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Dr. Voltabolt's Zone

Access Point: Falconreach (All Versions) -> Ash -> Quests -> Challenge
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: September 21st, 2006

Quests Available
You Need More Iron In Your Diet Voltabolt's Challenge

Dr. Voltabolt

Clockwork Merge Shop
Scrap Metal (Shop)

Dr. Voltabolt: *Ahem* Dr. Voltabolt, Zupreme High Technomancer... and Dentizt, at your zervice.

  • Talk
    <Character>: Eh, whats up doc?
    Dr. Voltabolt: Vhat? Do you really think you are zmart enough to haff a converzation vith a mechanical genius like myzzzzelf? *Humf*
    <Character> (thinking): He is really full of himzzzzelf.
    Dr. Voltabolt: *Hrumph* I vant you to take care of a little mess in my secret labor... erm... my perfectly normal house. My creations are running amok.
    Dr. Voltabolt: No fault of mine of course!
    <Character>: Of course. So, why are you building these strange monsters?
    Dr. Voltabolt: To create an army and deztroy town of courze! Then I vill deztroy EVERY town that zupports the evils of magic!
    Dr. Voltabolt: I vill make you a deal.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Bring me enough scrap metal and my Drive Unit 1.0 or a filament (or the Enchanted ones Cyzero has been playing vith in his shop)...
    Dr. Voltabolt: ...and perhaps I vill create a little mechanical toy for you.
    <Character>: !

  • Quest - begins Voltabolt's Challenge quest.

  • Create Item - opens Clockwork Merge Shop.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Required itemz....
    If you create a pet in the Clockwork Merge Shop:
    Dr. Voltabolt: Exzellent... here you go my little friend. It is my bezt creation ever! Enjoy and do not forget to floss.

  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Open and say "Ahhhhh...."

    Dr. Voltabolt: Zhere vee go! Now, on vith zee fighting!

  • Falconreach - returns to Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) or Falconreach (Book 3).

    Other information
  • Dr. Voltabolt's Zone received some minor quality of life changes and an additional shop on September 27th, 2019; more information can be found in the September 27th, 2019 Design Notes.

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for entry rewrite.
  • Jay for formatting, other information, and corrections.
  • nightslayer321 for correction.

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