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Firespawn II - The Return of Limkragg!

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4/13/2010 15:17:29   

Firespawn II - The Return of Limkragg!

Location: Travel Map » Dragonspine Mountains » 7: Firespawn Part II

«Scene: Skraeling Desert. The camera shifts to various parts of the desert, before focusing on the draconic spire from the previous Firespawn. Cyrus, Sheila, and a third Vartai are standing on the spire»

Cyrus: You are certain this is the place, brother? Something feels very unusual. I can't even sense a trace of the magma dragon's energy anymore, like he had never been here.
???: Yes, Cyrus. I watched the battle here, and while they were busy dividing up their spoils, I was able to see the statue inside. It is definitely what we seek.
Sheila: You couldn't sense its power because it was killed by a dragonbane weapon. And now...

«A group of Dragonslayers enter. Cyrus and co. retreats slightly, while the third Vartai extends his wing.»

Dragonslayer: And now we've taken things over, lizards. We may have a truce, but you have no business here.
Cyrus: As it happens, the cave contains a very important artifact to the dragons and Vartai alike. I suggest you step aside so we can take a look at it.
Dragonslayer: And what if we don't? These are solid dragonbane swords we have. You don't stand a chance.
???: Miserable Dragonslayers! Stand aside now, or--
Sheila: Gaspar, calm down. You and Cyrus can just let me handle this...Now then, humans. There's a funny thing about those swords you should know before you try to use them on us.
Sheila: Do you know what happens to dragonbane when it's engulfed in a massive pillar of fire?
Dragonslayer: No-- What?

A huge blast of fire erupts from the mountain, blowing the Dragonslayers off the mountain.

Sheila: The same thing that happens to everything else.
Gaspar: You HAVE heard of overkill, right, sister?
Cyrus: They'll be fine, as long as they land on those hard heads they have. Anyway, let's get inside. We have much work to do and little time before that tin can will show up.

»Gaspar retracts his wing and everyone begins to move. Inside the mountain, the camera pans the ancient dragon, before focusing on Cyrus and co.»

Cyrus: THIS is Limkragg's Avatar? This dragon sealed up in a rock?
Gaspar: Yes...Somehow, the Avatar of Balance was sealed in a giant stone shell. After all the chaos as of late, we could use his help to bring some order back.
Gaspar: I know just how to free him, too...

«Scene: Battleon»

Galanoth: And that's how dragon bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes, «You».
«You»: That is both educational and...highly disturbing, Galanoth.
Galanoth: It's just something I learned when I--

«A Dragonslayer enters, with charred armor and a half-melted Dragon Blade»

«You»: !!!!
Dragonslayer: Galanoth, sir! Lord Cyrus and his sister are on the mountain we were guarding!
Galanoth: Shouldn't you have-- stopped them, perhaps?
Dragonslayer: We tried, sir, but that half-dragon woman is very powerful. She blasted us right off the mountain! Thankfully, a sand dragon broke our fall.
Dragonslayer: Or maybe it was a huge pile of sand. I don't remember the details very well...
«You»: Well, what were they trying to do?

«A brief earthquake»

Galanoth: Nevermind that. We need to get over there. Now.

«Back at the mountain, bolts surround the dragon statue before it is engulfed in light. Shortly after, the statue bursts and a dragon is revealed»

Gaspar: At last, it is done. This part of Limkragg is free to return to the other side.
Limkragg: So it shall be, noble Vartai, but not yet. A human force has been wreaking havoc on dragonkind for too long, while I have been forced to watch. Balance must be restored.
Limkragg: The human Galanoth, and his followers, must fall.

«Limkragg flies out and away from the mountain»

Gaspar: ....................
Cyrus: This will end terribly, but we must do what we can to prepare. Sheila, alert any Vartai and Dracomancers in the area. I must return to Medrovia and rally the rest of the soldiers.
Cyrus: I may hate Galanoth, but I don't want all those humans to suffer for his actions....
The giant dragon Limkragg has been freed from his prison of hardened magma! Now, he seeks to wreak vengeance upon Galanoth and the Order of Dragonslayers. Limkragg has gathered an army of dragonkind and is destroying anything in his path. Which group can defeat enough of his army and face Limkragg in battle first-- the Dracomancers or Dragonslayers?? Fight for one side or fight for both!

  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Oh no's!! That big mean dragon wants to get Galanoth!! And everybody else too!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • Gaspar is the brother of Lord Cyrus and Sheila, a dracomancer of great power!
  • Galanoth is the head of the Order of Dragonslayers!

    Guardians can refill their potions from the potion sack if they have less than 5 potions on hand.
    To Battle!

  • Dracomancer Saga: Part 3
  • Train as a Dracomancer
  • Train as a Dragonslayer

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Gaspar*
  • Galanoth
  • Lord Cyrus
  • By yourself

    *Become a Guardian to have mighty Gaspar help you!

  • Battle for the Dracomancers!
  • Battle for the Dragonslayers!
  • Return to Camp
    Guardians can click on the treasure chest between the buttons to obtain the Draconic Blade.

    Optional Full Heal
    «After the Dracomancers defeat all monsters»

    «Optional Full Heal after every other battle»

    «Limkragg flies back to Dragonspine Mountain. He lands near where Cyrus, Gaspar, Sheila and Galanoth are standing.»

    Limkragg: Why do you stand against me, Vartai? I only wish to destroy the Dragonslayers and prevent the human, Galanoth, from driving both Vartai and Dragons to extinction.
    Cyrus: This is not what I wanted you to do! This world has been ravaged for years by countless wars, and you still wish to cause even more harm to the humans?
    Cyrus: Not even I can let that happen.
    Galanoth: What's the matter, Cyrus? Can't keep your own weapon in check?
    Cyrus: Galanoth, this isn't a weapon. This is a Draconic Avatar! This one in particular has the power to create and destroy, to bring order and chaos.
    Cyrus: After what the last few years have done to this world, I thought it could undo some of the damage.
    Galanoth: Enough of your talk, dragon man! I'm going to slay this "Limkragg", then I'm coming for you!
    Cyrus: Sadly, I have to agree, Limkragg. You're too dangerous to the world now.
    Cyrus: Forgive me, great dragons that forged the world, for what I'm about to do...

    Galanoth and Lord Cyrus have used their resources to forge a special armor for you to use in the fight against Limkragg!

    You will need it... The sheer size of Limkragg has scared away all of your pets and guests!

  • Battle!

    1 BATTLE
    «You cannot flee this battle. Also, all pets and guests (including Lord Cyrus, Gaspar, and Galanoth) will not be available. The ONLY armor available is Dragon Fighter. No pets are available for you to choose as well. Trying to summon pets/guests will usually make things explode»

    Level 1-24: Limkragg (20)
    Level 25-44: Limkragg (40)
    Level 45-64: Limkragg (60)
    Level 65-84: Limkragg (80)
    Level 84+: Limkragg (100)

    «Full Heal. You are reset to your starting armour/weapon»

    «You»: Now THAT was a battle!
    Lord Cyrus: I can hardly believe we did it, but Limkragg's been defeated.
    Galanoth: It's still breathing a little. Are you going to finish it, or should I?
    Gaspar: If you try anything, human, I will make sure no dragonslayers leave the mountain alive, including you.

    «Zero Hex enters»

    Zero Hex: There's no need to do anything else here, Galanoth. The dragon won't live more than a few minutes with those wounds. We should take our leave before this gets any worse.
    Galanoth: No! These three are responsible for this whole mess! They attacked our Dragonslayers and tried to use that thing to kill us all!
    Zero Hex: ...Cyrus? Is this true?
    Lord Cyrus: No, Hex. We were defending ourselves from Dragonslayers that ignored the terms of the truce.
    Lord Cyrus: We wanted to awaken this to help undo some of the damage the last few years of chaos have caused.
    Lord Cyrus: Unfortunately, Galanoth has killed so many dragons by now, it saw him as a threat to all of dragonkind...
    Lord Cyrus: ...and attempted to wipe him out along with anyone who blindly followed him.
    Galanoth: Don't listen to his lies, Hex. He wants nothing more than to kill us all.
    Zero Hex: ...I'll have no further part in this. I can't take sides in a situation like this.

    «Zero Hex leaves. Gaspar steps forward»

    Gaspar: I suggest you follow him, human. You are not welcome on this mountain anymore.
    Galanoth: What about the truce you value so highly? You'd break it if you tried to kill me.
    Lord Cyrus: You already broke the truce, Galanoth. Two soldiers under your command attacked us.
    Galanoth: ...................
    «You»: This can't be good....
    Lord Cyrus: Not only is that breaking the truce, but it's also an act of war against Medrovia...Gaspar, if you would?

    «Gaspar's eyes glow red as he summons two Fire Dragons»

    Lord Cyrus: I wouldn't attack Battleon or the other human towns, because they don't control what you do...
    Lord Cyrus: As for you... if you do not leave this mountain right now, we will kill you for attacking the High Khan and two members of his family.
    Galanoth: Fine. You win this time, Cyrus, but I'll have your head on my mantle for this someday.

    «Galanoth leaves»

    WAR CHEST: Firespawn II!
  • The Gasparian
  • Limkragg's Nail Flail
  • Limkragg's Talon Flail
  • Limkragg's Ripper Flail
  • Limkragg's Claw Flail
  • Limkragg's Breath
  • Limkragg's Essence
  • Limkragg's Prana
  • Baby Lightning Wyvern
  • Guardian Lightning Wyvern

  • Replay
  • Return to Town

    Thanks to whackybeanz.
    Monster List
    Level 1-17
    Baby Fire Dragon (5)
    Baby Wind Dragon (5)
    Baby Earth Dragon (10)
    Baby Energy Dragon (5)
    Baby Light Dragon (5)
    Baby Sand Dragon (28)
    Cyclone Wyvern (5)
    Typhoon Wyvern (5)

    Level 18-33
    Young Fire Dragon (20)
    Young Wind Dragon (25)
    Young Earth Dragon (25)
    Young Energy Dragon (25)
    Young Light Dragon (25)
    Young Sand Dragon (45)
    Typhoon Wyvern (25)
    Cyclone Wyvern (20)

    Level 34-45
    Young Fire Dragon (20)
    Young Wind Dragon (25)
    Young Earth Dragon (25)
    Young Energy Dragon (25)
    Young Light Dragon (25)
    Young Sand Dragon (45)
    Typhoon Wyvern (25)
    Cyclone Wyvern (35)

    Level 46-63
    Red Dragon (35)
    Wind Dragon (45)
    Earth Dragon (45)
    Energy Dragon (45)
    Light Dragon (45)
    Sand Dragon (63)
    Cyclone Wyvern (35)
    Typhoon Wyvern (45)

    Level 64-81
    Red Dragon (35)
    Wind Dragon (65)
    Earth Dragon (70)
    Energy Dragon (65)
    Light Dragon (75)
    Fulguris the Sand Dragon (79)
    Typhoon Wyvern (45)
    Cyclone Wyvern (65)

    Level 82-94
    War Dragon (70)
    Wind Dragon (65)
    Earth Dragon (70)
    Energy Dragon (65)
    Light Dragon (75)
    Fulguris the Sand Dragon (79)
    Typhoon Wyvern (68)
    Cyclone Wyvern (65)

    Level 95+
    Wind Dragon (90)
    Earth Dragon (100)
    Energy Dragon (100)
    Light Dragon (90)
    Flame Dragon (95)
    Isako the Sand Dragon (96)
    Cyclone Wyvern (85)
    Typhoon Wyvern (85)

    Monster list thanks to Scakk.

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