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Location: It's Not Fair!, Seeking Advice

Quests given

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It's Not Fair

Balaur: Now, my dear, this meeting is about your future. My friend has sent word he wishes to take you as apprentice.
Balaur: Yes...and it took forever to chase down all the children that you turned into those little green...things and make them human again.
Balaur: I'm still not sure we got them all. All of that trouble for you to build a box fort....their parents still complain about them stealing boxes.

Balaur: Now, my dear, are you sure you don't have something to tell us?
Balaur: You heard your Mother. Now sit down, it's time for dinner, your Mother picked it up specially to celebrate.
Balaur: In a few years you're going to be taught by one of the greatest mages I have ever known...
Balaur: ...Warlic!

Seeking Advice

Balaur: Nythera! You've come home!
Balaur: We know how THAT goes!
Balaur: It's good you came home, Nythera. Instead of running and getting into even MORE trouble, you came to us.
Balaur: I'm proud of you!
Balaur: I agree. It's time you began regaining what has been kept from you.


Thanks to Stephen Nix.

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