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Location: Nooby Nooby Noob

Quests given

Shops owned

Thelma: Yup!
Thelma: Hiya <character>! Hiya Nooby!
Thelma: You guys are acting so weird. Eh, whatever. These books are so interesting!
Thelma: They've got lots of information about the owners!
Thelma: If you guys want to help, I'm sure we'll find out some clues about why the people of Amityvale find this place so creepy.
Thelma: Oh be quiet, there's no way to move the storyline along without one of us being stuck on their own...
Thelma: Jinkys you're a whiner! Quit it with the introspection and get on with the funny.
Thelma: Hush! The punchline's coming!
Thelma: Woah, this is one long hallway.
Thelma: I'm supposed to be the smart one!
Thelma: Your point's going to have to wait. Here comes another!
Thelma: The Development Team or Frank?
Thelma: *Shivers* Don't walk through me. That was COLD!


Thanks to Stephen Nix for the dialogue and banner info.

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