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Resolute -> Not So Great Escape (9/12/2008 20:26:40)

Not So Great Escape

Other name: Save Galanoth!

Location: Dragesvard -> Galanoth -> Quests -> Not So Great Escape
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Gary (Quest)
Release Date: September 12th, 2008

Objective: Break into the Ice Elf city and rescue Galanoth before he catches cold!
Objective completed: So Aisha is behind the destruction of the human settlements! You have to get to those other tribes of northern monsters or Dragesvard is doomed!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(14) Ice Elf Warrior

Ice Elf Warrior

Ice Dragon Scale

Note: You can not bring your baby Dragon on this quest or equip it in the middle of it. You also can't change any equipped pets that you came with.

Galanoth: Greetings, adventurer. I kill dragons!

  • Quest!
  • Back

    <Character>: This is the place, and it looks like they were expecting me.
    <Character>: I guess the quickest way to find Galanoth is to get myself captured too.
    <Character>: I hope they don't take to long... it's kind of cold out here.
    <Character>: At least I packed a bag lunch.
    Ice Elf Warrior: HA! Now we've got the drop on you human! Do not try to escape! you are now our pris...
    <Character>: Yeah, yeah. Can you hurry it up a little?
    Ice Elf Warrior: Uh...
    Ice Elf Warrior: ...sure.

    "Ow. That REALLY hurt."
    "Let me try again..."
    "You're really bad at this."
    "Ok, one last time..."
    "Forget it. I'll just..."
    "...I'll just do it myself!"
    Several Hours Later

    <Character>: Ow, my head. Man, I really pack a punch.
    <Character>: Galanoth has got to be in one of these cells.
    Galanoth (singing): Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.... Nobody knows my sorrow...
    <Character>: Galanoth, is that you?
    Galanoth: <Character>? Thank goodness. I was getting really bored.
    <Character> (thinking): Ok... so Galanoth is a falsetto.
    <Character>: So, THAT'S that your face looks like. What happened to your helm?
    Galanoth: It got knocked off when they captured me. I really can't get out of here without something to cover my face with.
    Galanoth: Part of my "thing" is that no one sees my face. I have to remain a faceless terror to my dragon enemies.
    Galanoth: They need to respect me as a foe, and dragons only respect what they fear.
    <Character>: Respect and fear. Got it.
    <Character>: Well... wanna wear the paper bag from my lunch on your head until we get out of here?
    Galanoth: ...
    Galanoth: Yeah. Give it here.
    <Character>: So, they took your helm, but not your armor?
    Galanoth: ...Or my dragonspear. You see, there is one small detail that the ice elves forgot that will help us escape.
    <Character>: Oh, what's that?
    Galanoth: Remember the ice elf warrior who dropped his shimat, allowing us into the ice elf city?
    <Character>: Sure. Goold Ol' Gary the Ice Elf. What about him?
    Galanoth: Well, as punishment he was demoted from city guard to prison guard.
    <Character>: HAHA! That's great... but how does that help us get out of here?
    Galanoth: First... Gary forgot to take my weapons AND yours...
    <Character>: Oh.. so he did. Ok, second?

  • Galanoth joins you as Guest A.

    Galanoth: ... Second, Gary locked you on the outside of the cell.
    <Character>: You're right. That DOES help.
    Galanoth: Let's get out of here. I'll tell you what I learned when we're back in Dragesvard.

  • Ready To Go!

    Galanoth: <Character>, I can't thank you enough for coming back for me. My stay with the elves was brief but I learned a lot.
    Galanoth: The ice elves have been in hiding for centuries but recently a new queen has forced her way onto the throne.
    Galanoth: Her name is Aisha and she didn't take the throne by herself. She has a personal ice dragon army that helped her!
    Galanoth: She is trying to claim more land for the ice elves by force, which is why the dragons and elves are attacking the humans.
    Galanoth: That's not all. They say that she possesses the Elemental Orb of Ice. That is probably how she is controlling the ice dragons.
    Galanoth: She's been talking with the natives of the frozen northlands... making promises and building alliances.
    Galanoth: We might stand a chance against the elves and dragons, but if they have the numbers of the other tribes them we're doomed.
    Galanoth: We need to speak to the leaders of the tribes and convince them to join us, or all is lost.
    Galanoth: You and I will have to visit the crafty Killguins, the powerful Ursice bears and the brutal Tuskers to make our case.
    Galanoth: We have to hurry, <Character>. I don't know how long Aisha and her ice elves will hold off their attacks.

  • Complete Quest!

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