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Nooby Nooby Noob

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10/31/2008 19:43:44   
Legendary AK!!!

Nooby Nooby Noob

Other name: Mysterious LLC

Location: Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> Thursday -> Quests -> Mysterious LLC
Requirements: Must own a dragon
Release Date: October 31st, 2008

Objective: Investigating the house in Amityvale that everyone finds just a little bit off...
Objective completed: Oh... that paint job's just so groovy!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Angry Spirit
(2) Spirit
(1) Wisp


Bright Pink Egg
Sparkly Egg

Thursday: So three strange teenagers just wandered into town this morning.
Thursday: They claimed they were a group of super ****hs out to solve mysteries, and when they heard that we found a place creepy they needed to see it.
Thursday: They struck me as weird, <Character>, almost as strange as the house they're going to investiage.
Thursday: Maybe you and <Dragon> should go and keep an eye on them.

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    <Character>: Nooby Nooby Noob, where are you? I've got some rats to kill now...
    <Character>: Sure is convenient that Thursday's uncle had this creepy old mansion for us to stay at.
    Frank: Yup! Now let's get to investigating. We should split up! Thelma, you should take the library.
    Frank: <character>, you and Nooby... sorry... <dragon> should take the first floor.
    Frank: Me and Dorthy will go investigate the upstairs. Alone. Sound like a plan?
    <Dragon>: Yup!
    Dorthy: Yup!
    Thelma: Yup!
    <Character>: Zoinks, you want us to split up in a creepy old place like this? No way! No how!
    Dorthy: Awww, come on, wouldn't you do it for a Nooby Snack?
    <Character>: A Nooby Snack?!? Of course I would do it for a Nooby Snack! Not that I eat them. Nooby here loves them, though!
    Frank: Alright then, it's decided. Let's go!

    Thelma: Hiya <character>! Hiya Nooby!
    <Dragon>: I get it, we're doing a parody. Haha. It's funny, really. But seriously, Nooby? That's going to get old REALLY fast.
    <Character>: You're not the one portraying the group's lovable loser, so stop complaining.
    <Dragon>: Aren't you used to it at this point? But seriously, that's enough. From now on? I'm <dragon>. No more Nooby.
    <Character>: You're so funny, Nooby. At least they're not making you talk with that ADORABLE accent.
    Noobie: Point. Okay. I'll be good. See? Even my nametag is Nooby now!
    Thelma: You guys are acting so weird. Eh, whatever. These books are so interesting!
    Thelma: They've got lots of information about the owners!
    Thelma: If you guys want to help, I'm sure we'll find out some clues about why the people of Amityvale find this place so creepy.
    <Character>: Or, knowing the parody, we'll find a switch that reveals a story-accelerating clue that leads to a custscene.

    <Character>: This is starting to feel like a bad idea... it's really dark.
    Thelma: Oh be quiet, there's no way to move the storyline along without one of us being stuck on their own...
    <Character>: But why's it always got to be me? Wait... this is the first time I've ever hung out with you guys... I'm falling into the typecast too easily.
    <Character>: Am I really the lovable loser? Oh man... that... isn't cool!
    Thelma: Jinkys you're a whiner! Quit it with the introspection and get on with the funny.
    Frank: Oh, are we at the part where they get separated and come face-to-face with a random generic-enough monster already?
    Dorthy: That was fast!
    Thelma: Hush! The punchline's coming!
    <Character>: Punchline? Where?!? Anything to get me out of this tunnel!
    <Character>: I don't see any punchline!
    <Character>: The ghost is right behind me, isn't it?

    Dorthy: Look out! Somrthing's coming! <character>, you take care of it!
    Thelma: Woah, this is one long hallway.
    Frank: Quiet and keep running, that thing is catching up.
    <Character>: Ahh, and here comes another monster!
    Dorthy: I do believe we may be running in circles.
    Thelma: I'm supposed to be the smart one!
    <Character>: Here comes more...
    <Character>: A thought occurs to me.
    Frank: Me too... we're all going to die!
    <Character>: Maybe... but that's not what I was thinking... we're being chased by a ghost that has shown no overt intent to harm us...
    Frank: Yeah...
    <Character> But we're fighting openly aggresive ghosts in front of us... well me and Nooby are.
    Frank: Uh-huh. And?
    Thelma: Your point's going to have to wait. Here comes another!
    Frank: So why are we running from a ghost when you're clearly capable of taking care of them?
    <Character>: *groan*
    Gasper: Hi!

    <Character>: So... you're a ghost, huh?
    Gasper: Yup. *wheeze* Gasper's the name. Gasper the Asthmatic Ghost!
    Frank: Quick! Unmask him! He's the Innkeeper! I know it!
    <Character>: The... Inkeeper? What? Are you really that uncreative?
    Thelma: The Development Team or Frank?
    <Character>: Yes.
    Frank: But, if he was just a normal ghost, why would the townspeople be so afraid of him? It doesn't make any sense.
    Gasper: Amityvale is afraid of me? That's... rather depressing... but nope. Definitely a ghost. See?
    <Character>: Significantly freaked out?
    Everyone: Yup!
    <Character>: Blindly run away some more?
    Everyone: Sounds good!
    <Character>: Flee!

    <Character>: Again, why are we running from something that... clearly has no intent to fight us? Even if it did, we've got me and Nooby...
    Gasper: Yeah... I mean... *Gasp* All I wanted was my head back...
    <Character>: Okay... see... now, I understand that's shocking and weird... but it's no reason to defy physics.
    Gasper: So *gasp* can I get my head back? This has been fun guys *wheeze* but *huff* seriously, why are you here?
    Thelma: *Shivers* Don't walk through me. That was COLD!
    Frank: Well... Thursday said the entire town thought there was something WEIRD going on in this house. They found it creepy...
    Dorthy: And if THEY found it weird, then we, Mysterious LLC, KNEW we had to investigate it!
    <Character>: Frankly? I'm not sure why I tagged along...
    Gasper: The fact that they *wheeze* find me weird is... kinda sad. *huff* But I think I can tell you why. *wheeze*
    Gasper: They must not like the new paint job I started on my house. Come check out what I've got so far. It's in the back.

    Gasper: So... *gasp* Groovy paint job, right?
    The Gang: Groovy!
    <Character>: Can I have my evening back?

  • Note: If you are Non-DA, for the parts when your dragon speaks, all you will see is: *You do not understand Draconic*

    Thanks to
  • wolfman_naruto for monster links and Dorthy link.
  • bob.builder for info.
  • cornfield10 for info.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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