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It's Elementary

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quest -> It's Elementary!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of It's Not Fair!
Release Date: October 3rd, 2008

Objective: Visit the four elemental tribes in the area.
Objective completed: Nythera has managed to defeat all four of the elemental tribes leaders... making them distrusting of any adventurer in the area.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 325
Gold rewarded: 17

(1) Boulder Elemental
(1) Inferno Elemental
(1) Monsoon Elemental
(1) Tornado Elemental



Nythera: I was excited when I first met Warlic. He promised to give me my powers back.
Nythera: I still don't have them though.
Nythera: I'm tired of running his errands for him. It all started on the very first day I got here.

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    You battle as Kid Nythera

    Warlic: Nythera, welcome. I'm very happy your parents agreed to let you become my apprentice. Your potential for magic is great.
    Nythera: Thanks. Does this mean I can use my magic?
    Warlic: In due time. If you do well in your studies and the tasks that I assign I have the permission of your parents to restore some of your natural powers.
    Nythera: *Thinking* Good, I should have my magic back soon then. How hard could this stuff be?
    Warlic: I have an assignment for you already, Nythera. This area is inhabited by four elemental tribes of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
    Warlic: There are rumors of a fifth tribe, but I believe they've moved to the jungles in the south.
    Warlic: I wish for you to commune with their leaders. Each is wise and you could learn much from them.
    Warlic: I wsh to work with them and study their magic. Their natural power is something that very few wizards spend lifetimes studying and striving for.
    Warlic: Without their cooperation it would take, literally, hundreds of years and millions of essences to finish my experiments.
    Nythera: Is that all? They're just elementals, I'm half-dragon. I can learn their secrets in no time.
    Warlic: These aren't just elementals, they're forces of nature, and very powerful. You must show them the proper respect and humilty.
    Nythera: I'll find them and be back in no time. *and then you can give me my magic back*
    Warlic: Good luck, Nythera.

    Rhyo: Hello, young one. Why have you come?
    Nythera: I want to know about your powers.
    Rhyo: Powers? The tribe of earth draws it's strength from time immemorial. We are the beginning, and will be the end.
    Rhyo: Water will flow and dry up, air will blow and lose breath, fire will burn and burn out and still we will remain.
    Rhyo: Greater then man or dragon alike...
    Nythera: No you're not! Dragon's are more powerful than anything!
    Rhyo: Dragons have power, yes, but compared to earth, a dragon is dust in short measure...
    Nythera: I don't have to listen to this, you big, dumb rock! I'll show you who's more powerful!

    Battle a Boulder Elemental.

    Aeos: Yes, still one, why have you come?
    Nythera: I was sent to learn about your powers.
    Aeos: We are the wind, the air, life itself. Without us, your fields would die and your breath would cease.
    Aeos: We sweep up dust and sand and move it across the land, gather water and cause it to rain, without air there can be no fire.
    Aeos: Our power is greater than any other.
    Nythera: Please, I'm more powerful than any elemental. You're nothing but hot air.
    Aeos: I can sense your power, child, but you are insolent. No one can stand up to the power of wind.
    Nythera: I bet Fire is more powerful! It sides with dragons! I'll show you!

    Battle a Tornado Elemental.

    Fiam: Greetings, dark one. Why have you come, dragon-child?
    Nythera: I have come to learn about your powers. Earth and Wind were no help to me.
    Fiam: We are the light and the heat. We are the sun and the reflection off the moon.
    Fiam: We melt earth, boil water, and eat wind. We are truly the most powerful.
    Fiam: Man would not survive without us, dragon would be powerless without us on their breath...
    Nythera: Wait... dragons use you, give you purpose. Without us, you'd be nothing but ashes!
    Fiam: Even the most powerful dragon would be felled without us on it's breath.
    Nythera: That's not true! You're just as delusional as Earth and Wind. I'll show you!

    Battle an Inferno Elemental.

    Aqui: Hello, solid one, what brings you here?
    Nythera: I have been to Earth, Wind and Fire. None of them were any help. I wish to learn about your powers.
    Aqui: Water is life. It erodes earth, douses fire, permeates air...
    Nythera: Ugh, not this again!
    Aqui: ... I'm sorry?
    Nythera: Each of you claims to be soooo powerful, but none of you are as good as me! If you have nothing to teach me then why am I here?
    Nythera: This was such a waste of time!
    Aqui: You dare to presume to be more powerful then Water? You arrogant child!

    Battle a Monsoon Elemental.

    Warlic: ... you did what?!
    Nythera: I didn't do anything! They were all mean! All they talked about was how great they were. They didn't have anything to teach me.
    Warlic: They are all great! Even though each element believes in it's autonomous power, their true greatness comes with working together.
    Warlic: By their power combined... they are our world. They are Lore.
    Nythera: They're not so powerful. I beat them all by myself, I didn't even need my magic.
    Warlic: *sigh* Elementals are sensitive creatures. They are not used to humans directly interacting with them on the level you did.
    Warlic: I suspect you surprised them more than anything. Your confrontation with them will not be forgotten though.
    Warlic: I fear for adventurers and their dealing with the elementals in this area now.
    Nythera: It's not my fault!
    Warlic: No, it is mine. You weren't ready for this yet. I'm sorry Nythera, but I cannot give you access to your powers yet. You have much to learn.
    Nythera: But you promised!
    Warlic: I said if you did well in your tasks. Your confrontations have caused much strife here. As I said before, you have much to learn.

  • Complete Quest!

  • Note: You can only use two of the skills with the Kid Nythera armor in this quest (Throw and Kick). This is because she has not unlocked her Dragon Magic yet.

    Thanks to
    -- wolfman_naruto for link to banner.
    -- Andy8 for Kid Nythera armor reminder/link.
    -- Z.324 for some additional info.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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