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pjc -> Gasper (11/1/2008 4:52:54)



Location: Nooby Nooby Noob

Quests given

Shops owned


Gasper: Hi!
Gasper: Yup. *wheeze* Gasper's the name. Gasper the Asthmatic Ghost!
Gasper: Amityvale is afraid of me? That's... rather depressing... but nope. Definitely a ghost. See?
Gasper: Yeah... I mean... *Gasp* All I wanted was my head back...
Gasper: So *gasp* can I get my head back? This has been fun guys *wheeze* but *huff* seriously, why are you here?
Gasper: The fact that they *wheeze* find me weird is... kinda sad. *huff* But I think I can tell you why. *wheeze*
Gasper: They must not like the new paint job I started on my house. Come check out what I've got so far. It's in the back.
Gasper: So... *gasp* Groovy paint job, right?


Thanks to Stephen Nix for the dialogue and banner info.

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