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Location: Nooby Nooby Noob

Quests given

Shops owned

Frank: Yup! Now let's get to investigating. We should split up! Thelma, you should take the library.
Frank: <character>, you and Nooby... sorry... <dragon> should take the first floor.
Frank: Me and Dorthy will go investigate the upstairs. Alone. Sound like a plan?
Frank: Alright then, it's decided. Let's go!
Frank: Oh, are we at the part where they get separated and come face-to-face with a random generic-enough monster already?
Frank: Quiet and keep running, that thing is catching up.
Frank: Me too... we're all going to die!
Frank: Yeah...
Frank: So why are we running from a ghost when you're clearly capable of taking care of them?
Frank: Quick! Unmask him! He's the Innkeeper! I know it!
Frank: But, if he was just a normal ghost, why would the townspeople be so afraid of him? It doesn't make any sense.
Frank: Well... Thursday said the entire town thought there was something WEIRD going on in this house. They found it creepy...


Thanks to Stephen Nix for the dialogue and banner info.

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