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Major Mayhem

Location: In front of Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2) -> Quests -> Sir Ano -> Quests -> Major Mayhem
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Nose for Trouble
Release Date: November 26th, 2008

Objective: Little Jenny disappeared while hunting mushrooms for the Keep's pantry. Hopefully she's just lost, and nothing has mistaken her for its dinner instead!
Objective completed: Jenny is safe and Sir Ano is (slowly) learning the art of a Hero's humor with your help! And the loot littered around the Mushroom camp isn't too shabby, either.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(9) Deadwood
(10) Mushroom
(1) Pip
(8) Raven
(1) MajorGeneral - Boss

Major General
Sir Ano

Mushroom Guard's Belt
Mushroom Minion's Waistwrap
Mushroom Lieutenant's Strap
Mushroom General's Sash
Grenwog Egg

Sir Ano: I didn't get to tell you how impressed the patrol leader was when I told him about slaying the gargoyle! He says if I keep on like this...

Loads Sir Ano as Guest A.

Sir Ano: He'll make sure to speak to Captain Rolith about me! I know with your help and teaching I will surely to become one of the most heroic knights ever!
Sir Ano: And now there's another chance to stand out. One of the women who works in the kitchen sent her daughter out to pick mushrooms yesterday.
Sir Ano: I'll stand out and the little girl is saved. It's win-win. Will you help me hunt? One of the stableboys said they saw her go off into the deep woods.

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    After a few fights if you go straight at the crossroads

    <Character>: I could swear I've seen that mushroom cluster before. You DO have a map, don't you?
    Sir Ano: Where would I keep it? It's not like metal armor provides much of an opportunity for pockets...
    <Character>: Isn't the motto of the Pactogonal Knights "Be prepared"? A hero should always anticipate the unexpected.
    Sir Ano: No, no, you're thinking of the squadron of Squires who scout ahead on patrols.
    <Character>: Pfft. I've seen those scouts. Some of them aren't much more than boys.
    Sir Ano: I still remember some of the tracking tricks we were taught. And some of this spoor looks spore-like.
    <Character>: Mushrooms? I'm not lichen the sound of that!
    Sir Ano: So, is making bad jokes part of a Hero's standard repertoire? Like putting on emotional armor?
    <Character>: Laugh in the face of danger. Use your humor as a weapon to fight off fear. And if the jokes are bad enough...
    <Character>: They might just drive your enemies away. That's both an efficient use of energy AND entertaining!

    You continue down the other path till you reach the end you see a bunch of mushrooms dancing in front of a fire and a young girl tied up, then the mushrooms approach you.

    Major General: What?! I posted scores of sentries! Surely you couldn't have dodged them all!
    Sir Ano: We saw some with their caps pulled over their eyes, napping. You might want to work on that.
    <Character>: What would you want with a little girl anyways? It's not like you can mold her into one of your mushroom minions.
    Sir Ano: *snicker* I think I see what you mean about humor.
    Major General: ... I don't get it.
    <Character>: Mold. Fungus. You're a mush- ah, nevermind. I guess you just have spore comprehension.
    Sir Ano: But about Jenny? What use could you have for a little girl?
    Major General: We saw her out picking our little cousins! Wouldn't you fight to save your family? Before she could gather too many, we decided to collect HER.
    Sir Ano: You know, I can almost sympathize with your reasoning. I bet you're a pretty fun guy when you aren't kidnapping little girls.
    <Character>: *wince* Ok, so we'll make sure to work on your punning before you get called to Court.
    Major General: I am the very model of a mushroom major general and I'll teach you that fungi should not be mocked!
    Sir Ano: So you're saying we shouldn't truffle with you, is that it?
    <Character>: *snicker* Better.

    Battle! - You fight the MajorGeneral

    <Character>: We mashed that mushroom without too much trouble. The next time you're sent out to forage, Jenny...
    <Character>: Pick something that can't fight back!
    Sir Ano: How's that for a morel to the story?
    Jenny: *giggle*

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