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Astral -> Fundead Flensing (8/12/2008 9:21:44)

Fundead Flensing

Also see Fundead Ripping, Fundead Shredding, Fundead Lacerating

Level: 90
Price: 60,000 42,016
Sellback: 30,000 21,008
Location: FunDead War Reward Chest

Element: Neutral
MP Cost: 340

Hits: 4
Element: Darkness, Earth, Darkness, Earth
Type: Ranged
Damage: 25-70 plus 273% Stats each (INT/8)
BTH: +22 plus Stats each (INT/16 + CHA/16 + LUK/20)

Call forth an undead freak designed by Zorbak himself!


Numbers thanks to Zelinker. Image thanks to ssjgoku5. Stats thanks to Lord Barrius (Via Sora Aeragorn). Nonrarity from icydarkstary. New image thanks to JMill.

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