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Scrambler Light

Also see other Scrambler Spells ( Beam, Ray, Beacon) and Randomizing Spells ( Curse, Beam, Blight, Ray).

Level: 54
Price: 8,000 1,108 Gold
Sellback: 4,000 738 Gold
Location: Vince's Boiler Room Shop

Element: Light
MP Cost: 99

Hits: 1
Element: Light
Type: Magic
Damage: 0-0 plus 0% Stats
BTH: +23% plus Stats
  • If the attack connects, your enemy's Elemental Modifiers (Fire/Water/etc.) are randomly reassigned. Unlisted modifiers (Void/ElementX/etc.) are unaffected.
  • Also, if the attack connects, your enemy's Combat Defences are increased by 5 each, +5 each for each previous time the monster was hit by a Scrambler spell.
  • This effect is not applied if your opponent is frozen.
  • Light-Element monsters, and monsters with 0% or less Light Modifier are immune to this effect.

    An accurate spell that scrambles the basic element defenses of your foe, however it cannot affect enemies of the Light realm or those who do not take damage from Light and it raises your enemy's defences!


    Image thanks to Butterfly. Stats from Kalanyr.

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