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Thankstaking 08

Location: Falconreach -> Click on 'Thanksgiving Event!' button, Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 3 -> Dr. Voltabolt -> Ze Fight!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 26th, 2008

Objective: Dr. Voltabolt has once again created a new threat to Falconreach in his never ending quest to show science's superiority over magic.
Objective Completed: RAWRGOBBLE has fallen! It looks like Dr. Voltabolt has to make some tweaks to his monster if he wants to destroy Falconreach this year. Happy Thanksgiving, Hero!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) RAWRGOBBLE (1) - Boss / (1) RAWRGOBBLE (2) - Titan Boss

Dr. Voltabolt

Corn Kernel
Turkey Tail Feather

Access to Mmm... Turkey reward chest Thankstaking Weapons, Battle Turkey Upgrade.

Dr. Voltabolt: Ah, very good to zee you again, <Character>! Haf you come to tezt your zkills against my Turkey Dragon, RAWRGOBBLE!?

  • Fight Solo To Battle!
  • Invite Friends To Battle! (DA Required) - allows you to invite up to 2 player guests.
    Monster scales to highest level player in the party.
    Staff Character's IDs won't load.
  • Extreme Mode To Battle! (DA Required) - allows you to invite up to 2 player guests.
    Monster scales to highest level player in the party.
    Staff Character's IDs won't load.
  • TITAN BATTLE! To Battle! (DA Required)
    • Summon Dragon To Battle!
      Dr. Voltabolt: Very vell, Dragonlord. See how you and <Dragon> stand against the might of RAWRGOBBLE!

    (NOTE: Extreme mode can only be fought with friends, and will STILL be pretty tough!)

  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Thankstaking Storybook.

  • Talk
    Dr. Voltabolt: You muzt haf many qvestions, no? Ask vat you vill.
      Dr. Voltabolt: Ah, My latest creation...RAWRGOBBLE! Vat can I zay? He is pervection!
      Dr. Voltabolt: It all startted ven I vanted to create a bigger turkey for the harvest feztival. Why haf many zmall turkeys ven you could haf one HUGE one?
      Dr. Voltabolt: I dezided to cross a turkey with the largest animal that I could find... a DRAGON. The X-305 is the perfect synthesis of both!
      Dr. Voltabolt: It was not easy. I am an inventor and dentizt... not a geneticist. So I had to find a turkey and dragon who were in love and villing to haf children.
      Dr. Voltabolt: But after months of tireless research I finally produced RAWRGOBBLE! A turkey dragon big enough to feed all of Falconreach!
      Dr. Voltabolt: Then I thought to myzelf... 'Doc, why feed Falconreach ven you could use the X-305 to DEZTROY IT?' HAHAHAHA! Good, no?
      Dr. Voltabolt: Vell... it made zense at the time.

    • X-305?
      Dr. Voltabolt: A few years ago, I started the tradition of trying to improve upon the harvest feztival with the X-303...
      Dr. Voltabolt: The 303 vas a giant robotic turkey piloted by Butterbomb, my military minded tezt pilot turkey.
      Dr. Voltabolt: All I vanted was to built a better turkey who was juicier and fatter... and had lazers.
      Dr. Voltabolt: I vill admit... things got a bit out of hand that year.
      Dr. Voltabolt: Ze next year I created the X-304 Pumpkin Pie Dispenzing Dragonbot. All I vas trying to do vas make pies availble to everyone.
      Dr. Voltabolt: But all of these creation pale in comparison to the X-305. RAWRGOBBLE WILL ZUCCEED VERE ZE OTHERS HAF FAILED!

    • Rares?
      Dr. Voltabolt: I appreciate you putting RAWRGOBBLE to ze tezt, <Character>. Once you haf helped me pervect ze creature, I will unleash it againzt Falconreach.
      Dr. Voltabolt: To thank you for your help, I haf created a number of weaponz und petz for you. All you need to is bring me Turkey Feathers und Corn Kernels.
      Dr. Voltabolt: Ze weapons are made from ze failed previous experiments. I hope zat you do not mind.
  • Holiday Rare Shops!
    Dr. Voltabolt: I haf created many rewards to thank you vor helping me tezt my creation, <Character>. All you need is Turkey Feathers und Corn Kernels.
    Thanks to
  • Peachii for entry rewrite.
  • wolfman_naruto and GhostBear5 for links.
  • moraknar and Paperclip of DOOM for corrections.

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