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Kybernan -> War on Westion - Alamonia Bug Invasion (6/21/2008 22:09:45)


Alamonia Bug Invasion

Location: Alamonia (replaces 'Battle!' button)
Objective: Defend Alamonia from a giant bug invasion.
Requirements: None
Release Date: 6/20/2008

Missions Available:
  • Them!
  • Giant Worm

    Shops Available:
  • Equinox Mecha Shop
  • NG Equinox Mecha Shop
  • Starship Swag (Bug Invasion)
  • NG Starship Swag (Bug Invasion)

  • Clyde

    (0-24% War Meter)
    Clyde: Swarms of desert bugs are quickly aproaching town! We could really use your help!
    (25-79% War Meter)
    Clyde: We've squashed a lot of bugs but there still coming. The last time this happend was the first Alamonia... gulp!
    (80-99% War Meter)
    Clyde: They're almost to town! We must fight harder! If just one of them reaches us, We'll be destroyed!
    (100% War Meter)
    Clyde: Excellent! The bugs are starting to leave! Hmmm... What's that rumbling sound?

    Clyde: Hello again, Stranger. Something has really stirred up the desert critters. The townspeople highly suspect that Drakels are behind this! The last time those critters went into a frenzy, the Drakels were testing some sort of radio gadget from EvilCorp. It made a sound that really riled up those bugs... I wonder if those lizards are using that thing against us... I didnít originally suspect the Drakels could be behind our problems, but first the train stopped coming, and now this... Anyway we could really use your help in exterminating some bugs. Put away that can of bug spray! You'll need a mecha to deal with these critters.

    Thanks to riski93 and cdfbrown for correction, Neograde for info.

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