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[image][/image]Toys 'R Dangerous

Location: Assault on the Necropolis -> Ghost -> Toys 'R Dangerous
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet
Release Date: June 13th, 2008

Objective: This is a very dangerous mission inside a... toy store?
Objective completed: You have saved Sally, but you know it won't be long before the little pigtailed girl from Moonridge gets herself back into trouble. At least you stopped the necromancer's evil toy production line!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(8) Scary Doll


Defender's Medal
Scary Doll

Sally: Hi, <Character>! Did you see all these great toys?!

  • Talk
    <Character>: Sally? What are you doing here?
    Sally: Some of the necromancers came and got me. They said that they wanted me to test some TOYS!
    <Character>: Are you sure that they didn't say that they wanted to test the toys ON YOU?
    Sally: ...something like that, yeah!
    Sally: ANYWAY! They said that I could keep as many of them as I wanted!
    <Character>: Sally... are you aware that there is a war going on here in the Necropolis? You could get hurt.
    <Character>: You should probably come with me back to Moonridge. I'm sure your mother is worried sick!
    Sally: Oh fine. Can I at least take one of the Scary Dolls with me?
    <Character>: Better leave those here. If this place is still standing after the war, you can come back for one then.

  • Complete Quest!

    Note: If you walk near these objects a message bubble pops up:
  • Shelf at the beginning of the quest: I wonder if these toys have been tested for safety.
  • Rotten Patch Kid on second screen: WOW! A Putrid Patty! That's the one Rotten Patch Kid (tm) that my collection is missing!
  • Metal-looking slinkee on second screen: SWEET! A brand new Barbed-Wire Slinkee (tm)!
  • First shelf on third screen: The tags read "Danger: harmful if swallowed... or played with.
  • "pony" toy on fourth screen: Oh Boy! A giant sized My Little Nightmare: Rabies Edition (tm)!
  • Brain on fourth screen: Everyone loves Brain-In-A-Cup!
  • Shelf on fifth screen: The Dangerteddys (tm) are hard to hug!
  • Shelf on the final screen: The Abyss Of The Millenium Toys newest line: Scary Doll (tm)!

    Thanks to
    -- Krazy_Kakadu for dialogue.
    -- mooneeve for reward info.
    -- tragonlord for link.
    -- Peachii for locations and corrections.
    -- SalvationXI for correction.
    -- margus20000 for info.

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