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Jypley's Canesword

Also see: Jypley's Walking Stick , Jypley's Shikomizue , Jypley'Z Swordstick , Jypley's Swordstick

Level: 80
Price: 100,000 14,814
Sellback: 50,000 7,407
Location: Zorbak's Hideout > Mr. Jypley Part 1 - Museum of the Strange and Bizarre

Element: Wind
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 7-26
BTH: 7%

Hits: 2
Element: Wind
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 300% Base and Random per hit
BTH: +42%
Rate: 17%

This sword can cause a whirlwind of rocks to pummel your enemy!


Some information from shadow dragon666 and Viking_Jorun. Image from arnulfinho. Stats thanks to Aelthai. New image thanks to Overdrive.

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