2,300 74
Sellback: 770 1,150 37

Element: Fire
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 5-17 7-23
BTH: 4%

Hits: 3
Element: Fire
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 70% Base and Random per hit
BTH: +7
Stats: No
Rate: 28%

Special Effect: Demonic Pact - If all 3 hits of the special connect, it boosts the Base, Random and Stat damage of itself and your opponent by 10% per special*. Caps out at 3 boosts**.

*The demonic power behind the scythe promises great power, and you strike a pact!
**This demon will not offer you any further power!

Description: Created by Zorbak, this weapon has its own mind and was too much for him to handle! You can strike a pact with this weapon that increases your weapon's damage...but in return increases your opponents'!


Image from ssjgoku5. Some basic stats from flyingkidjoe and ssjgoku5.

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