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Pi Mae

Location: Shadow of the Wind Village Inn, Monkee War Show Down, To Be A Giant!

Quests given
Ninja Training

Monkee Business
Bad Bananas

Ninja Pizza Delivery

Shops owned

Shadow of the Wind Village Inn

Pi Mae: Welcome to Shadow of the Wind Village, <Character>. Your exploits have preceded you.

  • Talk
    Pi Mae: I myself have only recently come to the Shadow of the Wind Village, but I've found it to be a nice, quiet place to live.
    Pi Mae: I have begun to study under Master Thyton himself in the ways of the ninja!
    Pi Mae: I still... had to leave pieces of my old life behind. The treachery of those thieving pirates... they can not be trusted.
    Pi Mae: Those pirates stole something from me... my precious... *cough* once my training is complete, I will be able to get it back!

  • Quests
    Pi Mae: I have a mission for you, if you choose to accept it.

    Monkee Business

    Pi Mae: The Innkeeper of Osprey Cove is my b... biggest enemy, I wish to play a trick on him.
    Pi Mae: His Inn is guarded by dirty pirate apes. Sneak in and clear the way for my ninja monkee's so they can leave him *grin* a little surprise.

    Bad Bananas

    Pi Mae: This level of insult is unacceptable! Having someone sneak in and leave me a *shudder* pie!

    Pi Mae: Those filthy pirates love pie! Don't you see? Pirate... Pi-rate! It's the ultimate pirate insult!
    Pi Mae: I am done playing nice! Take these bananas to the pirate inn, they'll ensure those pesly pirates are out of the way for a while!
    Pi Mae: Look for the perfect spots for these 5 bananas. With your heightened ninja senses, the perfect spots to place them should sparkle before your eyes.

    Ninja Pizza Delivery

    Pi Mae: <Character>! With those dirty pirates constantly attacking, I don't have time to deliver food orders made by the brave ninjas in the field.
    Pi Mae: An unusual amount of orders have been made too!
    Pi Mae: Can you do me a favor and deliver these pizzas for me?
    Pi Mae: Watch out for those thieving pirates though... they love these. They even call then *shudder* pies.
    Pi Mae: They are obviously not pies. They're not!

    Monkee War Show Down

    Pi Mae: Why you! Do you have any idea how long it's going to take to get a PIRATE SHIP OFF MY ROOF?!

    Pi Mae: Oh yeah? Well you deserve it after that *shudder* ...pie, you big PILE OF SNEEVI--

    Pi Mae: Eh?

    Pi Mae: Mom???

    Pi Mae: ...

    Pi Mae: Huh?

    Pi Mae: I still don't get it.

    Pi Mae: Darn.

    To Be A Giant!

    Pi Mae: Earthquaaaaaaaaaaake!

    Old Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Occavatra for image.
  • Voodoo Master for old appearance image.
  • Leon ShadowHart for location link and additional dialogues.
  • eclipse4227 and Stephen Nix for location links.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for additional dialogue.

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