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Limkragg's Prana

Also see Limkragg's Breath and Limkragg's Essence.

Level: 90
Price: 90,000 42,016 Gold
Sellback: 32,000 45,000 21,008 Gold
Location: FireSpawn II: The Return of Limkragg!

Element: Fire
MP Cost: 345

Hits: 6
Type: Magic
Element: Fire
Damage: 11-42 plus 165% Stats* each
BTH: +27 plus Stats** each

*Stat Bonus to damage is CHA/8 (plus LUK/2 on a Lucky Strike)
**Stat Bonus to BTH is CHA/8

Call forth the spirit of Limkragg and cook monsters well done!


Stats from el willo (basics), Conspiracy (basics), Jiraiya Hermit (basics), and Kalanyr (numbers, via Perogwin and ZardX3).

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